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Court of the Dead

Oct 13, 2012

What's happening at NYCC today?

News from our booth 3121 at NYCC....  

Some more shots from day 2

VISEone Spanky & Ben
Look at this Cosmodouche
Kozik chatting w Jon from Rampage at our booth
Nathan Hamill signing his Sire & Strife figures at booth 3121
Custom Tentikill by Brendan McGuiness booth 3121

Day 3......... 
In a cab full of @gummifetus and @carsoncatlin goodness
Jason @gummifetus @freeny here at booth 3121 for his signing! We have excl @1xrun Freeny Gummy Anatomy prints
Jason Freeny signing Gummi Anatomy models at Tenacious Toys booth 3121
Ahren heating up epoxy putty in our booth
Jason @gummifetus and Spanky Stokes
Epic awesome in my booth Spanky Stokes, Jason Freeny, NEMO, Ahren Gauthier, Ian & Eric Ziobrowski! Booth 3121
Jon-Paul Kaiser & J*RYU signing at Tenacious Booth 3121

JPK / JRYU signing
Ok so JPK / JRYU signing went long so Carson Catlin is tripling up
Carson Catlin cutting live
Rich Page and Cardon Catlin at Nycc booth 3121
Rich Page is donating Bassett D Kaye to a raffle to benefit Susan G Komen. $1/ ticket come to booth 3121

Oct 12, 2012

What's happening at NYCC today?

News from our booth 3121 at NYCC....  

Some more shots from day 1
Me and @nathanhamill
Ian Ziobrowski x Tenacious Toys DEA Agent / K9 edition booth 3121
Ian Ziobrowski DEA Headquarters 10" MadL

Day 2.........
On my way to #nycc for another big day!!
VISEone sketching at booth 3121
Scott Kinnebrew: first nycc customer for Jacob Jams!
Jacob JAMS signing starts soon at Tenacious booth 3121
Jacob Jams signing at #nycc booth 3121
Resin & silicone pieces by Jacob Jams!
Jacob Jams at #nycc booth 3121
Ginny's by Josh Mayhem, Bellicose by Nathan Hamill, Baby Sapling by JRYU
Cultured Critter at #nycc booth 3121
Me and Robert from Dudebox at #nycc
@viseone signing at booth #3121

Oct 11, 2012

What's happening at NYCC today?

News from our booth 3121 at NYCC....  
Omg so many toysssss
3A at booth 3121
Carson Catlin at Nycc booth 3121
Bugs and Plush at nycc booth 3121
Nathan Hamill Sire & Strife, Ron English Dude, Gary Baseman Buckingham warrior, Dok A Chester
Art Wars poster at nycc booth #3121
Rsin and Matt A are here at nycc booth 3121 setting up!!
Rampage Toys at nycc booth 3121
Uncle Argh Noir & Pandaimyos at nycc booth 3121
Gummi Fetus by Jason Freeny
How many veterinarians does it take to assemble a Freeny Gummi Fetus anatomy model?
Craziness in here: Triplikid, Rsin, Viseone, Adam Pratt
Nemo photo bombs Spanky and SeaWees
Adam Pratt painting Triplikid's figure live in booth 3121

Dead Hand Toys at our NYCC Booth 3121

This sweet collection of Dead Hand Toys resin Gread & Teuth figures and keychains will be available at the Tenacious Toys booth 3121 at NYCC!

Oct 10, 2012

JRYU Baby Sapling Micro-Planter Tenacious Toys Exclusive

Here's the first complete reveal of JRYU's Baby Sapling Micro-Planter Tenacious Toys NYCC Exclusive. Pick one up at booth 3121, meet and have JRYU sign at his tag-team signing at 1pm Saturday alongside JPK! 25 pieces, $50 each. Sweet concept!

Oct 9, 2012

Latest works from Color Chemist

This guy keeps bringing us AWESOMENESS!!!

DK Munny, 4 inch Munny
Boba Fett, 3 inch Dunny

Gremlins "Gizmo", 3 inch Dunny
Folow Color Chemist here:
      - Don P 

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book