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Court of the Dead

May 1, 2018


Brrr it's still cold here! Grab Your Tenacious Toys Euro-Style Football Scarf

Tenacious Toys Euro-Style Football Scarf

Gotta show that team pride! Some of us enjoy team sports, some of us don't. But one thing all of our friends have in common is our pride in being a team of artists and creators. So why not have a scarf that shows off your team spirit? That's the thinking, anyway. This is our team!

Features the Tenacious blue pitbull logo on both sides, and what we're all about woven into the backside: VINYL • RESIN • CUSTOMS SINCE 2005

  • Euro soccer style scarf for those of us who cheer on a different type of team
  • limited edition of 25 scarves
  • measures 60" long and 7.5" wide
  • fringies on the ends
  • super warm, double-sided woven
  • Tenacious Toys logos on both sides


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