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Court of the Dead

Apr 9, 2010

Jason Freeny's Moist Production Skate Decks

Jason Freeny is a talented artist working in 3D illustration. His art is amazingly cool.
Here are his latest skate decks. I recommend nailing them to your wall instead of bolting on trucks. Too pretty to grind. Buy them here.

Apr 8, 2010

Jamungo NKD Jack RGULR Squadt retailer version

We are super stoked that Jamungo's next 6" vinyl Squadt will also be released in a retailer version that we will be able to stock in our store! Previous Squadts were sold by Jamungo direct to collectors, so this departure allows retailer fanboys like myself to finally stock one of our favorite figures!
Retailer version NKD JACK [RGULR] w/qpmnt pac 1 and 2:
6" vinyl Jack figure set includes: 2 sets of arms, 3 sets of lenses, terry-cloth robe, hidden tanto knife and, as always, a removable helmet.
Qpmnt Pac 1 includes: Threezero logo shirt, Tactical chest-rig, sMK23 with holster and sUMP.
Qpmnt Pac 2 includes: Ferg logo shirt, Tactical Backpack, sM4 with carry handle attachment. Tanto w/sheath.pic1
We will edit this post with a link to the product in our store once our order is confirmed and the figures are on the way. I'd guess that the Monday April 12th release date would be the same date we'd be able to set up preorders.

Apr 7, 2010

Tenacious Toys North American EXCLUSIVE: Lemi the Space Wanderer 10" plush

We are very pleased to announce that Tenacious Toys will be the exclusive North American distributor for Thunderpanda's 10-inch Lemi the Space Wanderer plushes!
Each Lemi plush is hand made by Slanted Toys in Jakarta, Indonesia. The first production run (can you call it a "production run" when they're hand made?) will be just 100 pieces, and only 20 of those will ship to us here in NYC, USA, so this is a very rare plush indeed.
Lemi is the creation of Eric Wirjanata of Thunderpanda and Deathrockstar. Eric has been drawing Lemi and making Lemi papercraft for quite some time. Recently he decided to make the jump to a full-size plush version of his character, which I think is a logical step since Lemi seems to work so well as a plush! Each Lemi will come in a canvas bag adorned with Lemi artwork, and a Lemi pin will be included as well. And the first 10 Lemis sold will also include a Lemi fridge magnet! A veritable cornucopia of Lemi goodness.
Our shipment of Lemis is en route to us right now, and we have put up a preorder for them here for $19 each. We are happy to support up & coming and international artists like Eric Wirjanata. You can follow Eric on of his 2 Facebook accounts here & here.

Poster Cause Battle Series: Woebots x Pixel Pancho & Eboy x Burgerman

The Poster Cause has officially released two out of four of the amazing BATTLE SERIES prints:

About the Prints
- 11 × 17 Poster printed in full color on high quality 100# stock.
- 100% of profits to Children's Cancer Research Fund
- these prints will be begin shipping April 15th
- $50 each

Apr 5, 2010

ToyStreet: the first annual ToyStreet Designer Toy event in NYC

We both had a great time at Cookies N Cream's ToyStreet this past weekend! There were bands playing, lots of shops and manufacturers had set up booths and we got to hang out with a buncha toy peoples! Good times!
If you missed out on ToyStreet, here are a few notable sneak peeks that we saw there:
Argonaut Resins showed for the first time their beautiful resin Tuttz sculpt (below) which they will be casting in a variety of colors. I think Tenacious Toys will be able to get a colorway all to ourselves. Sweet!
Below, Frankie Velez shows off Miguel Paredes' awesome PULGHA sculpt.
Look for this toy coming soon.
We got a sneak preview of the upcoming artist card series called The Art Hustle, which features art cards by and about some of the hottest names in underground art! Check their website for more info.
There are lots more pictures from ToyStreet on my Flickr page, so click thru to check them all out!

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