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Court of the Dead

May 4, 2018

Clutter and Kidrobot announce the Five Points Festival DTA DUNNY Show


Celebrating the 8th Annual Designer Toy Awards, Kidrobot , Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards have once again teamed up to bring collectors a visual treat! 
Taking place as part of Five Points festival, this show brings together top talent from all over the globe to celebrate the original platform the Dunny! With the aim to expand the market reach of Designer Toys, and to celebrate the effort of all involved, Kidrobot (long time supports of Clutter and The Designer Toy Awards) have once again donated all proceeds to fund the annual awards ceremony.
The list of participating artists includes:
American Gross, Cat Atomic, Chauskoskis, CZEE13, Dima Drjuchin, DJINN&TONIC, DROLDN, Flüke, Gabriel E. Carpio S., Gorgocho, Grizlli Atom, HungryGhost, HX Studio, JC Rivera, Jeff Lamm, Jeremiah Ketner, Jump Jumper Ant, Katie Gamb, Kelly Denato, Kendra's Customs, Klav, Kyle Kirwan, Mark Nagata, Pidgin Doll, RunDMB, Seriously Silly K, Wonder Goblin.

A mixture of 5", 8" and 20" Dunny will be on display during Five Points Festival, June 2 - 3, 2018. Remaining pieces will be displayed at The Clutter Gallery (163 Main St., Beacon, NY), for the remainder of the week. Pieces will be first available on the floor of Five Points Fest, then online at
Remaining pieces will be first offered to the Clutter Gallery preview list.
See you there!

May 3, 2018

Hambuddha 8-inch Vinyl by Tik Ka and Mighty Jaxx Drops May 5


“Eat them burgers, for fast food is the fastest path to the Pure Land”  – Hambuddha

From the brilliant mind of Hong Kong artist Tik Ka From East, comes Hambuddha, originating from his “Eat Good West” painting series.

This concept came from the artist’s idea that fast food is responsible for speeding up our journey to Sukhāvatī, the Pure Land, which is the place that we go to after we pass away.

Hambuddha may look like a regular Buddha sculpture from the back, with a halo around his head, but he wears clown-like makeup, reminding us of a famous fast food mascot.
He holds a pearl-like hamburger in his hand and sits in a single lotus position on a deliciously golden-brown lotus throne.

Hambuddha sits 8" tall, is made from vinyl and comes in a limited edition of 300 pcs only. Bring this meaningful and humorous figure home today!

  • 8" / 20cm Tall Vinyl Art Collectible
  • Blister-packed in Printed box
  • Limited Edition of 300
  • $169 ea 

Preorder AnaToy Market ATM & Samuel 6.25-inch Resin Set by ANATOY


PREORDER ships September 2018

AnaToy Market or ATM is a research center of ANATOY. Many solutions to overcome complexes are studied and suggested to clients. It is also called Body-Building.

SAMUEL is the first animal ANATOY. He was broken-hearted and depressed. We introduced a cat to Samuel. And he fell in love with her and bounced back. Now he couldn’t be happier any more. Meet our lover dog Samuel.

ATM size: 6.25 inches tall
materials: resin
limited edition of 60 pcs
designed in South Korea by ANATOY
(action figures NOT included, shown for scale)

ANATOY is about the complex.

ANATOY is an Art Toy that brings the concept of anatomy to toys and talks about the mental or physical complexes that everybody has but hardly get people’s understanding.

People set goals and make steady efforts to overcome their complexes, but it is not as easy as they think. We have a number of characters who have their own complexes. They are offered a wide range of experiment suggestions at ANATOY Market (ATM) so that they can overcome their complexes and lead an ordinary life like others.

This process helps us understand and empathize with many different complexes of ourselves and others that all of us do not want to show. What we at ANATOY want is help people to have a better and deeper understanding of complexes things that everybody lives with and how one embraces them.

May 2, 2018

Big C Reveals Custom King Korpse # 2: Rancid Meat


They captured the Kong and tried to fuse his skeleton with a pearlized metal, but something went wrong.  He broke free but his condition is getting worse. Now he's just Rancid Meat.

Big C has done it again, putting his touch on the beautiful King Korpse, by James Groman and Insticntoy. He left just enough unpainted space for the original blue glow to show, and the gory details are amazing.

This piece was a private commission for the same collector who purchased the Reanimated King Korpse. This means that Big C will have both pieces on display in his booth at Five Points, before shipping them to their new home.

Red Chroma 5-inch Dunny by Kidrobot In Stock NOW


PREORDER arriving mid April

Kidrobot has a sparkling brand new Dunny! Standing 5” tall, this Chroma Dunny shines in all red glitter and reflective packaging. Collect them all to add some serious bling to any collection!

Full Reveal of the Plaseebo SUM Vinyl Creature via Planet-X at Mandarake May 5 in Japan


The first release of the Plaseebo “SUM” creature in vinyl will be this Saturday, May 5th, in Japan at the MANDARAKE "Indy Sofubi Rally”. Look for PlANET-X.  URL: EMAIL: IG / FB: planetxasia


Driving home from the local red neck bar one moon lit summer night, Roy swerves his pick up toward a  dark shape that is slowly moving along side the road. A loud CRACK shatters the darkness as the front tire breaks the giant snapping turtles' shell in two, right down the center. The great snapper rolls down the embankment into the stream and Roy's laughing fades as the truck turns to cross the bridge to his shabby farm house across the stream.
The turtle, floating belly up is carried downstream to the other side and is swept into a quiet eddy where he sinks watching the moon fade from yellow to blood red through the darkening water.
This small pool cut into the bank of the stream was at the back Roy's property and he used it as his personal dump site. The water caught in this hole became a terrible toxic soup of motor oil, fertilizer, broken toys, bones and entrails of many slaughtered animals, rusty tools and who knows what else.
Over the next few months, a strange transformation took place in this evil chowder as it baked in the summer heat. A creature of revenge, born of cruelty and neglect slid its way out of the sickening mess one dark September night. 
Roy's body was never found, nor could anyone explain the slime trail from the bedroom through the field behind the house.
Over the years that followed, other neglectful farmers vanished on moonless nights and folks reported vague sightings of a creature that seamed to be cobbled together from a collection of garbage, an old doll, bone, rotted skin, and broken tools, with a large snapping turtle skull for a head. They call him "SUM".

Kidrobot Buck Wethers 8-inch Dunny by Amanda Visell


Meet Buck… Buck will wether the weather. Buck will steal your pants. He will take your farm. He will putt you out to pasture. Good luck weathering the Buck.

Meet the latest Barnyard Beast from the wonderful world of Amanda Visell. Buck is 8” of ornery goat... set to right the wrongs! He’s one critter you wont want to butt heads with! Buck will be available in 2 colorways: Barnyard Blue and Country Peach.

Amanda Visell has exhibited her work, lectured and taught workshops at galleries and museums internationally.

About Amanda Visell

Amanda Visell grew up with a crazy love for vintage Disney. Mousketeers, war era cartoons, a different time. She spent her teens in the pacific northwest during the riot grrl music movement and was captivated by the large community of independent artists and their overall message of equality.  She moved to Los Angeles to pursue a career in visual development for animation, eventually becoming a designer and sculptor on stop motion segments for shows like The Simpsons and the feature film Elf. Her career took a sharp turn when she started showing her paintings publicly. Since 2005 she has exhibited her work, lectured, and taught workshops  at galleries and museums internationally (not just Canada). She has partnered with brands to develop product lines based on her artwork including Disneyland U.S.A and Kidrobot. In 2007 she formed her own design brand, Switcheroo with notable artist Michelle Valigura. She currently lives in northern Los Angeles with chickens and dogs, she did not go to college.​

May 1, 2018


The finalists for the 8th Annual Designer Toy Awards (DTAs) have been announced and Public Voting has begun! To see the full list of finalist please visit
We'd like to thank the nomination committees, who have worked tirelessly these last few weeks, to discuss each category and nomination in order to whittle down the 100’s of nominees to these top choices.
Committee Members: Dov Kelmer, Benny Kline, Travis Lykins, Gary Rozanski, John Stokes, Vincent Yu, Keegan Rooney, Kyle Kirwan, Don Kratzer, Andy Heng, Jason Freeny, Denver Tilotti, Jeff Rawson, Yaniv Brick, Steve Braun, Sarah Churchill, Czee, Nick Curtis, Justin Cheah, Lee Funai, Ketha Insomphou, Cat Davis, Rob Lumino, and Katherine Park.
Together, our committees have created our Shortlists of 2019! Congratulations to all the finalists!

Voting in the DTA public categories is easy as cake. Just follow these steps:
  1. Go to the Designer Toy Awards website and log in or create a new account. If you have an account but have forgotten the password, you can retrieve it here.
  2. Go to the categories page.
  3. Vote once in each of the six awards under Public Voting.
Tada! You've voted! Simple as that.
Public voting remains open until
Monday, May 7rd, 2018, 12pm (noon) est.
Please note that voting more than once in each category, even if you've created multiple accounts, is grounds for all your votes being removed and, potentially, the party you're voting for being disqualified.

Be a VIP Guest at the DTAS!

The public can attend this years Designer Toy Award ceremony as a VIP guest by purchasing a VIP Five Point's Festival Pass here.
The VIP package includes:
A VIP Preview/Early Access – Get in an hour early both days to get first dibs on show exclusives - and you know there will be a ton!

Designer Toy Awards VIP Ticket – Party with Designer Toy Royalty at the prestigious 8th annual Designer Toy Awards on Friday, June 1st. The ONLY way for the public to get access!
Exclusive DTA colorway of Kenny Wong x Instinctoy Mini Erosion Molly!

Saturday Night Party – VIP Access to our Saturday Night shindig.
Exclusive Badge – With swank art just for VIPs
VIP tickets are very limited!
The clock’s tickin’.
Tickets available now at

Brrr it's still cold here! Grab Your Tenacious Toys Euro-Style Football Scarf


Gotta show that team pride! Some of us enjoy team sports, some of us don't. But one thing all of our friends have in common is our pride in being a team of artists and creators. So why not have a scarf that shows off your team spirit? That's the thinking, anyway. This is our team!

Features the Tenacious blue pitbull logo on both sides, and what we're all about woven into the backside: VINYL • RESIN • CUSTOMS SINCE 2005

  • Euro soccer style scarf for those of us who cheer on a different type of team
  • limited edition of 25 scarves
  • measures 60" long and 7.5" wide
  • fringies on the ends
  • super warm, double-sided woven
  • Tenacious Toys logos on both sides

Apr 30, 2018

New EimiI Takano x Peter Kato Donut Bunnie!!


Half Donut, Half Bunny... Completely Cute!
Clutter is excited to present the first release of an amazing collaboration between the Masters of Kawaii - Eimi Takano (Japan) and Peter Kato (New York)!

Using Kato's iconic Bedtime Bunnie design, Takano has transformed the well-known and loved character into her signature donut style.

Standing at 6" tall, these adorable bunnies are cast in resin and hand-painted in New York by Clutter Studios!

The Donut Bunny OG Colorway is limited to just 25 pieces worldwide.

Priced at $95 apiece, they are available now from Clutter's online shop.

New from Taylored Curiosities Loire custom Foomi


Loire (pronounced ‘low-Ahr’) is an anxious beast. His friends are always getting on at him to be happier and to cheer up, but his natural disposition is to worry and fret. He’s made a new friend; a Worry Bean. They go everywhere together now and Loire is starting to feel a bit more relaxed.

Loire is a customised 2.5” Foomi from Kidrobot. Sculpted with clay and painted. His Worry Bean companion is made of clay and has matching barnacles.

Loire is available now from Taylored Curiosities online store.
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book