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Court of the Dead

Nov 15, 2013

Camilla d'Errico Timed Release Milkfall Fine Art Print


Camilla d'Errico's oil painting "My Milkfall" is now available as a Limited Edition Timed Release Fine Art Print. Milkfall prints are 16x20" on 300gsm Moab Entrada paper, and come signed and numbered with a certificate of authenticity. Find yours here before the order period closes Nov 17th 12PM PST, closing the edition.

Timed Release prints make the print available for a limited time, and set the edition number to the orders collected during the order period. These prints will not be re-printed again, so collect yours now.


Mini Galaxxor and MEGAKESHI Galaxxor Release 11.19.13


Although things have been relatively quiet, as of late, in the Galaxxorverse, a good bit of stuff has been going on behind the scenes. Thanks mostly in part to my friends The Godbeast and the rest of the gang at True Cast Studio (which I recently had the chance to visit!), the next evolution of Galaxxor is in the works! The original sculpt has been greatly refined (courtesy of the mighty Josh Edwards), and there have been leaps and bounds made, in terms of producing the figures in a keshi-style rubber. As a result, I have a few 1/1 prototype Megakeshi 5.5″ Galaxxors (each with 3 interchangeable heads, including one by the mighty Matt Doughty!), as well as a large selection of 2″ Mini Galaxxors (sculpted and cast by none other than The Godbeast, himself!). Some of these pieces are suuuuper rare, and you’ll have your chance to score them for your very own on 11.19.13 at noon CST.
Full release info here.  More info on Galaxxor at the official site.

Nov 12, 2013

Emilio Garcia's 24k gold plated jumping brain, 28 in skull brain and 4 foot jumping brain


Emilio Garcia revealed three new pieces at the 2013 Swab Barcelona Art Fair. The first is a 28 inch tall skull brain made out of fiberglass and limited to only 10 pieces worldwide. Each piece is signed and numbered. The second is a 24 karat gold plated 5 inch jumping skull. This will be the final edition of this size in this material. This will be limited to only 20 pieces worldwide, signed and numbered. The final piece is a massive 4 foot fiberglass jumping brain which will be limited to only 5 pieces. All pieces are produced by Garcia's own Lapolab and made in Spain. The pieces will be available in Garcia's online store shortly… though interested art enthusiasts can place a reservation by contacting the artist.

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