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Court of the Dead

Jan 6, 2012

Humphrey Mooncalf Leprechaun Edition Tomenosuke Exclusive

Hey look! It's a Japanese shop (Tomenosuke) with an Irish-themed exclusive colorway of a toy designed by a British artist (Doktor A), produced by a Singapore toy company (Pobber) and, I assume, manufactured in China! Not sure I've ever heard of such a multinational toy. Kinda cool! We are the woooorld, we are the childrennnn...

There will be 70 of these Leprechaun Edition Humphrey Mooncalfs for sale for $100 each in the Tomenosuke shop on January 8th.

Fly Me to the Moon custom by TaskOne

Fly Me to the Moon is a new custom by legendary customizer TaskOne, incorporating a 20-inch Mega Munny, as well as an 8-inch Dunny floating inside the suit. When Task starts working, the result is always epic... this custom is no different!

NASA ain't been on top of it's game lately ... so Dunny gotta step up...
The button on his chest lets you scroll through different RGB LED light patterns...
Dunny also has a mount at the end of his hose so he can be suspended from wall, ceiling, floor or spaceships...

You can pick up this custom and several others in Task's shop, and definitely visit his slick website to find out more about him and his work.

Jan 5, 2012

Anthony DeVito 8-inch Gravedigger Dunny

Anthony DeVito sends us these images of his Gravedigger 8" custom Dunny, complete with maggots! Awesome sculpting! Anthony's website is here and his Facebook is here. I couldn't find much more info on this piece anywhere, so you'll have to contact Anthony yourself if you're interested in it.

Kings of the Seasons 3-inch Dunny Series by Fuller

James Fuller is one of the most recognized and most prolific customizers working today. His talents are immediately evident when you look at the detailed work he puts into each piece. Fuller is currently accepting preorders for his upcoming 3-inch Dunny series titled "Kings of the Seasons." Each piece is $65 + shipping. Obviously, there are 4 characters, and Fuller will make 4 of each piece (16 total pieces). You can preorder yours here. Incredible work! Fuller has a real eye for graphics. 

If 3" custom Dunnys aren't your thing, Fuller also works on pretty much every other platform, including one of my most favorite toys ever: Nada'One's Kid666 figure, which you can see here. Check out his website here, his web store here, and his Tumblr here.

Jan 3, 2012

Plaseebo Brain Rider custom Jumping Brain

Bob Conge of Plaseebo sent us these images of his beautiful Brain Rider: a custom 5" Jumping Brain figure with Skulloctopus rider! Bob's intricate work and psychedelic colors are employed with great success in this custom. We were very lucky to have met Bob through our friends Osiris and NEMO, who have been working with him on various projects. Bob was on hand to sign at our NYCC 2011 booth- he was an island of cool amid the chaos of our cramped booth.

This is a custom 1 of 1 hand paint set of the Plaseebo Skulloctopus riding the Emilio Garcia Jumping Brain. The Skulloctopus is hand cast resin and the Jumping Brain is a 5" vinyl. Together the set measures 5" x 6" x 5" high. Signed and dated 2011.  $600.

You can purchase this piece here in the Plaseebo webstore.

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