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Court of the Dead

Apr 14, 2017

Go Figure News Review and Unboxing: Luke Chueh Prisoner & Ron English Smack, Crack & Pot

Our friend TJ at Go Figure News has uploaded a drug-fueled unboxing and review video of two of our recent additions to our prescription medication inventory:
We always love TJ's extensive reviews on GOFN - if you are ever wondering about the details of a piece that you are considering, these superb reviews will help you make your decision. TJ not only shows you the pieces from every possible angle, plus packaging, but he also discusses the context and meaning behind each piece. Check the full blog post on GOFN here.

123KLAN Apparel Deal: Buy One, Get One Free This Week

123KLAN produces some of the most memorable streetwear on the market. This week they are offering a SICK deal on their apparel (beanies, shirts, sweatshirts, etc): add one of those items to your cart and you are instantly offered another item of comparable price for FREE! You definitely should NOT miss this sale. Click here to go shopping. Below are just a few of that DOZENS of pieces that qualify for the BOGO sale:


Apr 11, 2017

Flush Reverse Flush Plush by Furry Feline Creatives


Introducing "The Flush Reverse Flush Plush" This will make its debut at C2E2. but is available now for preorder online at YES, "DOO IT QUICK"! Limited quantities available!

One side is superhero "The Flush" and the other is the super villain "The Reverse Flush". 100% handmade using soft fleece, felt and polyfill by Cheri Lynn Ong.

The Flush - The fastest poop alive. Often caused from being constipated or eating a lot of food very quick.

The Reverse Flush - This is evil. The result of making a large explosive deposit into a toilet, causing the water in the bowl to splash back on your ass.

Angry Toy Reviews #2: Jason Freeny Ugly Ducky Anatomy

Angry Artist dons the monkey onesie once again for another Angry Toy Review! This time we sent him a Jason Freeny Ugly Ducky Anatomy figure by MightyJaxx and... I think he actually liked this piece. Watch the video below and make sure you subscribe to our YouTube channel and leave a comment under this video- we will GIVE AWAY the items in each video to one lucky commenter!

While you're at it, follow Angry Artist at the links below:

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And, because we love you, for the next 24 hours we are offering 20% off the Ugly Ducky Anatomy figure with code ANGRYDUCKY. Move fast. 24 hours only.

Jason Adams Free Hugs Action Figure - Tenacious Toys Exclusive "Will Work for Toys" Edition in Stock Now

Our exclusive blue "Will Work for Toys" limited edition of Jason Adams' Free Hugs resin figures are in stock now! 

Ever feel like you'd basically do anything to be able to get more toys?

Yeah, me too. This guy is your spirit animal. Roaming the streets, picking up odd jobs like demo work, clearing trash from sidewalks, and standing in line for you for the new iPhone... all for that next sweet, sweet toy fix. Only $39.95 and available here. Priced low enough that you can probably afford one after a solid day of work.

Comes with a large Will Work for Toys cardback so you can take that out of the blister, head back out to the street and find your next gig a little easier. See? We care about your addiction.

Your toy addiction.

Don't do drugs.

Seriously we joke around a lot but that shit isn't funny. Opening a new toy gives you the same high, chemically, but it's socially acceptable! Sort of. Possibly also easier to explain. Definitely more legal.

Huoli Guardians Wisdom Edition Resin Figures by Taylored Curiosities for ToyCon UK

The follow-up release to the Huoli Worry Warriors, the story grows and we meet the first Guardian...

The Huoli are small beings who live among us, but only those in possession of a seeing stone can view their secret world.

They work very hard to control human emotions/feelings and stop them growing too big and overwhelming us.  Many years ago, we couldn't understand their kind and banished them.  They are truly good and stuck around to help us; even though we couldn't accept them.  So now they look after us without us even knowing about it.

The creatures of this world recognise the Huoli and respect them for what they do.  They create symbiotic relationships with a whole range of beasts, many you'll never have even heard of as they too reside in the hidden parts of this land.

The Wisdom Guardians are similar to the animals we know as 'birds' however, they are one of the key methods of transport for the small, Huoli tribes and in return the Huoli help them build the comfiest nests and often can be found sharing nest pods with each other to stay warm during the cold winter months.

Each set comes with a Guardian and two Huoli figures (handpainted and cast from an original sculpt), a seeing stone (made in the same way) and with unique symbols from the ancient Huoli language and the Huoli Fable printed onto aged paper.  All packaged in a clear bag with header card.  They are 3.5" tall (not including feathers).

Find them at ToyCon UK in London on the 29th and 20th of April, at the Taylored Curiosities booth


Apr 10, 2017

Plushy Planet Goldfish Plush with Swarovski Crystal Eyes Launches on Kickstarter on April 30

Really cool Kickstarter project came onto our radar: on April 30th, Plushy Planet will be launching a new Kickstarter campaign to fund their "luxury plushy" 14-inch Goldfish with real Swarovski crystal eyes! I think they may have invented a new category there!

They will have Early Bird specials active on the Kickstarter starting on April 30th, so to take advantage of that, get yourself onto their email list by clicking here and scrolling to the bottom of the page to the "Join us on Kickstarter" box.

Plush Goldfish is First Ever Luxury Plush Toy with Swarovski Eyes. It comes in at 14” length, in two variants: Swarovski Version and Standard Version, with a nice 7’’ Royal Blue Color Plush Support/Pad. Besides these, during the Kickstarter campaign, Plushy Planet will also be presenting exciting accessories.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book