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Court of the Dead

Feb 26, 2016

NEW Kidrobot preorders for products arriving March / April

We are SUPER stoked to have a metric assload of Kidrobot awesomeness on the way to us right now! Visit our PREORDER page to preorder all of these items:

Feb 25, 2016

tokidoki Kittypatra Full-Sized Vinyl Figure Up for Preorder

Big ole figure! I think it's like 10" tall, will measure again when we get them next week. $100 each, preorder available now here. JUST spotted (and ordered) at Toy Fair! Obviously this is a Hello Kitty x Cleopatra mashup. If you don't know who Cleopatra was.... click here.

World's End drops 'My Neighbor KILAS' Art Toy on 25th Feb


Illustration design and concept by KILAS. 
Hand sculpted and painting by Bagoy of Yeah-Limited (Indonesia). 

The appeal of Miyazaki’s films is that they can be enjoyed equally by adults and children. While children enjoy the innocence and naivety of the films, adults can interpret their meanings in an ominous sense. My Neighbor Totoro is such a film where the lines of life and death are blurred, giving us the ability to transcend perceptions of what is real and unreal, good and evil. 

It is granted that Totoro is a mystical creature that only Mei and Satsuki can see. His presence is linked to the trauma of their sick mother who is on death’s door. Some can go as far to say that Totoro is death itself, alleviating the girls to the fact that they will lose their mother and maybe even themselves in this unforgiving world. 

KILAS gives Totoro a skull and scythe in response to this theory, Totoro is now able to embody his true self, the grim reaper. 

World's End has two colour variants; natural and white. It also acts as an incense holder for offerings to the lords of fire and brimstone. 
This toy is part of a print series World's End has launched as their homage to anime and manga. 

About World’s End
We are a purveyor of fine art and design products that will destroy your 
mind and corrupt your soul with desire. Each collection is curated with the agenda of showcasing new exquisite talent from East and West. From rare commissioned original artworks to highly exclusive one-off comic series, we intend to impose unique product 
offerings that are both highly desirable to have as well as highly engaging to create. 
World’s End is built by artists, for artists and their fans. World’s End is based in Singapore. 

Feb 24, 2016

UVD Toys & The Bots Announce Luna Kickstarter Project!


UVD Toys and The Bots are proud to present 'Luna'; a new art toy that they would love to see made a reality! They have have been developing  the perfect figure for the past 8 months and they are finally ready to share it with the world. With your help they can turn this dream into a perfect art toy to display alongside your collection. 

There are many great backer rewards including an exclusive Green colorway of Luna in this project. To learn more about the project and see all the reward levels please check out the Kickstarter

Feb 23, 2016

ThreeZero / 3A GIVEAWAY and Review at Go Figure News

We've teamed up with our friends at GO Figure News for a 3A giveaway! We sent them some ThreeZero-produced 1:6-scale figures to review. Check out their sweet review of Pascha Bi Lingual Droid, Pascha Kunstler and the Playge Rat figures here.

1. Watch the review video and give it a thumbs-up.
2. While you are there, Subscribe to the GOFN YouTube channel.
3. Like the GOFN Facebook page.
4. Email GOFN here and tell them the story of your personal favorite collectible of all time, and include a pic of it or just a link to Google Images.

You have till March 25th to get your entry email in.

After that, we (myself included) will select the top 3 best responses and they will be posted on GOFN to be voted on. Top entry with most votes by April 15th will win!

FULL BLOG POST with more explanation, pics, etc available here on GOFN.

Feb 21, 2016

"Stash Spot" Commission x Nugglife


Here's Stash, rarely seen in town and just likes to hang around. Always farming on cliffs and hard to reach spots. Nuggs claims to have seen this chill fellow while out on his deliveries in the most secluded of places. 

Based off a Kidrobot 3 inch dunny hanging freely off a hand sculpted cliff stash spot. Put whatever you want inside money, lucky coins or some green ;). 

Commission for collector measuring about 4x8x4 hangs by nail and locks in. Interested in one? email Nugglife or check out his website.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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