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Court of the Dead

Nov 20, 2010

Nuggzilla custom Munny by Ian Ziobrowski

Ian Ziobrowski of Genuine Artikle is a work horse. Here's one of his latest customs: "Nuggzilla", a 2-headed freak with one good head and one bad head. The body is from a 7-inch Munny and the 2 heads are from 3-inch Munnys. Ian says: Nuggzilla is a case of bad smoke, you never know when it creeps up!

Ian's also working on a 20-inch Qee for our collaborative effort with Wizard Sleeve Toys down in Florida: the Qee to the City custom 20-inch Qee show! Look for teasers from that show coming soon!

Nov 16, 2010

SNEAK PEEK: DCon 10-inch Homer Simpson Qees at Toy2R/Apex booth

Designer Con Alert - D'oh! D.I.Y. 
Apex and Toy2R will be displaying some great customized 10" Homer Simpson Qees during D-Con. Some debuting for the first time - so head over to the Toy2R / Apex booth this Saturday to check out customs by DrilOne, Mike Leathers, Slobot, Reactor 88, Kim Mayhew, Glass Ink and Mikie Graham.....the Yellow Power of Simpsons!

NEMO currently sculpting proto for Wazo figure

One of the many, many projects NEMO's currently working on is the prototype for the above figure, called Wazo the Thinker, by Tim Lockhart. Click here to see early coverage of this project on SpankyStokes. Below is a video of the original concept coming to life in clay, before the project was handed over to the capable hands of NEMO. Looks like it's gonna be a cool sculpt! 
Stay tuned for more info on this piece.

MIST & Aillaud collab: Dino & Zorus figures

ATTAKUS presents Dino / Zorus, a great collaborative project from French enfants terribles MIST and Etienne Aillaud (a.k.a. Ayo). (Terrible, for those of you who don't speak French, has a dual meaning: literally terrible, as in really bad, but it can also mean awesome, if you're speaking in slang. Look, you just learned something else by reading my blog!)

This vinyl two-figure set, Dino and Zorus, is very cool with Mist having designed the rider while Aillaud designed the dinosaur figure. Each style is easily recognizable and goes really well together:
- Zorus has a removable helmet to reveal his full face and two spears.
- The Dino comes in at 8” from head to tail and with innovative articulations: a designer toy that you can play with like a real toy!
Two delicious colorways are released: Chocolate Chromium (bottom) and Rainbow Warrior (top).

About MIST:
Mist first experienced graffiti in the late 80’s and is also one of the French pioneers of designer toys. Today, Mist travels successfully the planet for exhibitions and produces some of the most sought after designer toys.

About Aillaud:
Etienne Aillaud is one of the proud fathers of Attakus and the Alyenz minis. As a contemporary sculptor, he recently achieved his masterpiece : Weed Tribe (also available, pictured below).