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Court of the Dead

Nov 23, 2011

Matt Anderson Christmas Contest: FREE CUSTOMS!

Get ready everyone: Matt Anderson has a great giveaway idea this holiday season: he's going to give away two of his amazing customs to two worthy people! Here are the details, straight from Matt:

It just hit me....I want to do a special Christmas custom give-a-way. So, here's the plan: I want anyone and everyone that really likes what I do, but just can't afford to purchase one of my works for their collection, to write your reason why I should give you a free custom (mini or normal sized...none of that 3" stuff haha). 

It can be something thats happened to you thats heart-wrenching or something extremely good that would make me say, "Damn that's just so awesome." 

I don't want any made up crap though... take this seriously. Once you have decided what you want to send... you send it to my wife Jamie Anderson.... she has got to be the most kind hearted, selfless woman I have ever met and she will pick 2 winners. One male and one female. 

I dont care if these are for you or your children or even if you would like to win them to give to someone else less fortunate... but I want something good to come for Xmas... and from me for once.......

So you think you guys and gals can handle that?Then hop to it! Cut off is Nov. 25 and I must receive at least 6 entries for this contest to work but the more the merrier .... remember send all entries to my wife here.

Nov 21, 2011

Custom toys by DAVEMARKART

All one-of-a-kind pieces using Sculpey or Super Sculpey. All hand-painted using acrylics with a matte finish. Eyeballs get a clear coat to give them extra shine. Each of these approx 5" tall custom toys is made by Dave Webb aka DaveMarkArt. We will be arranging wityh Dave to sell these items in our store...

Furry Feline Creatives Handmade Plush Toys

Furry Feline Creatives is the Los Angeles-based design studio founded by designer artist Cheri “Furry Feline” Ong and husband Alvin Ong.

Our love for cats inspired us with all these creations, cats are cute! When they sleep, they often sleep on their sides, with their paws at their muzzles or chest. They are attractive, endearing, charming and so adorable. So I wanted to make things that resembles that. It’s all the things that make you go “aaaaaww”… and we mix it up with our love of Pop Culture and stir. You then get the most silliest and funniest characters that you can relate and love!

But more importantly, all our art, books and other merchandise carry one sole purpose which is to share the power of positive attitude and influence in life.

Our hope is that our little colorful world of cuteness, humor, fun and laughter will encourage people to be positive, doing and thinking the right things that will produce the kind of behavior that is an example to all. As it will be an encouragement to those around you and an example that they can follow.

You can find Furry Feline on their website here and on Facebook here.

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