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Court of the Dead

Aug 17, 2013

Welcome to Nemori! From Cris Rose and Lunabee


Cris Rose and Lunabee introduce us to the fanciful world of Nemori- a joint creative effort with both artists coming together to share new pieces with a unique character style. Each art release of customs, resin pieces or prints reveals a new part of the world of Nemori.

So far the world of Nemori has opened up 2 families of creatures; the Brightfield Bunnies and Burntwood Bears. Each miniature series on 3" Dunny or Micro Munny platform is hand-painted 1/1 with a unique character design and name. Find your little piece of Nemori to take home here.



Aug 16, 2013

Wood Mounted Prints from 64 Colors

One to never stop creating great art, 64 Colors recently released a print titled "Fly". The 11" x 14" digital (giclee) print is mounted on an 11" x 14" x 7/8" wood panel(birch board cradled in pine). "Fly" is printed using archival inks, pencil, acrylic paints and sanded for texture. Limited to 25 signed prints, "Fly" is currently being sold on 64 Colors online store for $65 plus shipping.

Also available from 64 Colors is another wood mounted print titled "Genuinely Good". Printed and mounted in similar fashion to the Marshall "Fly" print, "Genuinely Good" is limited to a signed edition of 20 and while also selling for $65 plus shipping. Both prints are ready to be hung upon arrival and would make a great addition to any wall. Get these while you can, don't sleep.
- Mark-Anthony

Product of the Day - Gary Baseman Creamy 5-inch vinyl figure (preorder)


Gary Baseman has teamed up with 3DRetro to bring his iconic character Creamy in a beautiful 5inch vinyl. Enjoy his all of his adorable, drippy goodness! Packaged in a window display box, this figure is limited to only 200 pieces worldwide. Preorder yours today for only $55 at the Tenacious Toys online store

threeA WWRp NOM Field Commanders


Yea, OK, not in 1/6, comes in at 1/12, But its threeA!!!

Available now at threeA Bambalandstore (usually for 24hrs only)

Price is $125 shipped

2 versions...

1/12 CALIGINOSITY N.O.M Field Commanders 
  • Caliginosity Field Commander 01
  • Caliginosity Field Commander 02
  • Caliginosity Berti MK2

  • 1/12 EMANATION N.O.M Field Commanders 
  • Emanation Field Commander 01
  • Emanation Field Commander 02
  • Emanation Berti MK2

  • According to Ashley Wood, Commanders will come with WWR EVOLprelude comic!

    Thank you!
    Wai Man

    Aug 15, 2013

    Product of the Day - Thunderpanda Lemi 3-inch vinyl mini figure (Preorder)


    Lemi the Space Wanderer vinyl figure is a limited edition amulet for every wandering soul, every avid traveler and for every space wanderer out there. Lemi will always be your guide, spirits and connection to the world. Designed by Thunderpanda and produced by The Design Mall, Lemi vinyl is made with love.

    The TDM x PO! series is made up of figures from the friends and associates of The Design Mall, plus a number of figures by Patricio Oliver (PO!).

    The 3-inch vinyl Lemi the Space Wanderer figure was produced by The Design Mall to be a part of their TDM x PO! blind box mini figure series. As with any blind box series, the manufacturer always has a small number of each particular figure in excess which they might sell individually, or send to the artists. In this case, our strong relationship with Eric from Thunderpanda allowed us to purchase the 30 Lemi figures that didn't go into blind box case packs. We've had a number of Lemi products before this so we naturally jumped at the chance to carry these.

    The vinyl pieces stand approximateley 3 inches tall and were designed by Eric from Thunderpanda, produced by The Design Mall. Tenacious Toys are the EXCLUSIVE U.S. dealer for individual Lemi 3-inch figures. You can preorder them now for $12.95 a piece at the Tenacious Toys online store.

    Aug 14, 2013

    Monster Magnets and Plaques by Vanessa Ramirez

    Monsters are great and can have the same emotions as people. At least that is what Artist Vanessa Ramirez is obsessed with showing, as she believes that "Monsters are People Too". Even though Vanessa has been extremely busy with her day job, she has plenty of goodies still available in her online store. Vanessa has a couple of resin Monster Plaques, among other things, that are going for $40 plus shipping. Each hand painted resin plaque measures around 3" in diameter and 1" thick. Only Brown and Green are left from her initial offering of 6 plaques. The brown one looks a bit like Chewbacca.


    To go along with the Monster theme, Vanessa also has a few of her Monster Magnets for sale, at $10 plus shipping each. These hand painted little Monster heads each have different emotions and colors, with the green monster showing a bit of an attitude. The facial expressions on all of Vanessa's Monsters, sculpted and drawn, are fantastic. Keep in mind that all of these resin monsters, plaques and magnets, were created off of original sculpts by Vanessa.
    Monster Magnet 1 - Blue by Vanessa Ramirez
    Monster Magnet 4 - Grey by Vanessa Ramirez
    Monster Magnet 3 - Green by Vanessa Ramirez
    For the time being, Vanessa's store is still full of goodies, so why not pick up a magnet or 2, or maybe even a plaque.

    The gasmen and Cobra Trooper by Necro Monkey

    Latest works from Necro Monkey...

    They are dirty! They are crazy! They are the gasmen!

    4 piece blindbox series
    Micro munny platform with clay and a little hardware store touch here and there
    Acrylic painted, ink washed, and kissed with a little glow in the dark spray paint (more on that in a second)
    Each piece comes in a little wooden box with a bottle of “condense” and an extra treat
    Dropping August 24th at 10am Pacific at

    The gasmen are an odd bunch that work glow fields, but don’t let the name fool you.  The glow fields are actually clouded with midnight black smoke and ash that spews from vents in the ground.  The black ash covers everything which is why gasmen are always dirty and many chose to shave off their hair, but in that smoke and ash is the glow which becomes “condense”.  The gasmen harvest the ash and smoke from the glow fields and, through a process they keep hidden, produce “condense”.  This fluid is greenish yellow and uses are still being discovered for the stuff from lighting to power to even the common belief of medicinal.  What is known is that long time exposure in the glow fields does tend to cause gasmen and their equipment to glow in the dark a little whether that is bad or not is still unknown.

    If successful, these may be the first characters in an alternate world.

    Necro Monkey has also this custom micro munny available in his store...

    Follow Necro Monkey here:
     Don P

    BALD is back!

    Love it that this guy is bringing some goodness again!

    The Labbit is 5" and entitled Frankenlabbit.  Did some heavy sculpting on this Frankenstein inspired custom.

    The Munny is 4" and entitled: The Vegetarian Zombie -No brains for this guy, he'll take a nice salad over that any day of the week! Painted with acrylics and includes carrot accessory.

    Lastly is a resin piece called Minus Mouse (stands around 4 1/2" tall x 3 1/2"), shown in the raw form and unpainted.  I will be releasing 7 hand painted ones first and possibly some blanks, clears and gid in future versions.  It was sculpted by myself and cast by Manny Romero (Manny X).

    The customs are for sale here also Pre-Orders for Minus Mouse:
    Follow BALD here:

    Don P

    Some Sweet releases by Hey Cavey!


    blogboth Augusts Sweet Cavey Releases

    August brings sweet Strawberries and Watermelons to the Cavey world! Watermelon Cavey is the first Cavey to feature a different colored back to his front, while also featuring hand painted seeds all over. At 16 GBPs(about $25), Watermelon Cavey is limited to 50 pieces and also comes with a purple enamel badge and a Cavey Cube carrying case.blogwatermelon Augusts Sweet Cavey Releases
    Based on the 2010 super limited plush design of Strawberry Cavey, Strawberry Vinyl Cavey is handpainted with a strawberry stalk on his head. Limited to only 20 pieces and priced at 15 GBP(about $23), each Strawberry Vinyl Cavey is signed and numbered on the bottom, while being packaged with a special header card just for him.
    blogstrawb Augusts Sweet Cavey Releases

    Head on over to HeyCavey shop and get them now, as they are available as of this post.

    New Clothing and Resin Figures from The Mark Ultra


    Resin bootlegger The Mark Ultra has some new releases coming out Thursday, August 15th, at 10PM EST. First up is the next colorway of his popular Intruder figure, this time in emerald green. Retailing for $18 each plus shipping, like most of Mark Ultra's releases, these figures will likely come individually poly-bagged with a header card.

    The Mark Ultra's next release features the return of The Mark Ultra's MUSCLE inspired mini figures, U.L.T.R.A figures. At $15 plus shipping for each flesh colored set, these awesome mini figures will be a great addition to any mini fig collection.
    Accompanying the resin figures and not to be limited to releasing just cool toys, The Mark Ultra has the first release of a new clothing line, which includes a snap-back hat and some cool t-shirts. Each piece of clothing will cost $20 plus shipping.

    Again, all of these goodies are going to be available in The Mark Ultra's shop at 10PM EST on Thursday August 15th. As most of The Mark Ultra's releases tend to sell out and while the clothing will probably not be too limited, one can be certain that the resin figures will be limited to a small quantity. Those wishing to pick up one of the resin releases should set his/her alarm, while also getting some F5-fu practice in.

    Keep up with all things The Mark Ultra here:

    Product of the Day - Ron English x Blackbook Big Boner OG 8-inch figure (preorder)


    We, BlackBook Toy, are proud to announce the release of our new toy with renowned contemporary artist, Ron English! This "Big Boner" is based on the skull character in his book, Stickable Art Offenses. Much fatter than his iconic MC Supersized!!

    Limited to only 150 pieces worldwide and sculpted by T9G!, this is the latest piece from Ron English. The piece stands 21cm (8.25") tall and is made in Japan. This OG edition is clear is double molded (clear outside, white inside) with light grey wipe.

    The piece is available for pre-order now for $100 at the Tenacious Toys website.

    Aug 13, 2013

    Kris Dulfer Announces New Pieces From Kid Ink Industries


    When Kris Dulfer of Kid Ink Industries says he has a "store refresh" coming soon he isn't screwing around.  After much teasing via various social media, Kris has announced FOUR new pieces and when they'll be appearing in his store.  First up is Marvelous Death, pictured above.  This is a 20 piece run of hand cast, tinted and painted resin with a bonus color way painted by @soko_cat.  The piece comes polybagged with header art by @trollpiss for $65 and will be available this Friday, August 16th at 12pm EST.

    Next up are the Dance Punks, a "randomly accessed memory" of that magnificent French duo.  These resin figures will come polybagged and will include a limited run of plexicarded GID editions.  They'll be available 8-23.

    And finally, the Ferryman.  Another hand cast resin piece based on an original sculpt by Mr. Dulfer himself.  The run will feature various one-off color ways.  They will be available 8-30 for $40.

    Brightfield Bunnies Custom Dunny Series by Nemori


    For those who don't already know, Nemori is a 50/50 artistic joint venture by UK artists Lunabee and Cris Rose. A stand alone brand, Nemori creates "a new world of magic, mystery and adventure". With each release, a little more of the Nemori story gets revealed. The latest release is a custom dunny series, titled Brightfield Bunnies. The heads are resin casts of an original sculpt, while the bodies are 3" dunny bodies. Each figure is hand painted making each of them a 1 of 1 original piece of art. Based on the teaser pics, the series is going to consist of 5 pieces, with each figure having a unique color scheme, outfit and overall "feel". Very clean paint execution overall and production level resin casts.

    No word on an official release time or price, but expect the series to be available later this week.
    These Brightfield Bunnies are set to release on Thursday August 15th at 6PM London time, or 10AM PST. They are going to sell for $80 plus shipping from the UK.

    Image of BRIGHTFIELD BUNNIES - Dunny Custom Series

    If you don't already follow the various Nemori social media outlets, you should.

    Custom Tequila for MAHALO TIKI

    Mindblowing custom from NEMO... 
    Custom Tequila for MAHALO TIKI, this piece is making its way to TIKI OASIS ,(the comic con of all things tiki)Had to represent,still deciding if I should do a few last minute things to it before overnight it to mahalo!
    Follow Nemo here:
          - Don P 

    Plaseebo's Great American Kaiju Inspired By Real Monsters


    Bob Conge, also known as Plaseebo, is showing with Foe Gallery & Shop's 'Creatures' exhibition where he reveals a new real-life inspired horror. "The D.C. Lobbyist" is an 11" tall resin sculpture, the first in a series of "Great American Kaiju". This piece has an internal motor with colour changing LED lights, and is accompanied by an 18x24" limited edition print of the same name.


    For more work from Foe Gallery's exhibition, see their page here.

    BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
    Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book