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Court of the Dead

Mar 17, 2018

DHP St Patrick's Day releases


Top "o" the mornin' to ya! Blasting down the rainbow like a bat out of hell comes the fourth amazing 3 color marbled Alavaka set. It's St. Patty's Day and this time the pour is neon green, army green and glow in the dark (GID) vinyl. The release includes both the standard and converted head along with the body. As you gaze upon the colors that swirl throughout this cannibalistic monk and celebrate this March 17th (the traditional death date of St Patrick) it makes you wonder...was he one of Alavaka's victims? *PLEASE NOTE: Images show are an example and each toy is 100% unique in the way the marble looks. $80.00 each.

It's St Patrick's Day and guess what's at the end of the rainbow? It's not a pot of gold but a pair of 1 off Apalala. These mixed parts twins feature complementary GID and Army Green/GID marbled vinyl with just a small kiss of gold and green paint to make them magical. Each comes with an Army Green/GID Marbled Jizo-Anarcho Omake. Only 2 made so try your luck and see which one of these charming beauties you get. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $140.00 each.

There is one lonely SMALL "East Coast Skull Krew" shirt in the webshop that we will happily donate to the first person who orders something and requests it in their order email. PLEASE DON'T REQUEST IT unless you intend on making sure it gets worn. Karma is a bitch folks.

The Mother of all Worry (Beans) by Taylored Curiosities

Combining my ‘Healing Pet Rock’ aspect of crystal healing with my Worry Bean design and adding a ‘matryoshka’ feel to it, I have created The Mother of all Worry (Beans).
Where did you think Worries came from? Everything starts somewhere. The mother of all worry beans is ready to produce a few newbies just for you. The mother figure is hollow and the three little beans can be hidden inside. A felt layer opens to reveal them. Three blue sodalite crystals are growing on her back. These aid with mental performance and insight. 

Everyone worries, so these Worry Beans are ready to help you forget all about it; especially those of us who even worry about worrying.
1. Whisper your worry to your Worry Bean 
2. Tap it on the head three times and spin in a clockwise circle 
3. Enjoy your new worry free life!
Handmade, individual, clay worry bean art dolls with hand painted faces. The mother is 1.75” tall and the babies measure around 1cm. 
No two sets will identical.
Packaged in a clear bag with header card, ready to gift.

Mar 16, 2018

Sha Monk 1:6-Scale Action Figure by JT Studio In Stock Now


Part of the Journey to the West 12-inch action figure series designed by Jei Tseng. 30cm tall action figure, limited to 300 pieces total.

This item is drop shipped from Taiwan.

Product details:

Sha Monk Head x1
Body x1
T-shirt x1
Gloves x2
Pants x1
Legging x1
Foot X2
Moon Fork x1
Skull Belt x1
Shell backpack x1
Designed packing box x1
Number card x1
Poster x1
Materials : PVC, Cast, ABS, Clothes

Super Toasty Avocadog Plush from Furry Feline Creatives

A new superhero is born!  Bogie dressed up as Super Toast Avocadog! Armed by the creamy mashed avocado on Texas Toast, it's out of this world!  

Derived from the famous Avocado Toast, Super Toasty Avocadog  has a toast cape attached with a ultra-sonic pit attached on his belly.  Measuring 8.5 x 6.5"   This super hero is ready to save the world.  Each plush is 100% handmade by Cheri Lynn Ong using soft fleece, felt and polyfil.  

The limited edition "Super Toasty Avocado plush"  ($25)

Furry Feline Creatives LLC

ToysREvil: Unlock Tim Biskup's PRANKAKES at Bwana Spoons' GRAVY TOYS MEGALOAD Kickstarter


It's funny, even though I run a blog myself, I do miss a lot of cool stuff. I sometimes find out about the really interesting things via other blogs like TOYSREVIL - for example: did you know that Bwana Spoons is running a Kickstarter right now where some of the rewards are his crazy-ass toys?!


Read more here, and there you can click thru to the Kickstarter which ENDS MONDAY:

Unlock Tim Biskup's PRANKAKES at Bwana Spoons' GRAVY TOYS MEGALOAD Kickstarter

Apparently the next stretch goal to unlock is a figure by Tim Biskup!

This one is funded already so you will def get what you want.

Johnny Rad Skate and Destroy resin figure release

This Friday at 12pm PST, The Katerpillar: KiLL! x Virva Peikko will be releasing Johnny Rad - Skate and Destroy Edition - resin figures. Limited to 20 pieces, each backer is hand signed by Johnny Rad himself! Available only at:

Instagram Virva Peikko: @virvapeikko
Instagram KiLL!: @hardcoredvda
Instagram Johnny Rad: @therealjohnnyrad

Mar 15, 2018

Funko POP Rides James Bond with Aston Martin In Stock Now


Funko is excited to announce James Bond as our newest addition to Pop! Rides! The British Secret Service agent James Bond and his speedy Aston Martin from Goldfinger can now be yours! Add to your collection now!

Mar 14, 2018

Making Sofubi: Check the Video


Our buddy Jon (Rampage Toys) has posted another cool behind the scenes video of the process of making soft vinyl figures - popping those bad boys out of the molds! Check it below, make sure to follow his IG for more great sofubi stuffs:

Kidrobot King Howie 8-inch Dunny by Scott Tolleson Purple Colorway in stock now


in stock now!

The sailors would often talk about what they feared most about heading out into the open sea. It was not the sharks or serpents. It was not falling into the dark abyss below. But rather the Odd One that lived there. Thy all feared the King. The ancient King of the Sea. King Howie. From the deepest depth of the ocean, Kidrobot and Scott Tolleson are ready to conjure up the King of the Odd Ones in 8” form with the King Howie 8” Dunny in two unique colors. The purple color is limited to 200 worldwide and the green is limited to 500 pieces worldwide. Summon him to your collection today or lose him to the deep forever!

Yoru Splash 1:6-Scale Action Figure by JT Studio TTF 2017 Excl In Stock Now


Part of the Street Mask series, designed & handmade by Jei Tseng. Limited to just 50 pieces. September 2017 work.

This item is drop shipped from Taiwan.

Product details:

JT Body x1
Head x1
Mask x1
Headset x1
Guns x2
Backpack x1
Pockets x2
Tail x1
Shirts x1
Pants x1
Sock x2
hands x4
Stand x1
shoes x2
Designed packing box x1
Height of action figure:30 cm
Materials:PVC, ABS, CLOTHES, Aluminum alloy, Acrylic Sheet

Mar 13, 2018

UVD Toys x MJ Hsu Ellie The Jellyfish Princess Now On Kickstarter!


UVD Toys and MJ Hsu are excited to announce that Ellie The Jellyfish Princess is currently on Kickstarter! Over the past 6 months they have been developing the prototype for the 8.5" figure and are hoping with your support they will be able to turn this design into a full production figure. They offer a wide variety of backer rewards ranging from a button pack, print, enamel pin, resin figures, original art and more. You can purchase the original colorway for $100 or the Kickstarter exclusive colorway for $110 along with some additional goodies as well. Ellie made her debut on the crowd funding site this past Friday and runs through April 8th, 2018. To learn more or back the campaign make sure to head over HERE.

Juan Muniz to Join Nerviswrek on His Instagram Live Stream on March 15 at 6PM


Nervis writes:

Hello peoples. Welcome to our third sculpture session. We still continue to explore this interactive step by step live feed. Showcasing the collaborative effort between viewers and myself, we create art based on suggestions by viewers every Mon, Tues, Wed. Once the figure is sculpted and painted, we then offer a chance to own this piece, by raffling it off.

Raffle tickets are available at

$20 a ticket and space is limited.

The Reaper will be raffled on 3-15-18 at 7 pm mountain time. This week we also got our 2nd guest.

Past sculptures raffled off:

This week's guest: Juan Muniz!

We will be hanging out with Juan Muñiz, creator of “Felipe” starting at 6pm 3-15-18 this guy is seriously a machine, let’s see what he’s up to:

IG: @jmunizart
Etsy Shop

Pitbull Will Be In Uglydolls Movie


OMG I am so excited that a pitbull will be in the Uglydolls movie!!! Yaaa


Pitbull Comes Aboard STX's 'UglyDolls' As Voice Cast & To Pen, Perform Original Song


OK so our favorite canine will NOT be in the Uglydolls movie, but the man who has adopted our dog's moniker WILL be, so there's that. Here's the PR:

What a coup. Pitbull is coming aboard his first film to pen and perform an original song and also lend his voice to one of the key characters in STX's UglyDolls, the animated film directed by Robert Rodriguez which will launch the company's family and animation division. The film will be released in 2019.

The film, which is based on the pop culture toy of the same name, is being seen as a franchise play by Robert Simonds and his STX Entertainment as they look for Pitbull to be involved in every facet of the rollout across all company platforms - STXtv, STXdigital and STXsurreal VR.
In addition to his millions of fans around the globe, Pitbull is huge in the social media universe with over 56M fan on FB, 27M on Twitter and 6M on Instagram. He also has more than 9M subscribers on his YouTube channels.

Pitbull, whose real name is Armando Christian Perez, is a Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum international music star who is also business savvy.
"It's truly an honor to have the opportunity to work alongside the STX team and be involved with UglyDolls," said Perez. "The brand takes a fun approach to universal messages no matter color, culture or creed. These are themes I am passionate about, and our team is very excited about this partnership."
Pitbull will voice one of the key characters in the animated UglyDolls movie, where the UglyDolls confront what it means to be different, struggle with their desire to be loved, and ultimately discover that you don't have to be perfect to be amazing because who you truly are is what matters most.

Preorder Game of Thrones White Walker 1/6th Scale Action Figure by Three Zero


PREORDER ships Q4 2018

1/6th Scale Game of Thrones- WHITE WALKER collectible details:

13 inches (~33cm) tall articulated figure featuring tailored clothing with fine detailed textures.
  • Life like head
  • New White Walker body featuring removable armor
  • Shoulder Mantle
  • Breast plating
  • Forearm bracers
  • Boots
  • Full-body tunic
  • Fabric belt
  • Pants
  • Spear

Exchangeable hands:

Relax hands x 1 pair
Grip hands x 1 pair

Preorder Funko Hikari XS Disney Dumbo Gold & Silver 2-pack of 4-inch vinyl figures


PREORDER ships mid-March

Hikari XS: Dumbo (Gold & Silver) 2-pack

Disney’s classic flying elephant Dumbo is now an adorable Hikari XS 2-pack!
Limited to 500 pieces, Dumbo is shown in classic gold and silver colors. 4 inch figures. Sparkly vinyl.

Mar 12, 2018

YOX Gradient Pink 11cm sofubi vinyl figure by JT Studio In Stock Now



Yox is the guardian of dreams. Legend has it that Yox comes in different color and each with their own unique power

This colorway is a Taipei Toy Fest exclusive
Design by Jei Tseng
Material : Sofubi
High: 11CM