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Court of the Dead

Jul 19, 2009

From Mind to Matter: Nolasco & Nemo at ToyQube

Two extremely talented artists showed at ToyQube last night: Brent Nolasco and Nemo. Brent's customs have been gracing blogs, websites and shows all over the world. His signature colorful-yet-dark style can be recognized a mile away. Nemo is a NYC-based sculptor who works in a variety of mediums (media?). His sculpting is second-to-none. Check out the Joe Pesci & James Gandolfini sculpts. Amazing. Looks for his name to start popping up a lot more in the future.
(above) Brent Nolasco spent a few hours the night before the show throwing up sick painting on ToyQube's wall right by the front door. Talk about great advertising! Wonder how much that slab of wall is worth now?
(above) Brent talks shop!

(above & below) Brent Nolasco custom CRAOLA Captain Rotnclaw (which we sold to him)

(above) Please do not molest the valuable customs.

(above & below) Nolasco custom Hammerhead Sharky (a ToyQube product!)

(above) Nolasco custom Andrew Bell Giver
(above) 2 Nolasco customs
(above & below) 2 Brent Nolasco paintings

(above) Nemo customs

(above & below) 3 Nemo sculpts: Gandolfini, Pesci & a toy which is destined to have paint designed by Nolasco!

(above) 3 Nemo sculpts

(above) more Nemo sculpts: custom Statue of Liberties (originally sculpted by... you guessed it, Nemo! and now customized) plus 3 spray can which stack like a totem pole!
(above) Nemo sculpts Joe Pesci from Casino

(above & below) Nemo's Dust Mite paintings

(above) Nemo talks shop
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