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Court of the Dead

Oct 7, 2012

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Ron English Video and Product Announcement

Straight from our friends over at Dudebox comes this video and a special toy announcement. Part 2 of the Ron English conversation has been posted where he talks about his take on platform toys, the vinyl art scene and Dudebox's Dudes.

To watch the film head over to the DBTV page and if you missed the first part view it here

"We want to thank Ron for letting us into his world and for showing us around his studio. It was a very inspirational journey for us and we just had to ask Ron to put down one of those 5 million ideas he had for the Dude. Which leads perfectly into the final reveal of our release line up for New York Comic Con. All the pieces seemed to fall into place, watch that video again and you will see a replica dinosaur hanging out in Ron's garden. That's not just any random dinosaur, Ron has a bit of a fascination for them, their origins and what they evolved into. So Ron turned an egg into a dino to create King Monster ~  a homage to those ancient beasts that once roamed this land. Taking a different direction from Ron's more established pop art route, King Monster really is a Terror From A Lost World."

King Monster will be released October 11, 2012 at New York Comic-com and online at Dudebox's website. In addition Ron English will be signing at the Dudebox booth (#2915) at the con on Friday (October 12) from 4:00-5:00 pm and again on Saturday (October13) from 2:00-3:00 pm.                                  


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