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Court of the Dead

Sep 9, 2017

New Irikanji release for Taipei Toy Festival 2017


Over the past two decades, Australian street artist Facter has created a world of fantastical creatures inhabiting a far future, post-singularity apocalyptic realm called "The Known". These creatures, known as Irikanji, are the result of years of creating illustrations and sharing them as colourful murals on the walls of cities across the world.

Transforming his street art and illustrations into hand made sculpted beings, the Irikanji are physical manifestations of the many inhabitants that reside within his imagination.

Facter will be releasing the first limited editions of Irikanji at booth A19 at the Taipei Toy Festival in October 2017, where he is looking forward to introducing toy lovers and new collectors to his futuristic universe. 
instagram @facter 

The Known

The Known is a futuristic, post-apocalyptic realm in which nanotechnology has transformed organic life forever, and altered its place in our solar system. Set against the backdrop of a failed emergent singularity event in which the Axiate, a rogue AI entity, seized control over both the computational and physical matter of the world, The Known is a place of wonderous and surreal vistas.
In this chaotic and surrealistic realm, vast fields of nanotechnology known as Tehgu spiral out from our world into the depths, creating islands across the skies of space. Living across these habitats are new denizens of flora and fauna - highly evolved and mutated organisms, both biological and mechanical, that have
filled every ecological niche possible in the new world.

These are the Irikanji, and this is their time.


The Joeji come in more varieties than any other Irikanji, and no two are the same. They are highly susceptible to Endopolygeny, in which they reproduce at a high rate into many different forms by budding off into different individuals. These often result in a variety of pseudo-calves and varieties based on the Joeji form - the Vikanji is one example of this. Their temperament varies - they can be happy and joyful or mad and aggressive - with a Joeji, you never quite know what you’ll get.

Joeji is available in a variety of 50 limited pieces. Each Joeji is a unique piece, with different colorways and detailing - no two are the same!

Price: US$55 / NT$1700
Height:8.5cm (3.3”)
Hand cast, painted and detailed resin. Toys boxed.

ThreeA SHAOLIN COWBOY Available for Pre-order at


Now Available for Pre-order at!
A new 1/6th Scale Collectible Figure of one of the most endearing, brutally violent, and hysterical comic book characters of all time – The Shaolin Cowboy!

The development team at ThreeA have worked closely with Darrow to impeccably craft the silent hero down to every last detail – from head sculpt, to fit of the clothing, to the minute etched emblem of the pistol grip, to the iconic Bo staff with detachable chainsaws – all in effort to ensure The Shaolin Cowboy appears as if he’s jumped off the page, ready to lop off heads.

The Eisner Award nominated series is created, written, and drawn by artist extraordinaire Geof Darrow, whose works are celebrated worldwide for his meticulously detailed artwork, ultra-violence and absurdist humor. The series follows an unnamed former Shaolin monk with a bounty on his head who must survive by taking on hordes of the undead, desert mutants, talking animals, and the occasional shark person using only his wits, his martial arts skills, and his tenacity to live.



Officially Licensed by Geof Darrow
Approximately 12inches Tall (30.48cm)
30 points of Articulation
Finely Tailored Fabric Clothing including Faux Leather Arm Bracer, Kerchief, and Denim Pants
Painted Weathered Detailing

42page Shaolin Secret Manual with art by Geof Darrow! 
Chainsaws x2
Bo Staff x1
Sword with Sheath x1
Colt 45 Pistol x1
Belt with Holster x1
Belt with Multi-tool x1
Left Hand x3 (Fist, Relax, Weapon Holding)
Right Hand x4 (Fist, Relax, Weapon Holding, Pistol Grip)
USD $220 Orders include Free Worldwide Shipping via Courier

Sep 8, 2017

New Yummy World Shake Shack Plush Now Available at

Kidrobot and Yummy World have teamed up with Shake Shack for a collection of high quality plush stuffed food toys.  The ShackBurger plush features a removable Shake Shack wrapper and the removable plush crinkle fries are a salute to Shake Shack's signature crispy golden crinkle cut fries. Both feature the signature Yummy World googly eyes and dashed smile. This plush set is a must-have for any Shake Shack fan.  Get them now at! 

PIQtoo Grand Opening Featuring Rilakkuma - SEPTEMBER 8 & 9


Opening Week Celebrations Kick Off at the Ultimate Kawaii Gifts and Accessories Destination in Rockefeller Center Concourse with Japan’s Favorite Lazy Bear

New York, NY August 31, 2017 – The outrageously adorable PIQtoo kicks off its grand opening celebration Friday 09/08 and Saturday 09/09 with an appearance by the world happiest bear, Rilakkuma 11am-4pm. This inspiringly relaxed character from San-X will be joined by Harajuku inspired Lolita girls. This is just one part of a week of kawaii exuberance including a pre-opening Sept 7 with Peter Kato releasing a special edition Bedtime Bunnie, and limited edition PIQtoo button releases each day from artists Andrea Kang, Horrible Adorables, Flat Bonnie, Droolwool, and Sad Salesman, along with two from Sonny Angel.
All the fun will be at PIQtoo on the Concourse Level of Rockefeller Center and online at Give in to The Cult of Cute™.

About PIQtoo
The PIQtoo gift store understands the universal power of cute. The adorable assortment of plush, accessories, and stationery sourced from Japan, South Korea, and the US will spark the cuddly kawaii spot in any heart. Located on the Concourse Level at 30 Rockefeller Center, PIQtoo gives New Yorkers a needed dose of joy and sweetness. This pastel jewel is part of the PIQ family of gift stores with locations at Grand Central Terminal and Rockefeller Center in New York, Universal CityWalk Orlando, and PIQtoo, the Cult of Cute™.

Conquering Alien Kickstarter: Back Dry Specimen: Homunculus (AKA Embryoseph) Now


Toy sculptor Julian Briones and illustrator Mark Laszlö have teamed up to bring this rather disturbing toy to life.

Dry Specimen: Homunculous (aka Embryoseph) is selling in 2 sizes and in two formats.
  • Week 13 is 5.5 cm ( 2 in ) from rump to crown
  • Week 19 is 9 cm ( 3.5 in) from rump to crown.
Backers have the option to order them painted-ready-to-display or as a DIY kit.
Prices range from AUD$40 through to AUD$120.

There is also a single, large format Dry Specimen available for purchase: Week:35. The Big Baby stands at a whopping 35cm ( 13.5 in ) from rump to crown!!

Dry specimen is live right now! He's hand painted and shipped to anywhere in the world.
Check out Julian's Instagram @Conquering.Alien
Mark's amazing artwork @MarkLaszlo666

Drop in and see the campaign at:

Max Vinyl Collectible Sneaker by Sneakergang


Calling all sneakerheads!  This one's for you!  Sneakergang's 3-inch vinyl Sneaker figurine.  Each figure has articulated arms and optional eye expressions.  Designed and made here in the US.  In stock now so grab yours today!

Max 3-inch Vinyl Collectible Sneaker Figurine by Sneakergang

Sep 7, 2017

DKE Toys at Power Con 2017

DKE Toys will be set up at Power Con this weekend Sept 9-10. Come high-five Dov and check out the cool stuff.

Power-Con: The He-Man and She-Ra Toy & Comic Book Experience
September 9 & 10, 2017

Located at the Torrance Marriott Redondo Beach hotel
3635 Fashion Way
Torrance, California 90503, USA (South Bay, southwest Los Angeles)

Feath-Or by Chicken Nugget Enterprises
Hand cast and painted 5.5" carded figure
Edition of 100

Skywalk-or Galaxy Masters by ManOrMonster? Studios
Hand cast and painted 5.5" carded figure 
Signed and numbered edition of 20

Vador Galaxy Masters by ManOrMonster? Studios
Hand cast and painted 5.5" carded figure 
Signed and numbered edition of 20

RYCA was kind enough to send us some of his Wasters of the Universe figures.
Edition sizes vary 
$65 each 

Sep 6, 2017

NEW Nugglife Custom Dunnys, Resin Figures, T-Shirts, Paintings and More


"Ross the Nugmad" Known for documenting his travels through art.  Each painting represents a moment in life that was worthy to replicate.  From natural phenomena to trippy space scenes, it makes you wish you traveled in his shoes.
-3 inch custom dunny, magnetically assembles to platform.
-Fully equipped with all painting supplies, and a piece in progress.  He attaches to the platform with a magnet to keep proper balance.   
-Accessories are:
  • 3 paint brushes
  • 1 pallet knife
  • 1 pallet
  • 1 nug
  • 1 set of trimmers
  • All crafted by hand.
-This series also was released with 3 paintings by Ross that document a vision during travels. Nugglife is filled with surprises and I created this character in order to help replicate these sceneries.

"Night Trip" is one of Ross's first pieces created during a strain hunt in the late fall. Legend is, that if you follow the trails north you with encounter the purist Northern Light strains.  During his trip he witnessed some killer night sky visuals and this one was his favorite.  
-5 x 5 acrylic on wood

"Waterfalls" With spring here Ross traveled a little more west where he encountered the densest woods in Nugglife.  Deep in these trails, nature kinda just takes on its own path.  While seeking some tasty kush Ross came across a natural phenomenal.  Spending an hour to document it precisely.  
-Pencil on canvas paper from 1974
-5x7 Framed 

"Bong-a-thon" An event not heard often, but for those who experience never regret.  Heading into the mountains just a little south, Ross crossed paths with a little secret smoke out.  With everyone set up in baked out tents, and passing bongs around camp fires, he had to stay for a couple days.  Early Sunday morning before everyone started packing up Ross set up to catch that morning sunrise.  Man what a beautiful view!
-Acrylic on wood
-8x10 Framed

"TV Gro-Box" "Television just got better! Introducing the TV Gro-Box, fully equipped with all your growing needs.  So roll a fatty, grab a snack, and watch them grow."
-The Retro Television grow box is ready to go.  Based off the Kidrobot TV accessory, this little growroom is like non seen before.  Packed with a solid LED to grow up to 4 massive plants, you won't be disappointed with your yield.  Unfortunately your limited with channels 0,2, and 4 but I don't think you'll mind. 
-Each one is custom with a limited series of 8 pieces.  
-Made while stoned.      
-$80 each

MINI NUGS: Blue Dream, Super Lemon Haze, & OG Kush
-Mini Nugs is back with 3 new strains! Each standing about 2.5-3 inches and comes packaged in a plastic stash container.  
-limited to 5 pieces per strain
-$25-$30 each

"Stoney Hearts"  CZEE X NUGGLIFE Resin collab 
-This cute and cuddly guy is baked out and enjoying life.  Presenting those who cross him with a breeze of green.
-Edition of 3
-hand painted 
-$30 each 

"Cigar"  & "Laguardia to Denver" Tee 
-Limited run of 25 pieces each.

Sep 5, 2017

Krampus Funko POP Figures


Pop! Holidays: Krampus
It’s the most wonderful time of the year - until the half-goat, half-demon known as Krampus comes to your door!
Krampus will punish those who have lost the holiday spirit.

Krampus the festive demon is now receiving the Pop! vinyl treatment. Look for the chase version of Krampus, featured in red. A rarity of 1-in-6. Add Krampus to your collection this fall- or you’ll be sorry! Slated for release in November.

Funko is releasing some KILLER POPs this year!

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book