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Court of the Dead

May 26, 2012

Teru Fujita, Candy-Coated Custom Show artist, now on Flickr


I suggested to Teru Fujita, creator of the amazing Bentie the Bentley custom 7" Munny, that he create a Flickr account to chronicle and record his work online. He has worked for decades in the NYC toy scene, but his work has been largely behind the scenes as he has had numerous roles in design and prototyping. I am attempting to bring his amazing work into the spotlight, which is one of the reasons I asked him to join the Candy-Coated Custom Show artist roster.

Teru is very special to me because our mutual friend passed away unexpectedly this year. I only met Teru at our friend's funeral, and we discovered that we had a LOT in common. So working with Teru holds special meaning to both of us. Please take a look at his work here on Flickr.

Young Morkenstein by Pobber Toys

What did the evil Dr. Morkenstein look like when he was a kid?

The amazing new Pajamas edition explores that, showing the young Dr. Morkenstein in his pajamas.

Check him out in his red pajamas with grey stars and stripes and his self-made helmet with the words 'BEWARE'.

Looking so disarmingly charming and innocent, you might just stop caring that he turned out to be the evil brother.

Limited to just 150 pcs, Dr. Morkenstein is now available in select toy retailers.

UrbanVinylDaily is hosting a Dr. Morkenstein giveaway right now.
Head over to our Tumblr blog where you can enter in 3 clicks and a comb!

Don't forget to visit

We Become Monsters Skelechub Mini resin BB sale May 28

Our friend Chris Moore of We Become Monsters is releasing his new mini 2" resin sculpt of his Skelechub figure in the form of a blind box sale on May 28th! $12 gets you a blind-boxed Mini Skelechub in one of the many colorways below! 

Go to on Monday to pick a few up.
I have one in a beautiful Tenacious blue- sitting right in front of me on top of my computer! I love it!

May 25, 2012

Voltaire Deady and Sleezter Bunees arriving soon

Both the Deady Bunee and the Sleezter Bunee 5" Mini Qee figures will have 2 colorways, and all of them come with a code for Adventure Quest that unlocks a Deady companion in the game. $28 each, arriving in June. Preorder yours here. Support Voltaire, New York's favorite Goth and minor local celebrity!

CHIPP s004 and BOOMER [FORT BURNOUT-DSRT] drop May 28 in Squadt Store

Edition of 200. $115.00 USD Includes worldwide shipping.

The release is set for Monday, MAY 28, 12:00 noon central time (Austin TX)
Available at the squadt store>>

Chipp includes: modular tactical vest with assorted pouches, Fort Burnout shirt, bandana, sMK23 with holster, SM4 with red dot and suppressor, regular arms and 2.0 arms, smoke and yellow lenses and removable helmet.
Boomer includes: head-case, 2 'pipe bombs' and modular harness.

Custom Mini Berties by Adam Pratt drop at 6pm EST

 At one inch tall, the 3A Mini Berties are difficult to even hold in one's hand, let alone fully paint and weather. At 6pm, we will be releasing Wave 1 of Adam "Halfbad" Pratt's custom Mini Berties. There are 6 different minis in this wave, and they will be $20 each. Click here to buy them at 6pm.

Talk About That Was Fast With Jeff Lamm...

Talk about FAST. Although this print titled "London Face Punch" by Jeff Lamm is already sold out, it still deserved it's own post! One cool thing about this print is that it features 3 of Jeff Lamm's produced figures as the monsters attacking the city. (Greasebat on the left, M5 Bravo hugging the tower and Stee-Gar on all fours.) To see this print and what Jeff Lamm had to say about it please click HERE. To find out more about 1xRUN that produced this print and many others please click HERE

(Benny's edit: I missed this one and I'm a bit pissed off about that...)

Teaser: Qiqi By Ziqi and Chebaka...

Not much is known about Qiqi by Ziqi pictured above from Creo Design except that it's very cute and the production process to get it made is almost over. Which means this figure should be available for purchase in the next few months. Qiqi by Ziqi will come in both black or red and official photos should be out soon.

Pictured above is also another figure that is almost completed production from Creo Design called "Chebaka." This figure will come in 5 colors, Blue, Cyan, Green, Purple and Yellow. Each color will be limited to 100 each. This figure is technically known as the "First Russian Designer Art Toy." More information and official pictures will be released soon. To stay informed about both Qiqi by Ziqi and Chebaka please click HERE and visit the Creo Design official website.

JC Rivera Most Wanted Madness 1:AM Gallery...

JC Rivera is a custom making madness machine. As you can see from the photo above he used multiple different bases to create these eerie and haunting customs. The skulls, the use of the color red and horns has these customs heading towards a western theme for me. Reminds me of the dead half eaten cow skulls that cowboys would find when out riding a trail. I really love the theme of these customs and how cohesive each piece is with the other. If you are interested in purchasing one of these creations please check out the 1:AM Gallery website HERE. To see what other customs are also available from Tenacious Toys by JC Rivera like the one below please click HERE.

May 24, 2012

SOLD OUT Tony Gil Free Runner Diamond Kid Mascot...

Tony Gil has just finished his first custom 8" Mascot and it is already sold out! Titled "Free Runner Diamond Kid" this custom was made by chopping apart the mascot build and then putting it back together in the design he wanted. This design is really clever on a Mascot and definitely has a Paw like inspired feel to it. Tony Gil also made a time lapse process video showing how he came up with the concept for this figure and it is definitely worth a watch HERE. Although he is currently sold out if you go HERE, you can check out what other amazing customs are available or just send him an email asking if he might make you a similar themed one.

DAVEMARKART And His Incredible Monster Madness...

Although this lizard zombie "Mouth's To Feed" is already sold, I just had to write a post showcasing the amazing talent DAVEMARKART has. I absolutely love this Lizard/Snake or whatever reptile that this might be representing! All those evil hand sculpted teeth along with the headed arms makes this an amazingly sculpted custom that I cannot stop staring at. One thing that never disappoints is DAVEMARKART's color usage. All of his customs seem to have the right combination of bright splashy colors along with some more muted tones and it always just works. If you would like to check out what other customs that are available from DAVEMARKART please check out his store HERE. Tenacious Toys also has a few cool ones like the Hive shown below and can be purchased HERE.

Scott Kinnebrew's Little Copper Bots Are Here To Serve You...

Scott Kinnebrew aka Forces of Dorkness had 2 spare Dunny's laying around and decided to make these very cute Copper Bots! Using sculpey and some metallic paint he made these 3" Dunny's into the ultimate little robots. I love the bright colorful eyes and the use of oxidation for detailing! The ears distract a little bit but the twisted metal looks pretty cool. I am not sure if these designs are spoken for but if you are interested definitely send a message to Scott HERE at his website. If you are interested in seeing other customs that are available (like my personal fav Buddha Fett) then please click HERE

Super7 Cream-Filled Oreo Foster-O...

Are you ready for another version of your favorite Foster? Well "Foster-O" is his name and he reminds me of a half eaten Oreo with a huge smile on his face. This Foster is made from black vinyl with white sprays and is oh so cute! If you are an Oreo fan then this is a must have! Cream-Filled Foster-O is out now and is available for $25 each. If you would like to purchase one please click HERE.

Freshly Caught Feelings Fruity Strawberry...

I love these! Taylored Curiosities is back with her second installment of the Freshly Caught Feelings series. This time instead of worrisome she came back with a cute and Fruity version. Each Fruity version includes a jam jar, artificial grass, a candy treat and the Fruity itself. Each Fruity measures 1.5" inches tall and is made of super soft red fleece, hand embroidered eyes and hand painted yellow pips. There are also 5 chase versions that are white with red hand painted pips. Each comes tagged and individually numbered and can be purchased HERE for 10 pounds each.

May 23, 2012

Custom 1-inch Mini Berties by Adam Halfbad Pratt release May 25th

We are happy to announce our next exclusive artist series: we sent a sack of 1" tall Mini Berties by 3A Toys to "Halfbad" Adam Pratt, a CT artist specializing in miniatures.

The release date is this Friday May 25th on Adam's page in the Customs section of at 6pm EST.

These custom Minis will be $20 each and this first wave consists of 6 figures.

Venom custom by VISEone plus teasers for his upcoming shows

Comic Stripped Venom Munny by VISEone
VISEone sent out a newsletter with a lot of interesting stuff in it. First up was this sick Comic Stripped Venom custom which you can purchase here.

Next VISEone shows us the flyer for an upcoming show he's doing right in Germany called The Toy2R Bunee Qee Show, which is taking place at Chrom Gallery June 8th in Bochum, Germany. A couple of our other buddies- Dust and das mo- will also be in the same show:

Next up: They Came from the Streets II in Cincinatti, OH on June 1st at Rogue Gallery. Below is a teaser of VISEone's piece "Overkill" for that show:

Finally, we have a teaser for VISEone's piece in the Dreams in Focus show in July at Exposure Gallery in Cape Town, South Africa. My man VISE gets around, for sure. Top notch work from a great guy! I'm happy to call VISEone my friend. You might see him at our NYCC 2012 booth....

JINX custom Munny by David Brodsky

David Brodsky sends us images of his custom 7" Munny he turned into a character he calls JINX. 
This on ewas submitted to the Kidrobot Munny contest. Great detailing on this one- looks straight out of the Chronicles of Narnia!

May 22, 2012

Soda & Metallic 4 inch Domos revealed

Just in time for Christmas, six awesome new 4" Vinyl Domos are will be hitting our shores this September.

Japan's favorite furball is paying us a much-welcomed visit once again with a release of three all-new styles of flocked, fizzy, and flavorful fun figures available in lime, orange, and grape!

Domo is also paying tribute to all of the marvelous athletes from around the world participating in the summer Olympic games by painting his body in gold, silver, and bronze! Go Domo!

Deady Invasion Disrupted! Sleezter Taking Over!

Voltaire's iconic Deady Bear has run into a small problem... An army of evil bunees bent on world destruction! Sleezter Bunny is coming! Our brave hero, Deady Bear, has disuised himself as "Deady Bunee" in hope of infiltrating the invading horde and thwarting their vile plan!
$28 each. Preorders available now at

May 21, 2012

Glass Destroyers by Eric Frank

Toy journalist Eric "Toygodd" Frank has been delving in glass lately as a medium for his Destroyer figures. Pictured are glass versions in 4 inch, 2 inch and 1.5 inch sizes. More info to come on his progress! Guess which kick-ass shop gets an exclusive shot at selling these cool figures?

Bits Show at Lot F Gallery with Bob Conge

Bob Conge is currently showing some of his amazing custom work at the Lot F Gallery in Boston, MA. Bob pulled out all the stops on his custom creations making sure he used his monster style along with an LED unit customized for each individual figure to make it glow. He really knows how to make his works not only haunting but memorable as well. If you are interested in purchasing any of Bob Conge's pieces at the Lot F Gallery then please click HERE

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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