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Court of the Dead

Jun 5, 2010

Jamungo x Threezero Squadt NKD Jack + qpmnt pacs in stock

Just arrived: Jamungo's newest retailer Squadt: NKD Jack
6 inches tall, made of vinyl. Jack comes with 3 different sets of eye lenses (black, white and clear) and 2 sets of arms, plus the terrycloth bathrobe and tanto-style knife shown below:
Each NKD Jack comes with your choice of accessory packs (called "qpmnt pacs").
Qpmnt Pac 1 (aka the "-" pack) shown below comes with:
- long-sleeve shirt with Threezero logo
- tactical vest
- sUMP gun
- sMK23 gun
- fabric holster for the pistol

Qpmnt Pac 2 (aka the "=" pack) shown below comes with:
- long-sleeve shirt with Ferg logo
- tactical backpack
- sM4 rifle
- knife with tanto-style blade
- fabric sheath for the knife

You can order your own NKD Jack Squadt, either with Qpmnt Pac 1 or Qpmnt Pac 2, for $103 total. Since it's over $100, we'll ship free within the US. 

And finally I thought I'd show you the box art from the NKD Jack boxes, which is simple but cool:

Jun 4, 2010

Task-one Techno Yeti custom Yoka

I don't even know what to say about this Task-one custom. It's incredible. Just absolutely beautiful.
See it in person at the Traveling Yoka Show at Genuine Artikle in Lake Ronkonkoma, Long Island, Saturday June 5th from 8-11pm.

Jun 3, 2010

4or Potle blind box toys from Slovakia

Potle is a new blind-box mini figure series from the design studio 4or, based in Slovakia.
I chose to give them some page time on my blog for several reasons: 
#1- they are brightly colored and fun 
#2- I dig the interesting platform shape 
#3- I am just jazzed that we are seeing new toys from some different countries like Slovakia!

Will post more info on these toys as it becomes available.

Jun 2, 2010

Jellysweeper 8.5-inch plushes by Jellyface


This is a handcrafted, handpainted limited special edition plush by Jellyface. There will be 99 pieces made: 33 pieces in each of the 3 colors). JELLYSWEEPER will be released soon. He is very angry and eats every kind of rubbish found in the ocean. Can you hear his voice? AHRRGHHGRRTHGGHH!!

SIZE: 8.5 inches high
Fabric: 100% Polyester
Filling: Polyester Fibres
Armature: Card Board & Acrylic

The pack contains:
- 1 PIN

Retail $50 each