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Court of the Dead

Aug 12, 2013

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Kaws of Death - Bubonic Edition by 2bitHACK
2bitHack is at it again, with the latest colorway for his Kaws of Death carded figure. For those who don't know, the figure is inspired by the big hoopla caused by Kaws, and his lawyers, regarding the way some of Kaws' figures were displayed. It's summed up nicely here, by Jeremy Brautman. 2bitHack loves controversy and is also really good at making bootleg figures. His latest Kaws of Death version, Bubonic, is limited to 20 pieces and will retail for $60 plus shipping. Expect to see these become available in 2bitHacks online shop on August 15th, at 10AM PST.
One can imagine that if these sell out, 2bitHack will go for the typical Kaws 3 peat and create the "OG" colorway. Maybe then a triple carded set will come to fruition in the future. DCON maybe??


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