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Court of the Dead

Dec 29, 2009

King Bossy Bear coming January

The latest iteration of the ever-popular 5-inch Bossy Bear series of toys by Uglydoll creator David Horvath is this pristine white flocked version with a gold crown, dubbed "King Bossy Bear"!
Coming in January from Toy2R; preorder now!

Skullyboom Custom Show call for artists: info & preview video

Call for artists...

If you're looking for the next hot event in 2010 to showcase your custom toys then look no further. PVC (PolyVinyl Cranium) is a show bringing in over 100 artists with over $500 in prizes (with more on the way).
We want to make sure that this is one of the most hoppin' events in 2010, so we're providing FREE Skullys to the first ten artists that enter. Find out how to get in for FREE here. (better hurry though!)
Just to show you guys that all we do is mess around here, check out the PVC teaser:

1st Place
$150 cash, $100 certificate to Delicious Drips, Origami x Toy2r Skate Deck
2nd Place
$100 cash, $50 certificate to Delicious Drips, 8″ Toy2r Bear Qee
3rd Place
$25 cash, $25 certificate to Delicious Drips, Headphonie of your choice
4th-10th Place
$20 certificates to Delicious Drips

We are pulling together 100+ artists with participation from other shops like Rotofugi, Dragatomi, Genuine Artikle, Minty Fresh, Tenacious Toys, Scooter and Jinx with more on the way! Retailers interested in getting involved should contact

For information on registration and deadlines, go here.

Dec 28, 2009

Poster Cause Project: Willow & Abe Lincoln Jr

I am happy to announce that a couple of artists I suggested have works available now as a part of the Poster Cause Project:

Willow has an 11 x 17 inch poster (above) and Abe Lincoln Jr did up a set of five 11 x 17 inch prints (below)

Abe's 5 print set is $100, and Willow's poster is $25, incredible prices for extremely limited artwork!
Click the links above to find out more about the Poster Cause project, to buy the artwork and to see which charities your purchase will support! Click here to see the full roster of artists and links to their sites.

35% off Kidrobot open-box figures with coupon code

35% off all Kidrobot open-box mini figures with coupon code KROB35OFF

Click here to see all of our Kidrobot open-box mini figures.
Paste the code into the coupon code field in your shopping cart before checking out.

You may or may not know that Kidrobot has changed their rules for internet retailers with KR wholesale accounts:

Starting Jan 1st, online stores with Kidrobot wholesale accounts may NOT sell Kidrobot blind-box figures as open-box. As you well know, we have been doing a lot of that!
We are always fully conscious of the various rules put forth by our toy manufacturers and we have always fully complied with each and every rule.

In this case, we find ourselves in the odd position of having quite a bit of stock of a type of product which we will not be able to have on our website on January 1st.

In light of this, we have set up the KROB35OFF coupon code which will take 35% off of the cost of EACH AND EVERY Kidrobot open-box figure that we have in stock, starting December 26th.

We set up a hidden category on Tenacious Toys that contains ONLY the Kidrobot open-box figures we have in stock, in case you want to see all of them in one place.

Our stock includes open-box figures from the following KR series:
- UK Dunnys
- 2009 Dunnys
- Dunny Series 5
- Nathan Jurevicius' Swamp Folk
- Patricio Oliver's Cucos
- Junko Mizuno's Pure Trance
- Futurama
- Mongers Series 1
- Mongers Filter Kings
- Kozik Chumps
- Adult Swim
- MIST Debilz
- Mad Barbarians Shake-a-Tongue

Late on Dec 31st we will take down any remaining KR open box figures off of our website. Hopefully there won't be many left.

Thanks so much everyone! Happy hunting!

Dec 27, 2009

Action Figure Times "Best of 2009" Awards

Check out Action Figure Times' Best of 2009 Awards for the best action figures, dolls, vinyl toys and exclusives for this past year.

Many thanks to Toygodd for the shout-out at the end of the article, and for the help and advice he's given me over the past couple years.

Dec 22, 2009

Call for Artists

Call for Artists
PVC (PolyVinylCranium) is an ONLINE Custom Toy Contest hosted by Delicious Drips and sponsored by SkullyBoom.
Artists will customize a DIY Skully toy and compete for votes on the Delicious Drips submission site. The winners will take home cash prizes, gift certificates, toys and a 12 oz. Ziplock bag full of ego.

Our goal is to draw at least one hundred artists internationally with at least thirty shops participating.

With this many shops and artists involved, they can guarantee tons of exposure for your work, not to mention a shot at making some honest money

Stay tuned for more info…

Dec 18, 2009

tokidoki Frenzies keychains/zipper pulls in stock now, open-box


We are pleased to announce that we have finally restocked the absurdly cute tokidoki Frenzies keychains!

They're blind-box keychains priced at $4.95 each, but we open them up & then label then & reseal each box so that you are able to pick & choose the ones you want.

Many styles available, click through to see them all. We even have some of the rarest ones: the pair of bullets and the pair of chili peppers, each of which come 1 set per case of 48 boxes.
The Frenzies make great gifts alongside the tokidoki pillowcases and tokidoki plushes that we stock.

Dec 16, 2009

Somewhere City plushes, Wish Come True blind boxes

In stock now are a few kid-safe products from Strangeco:
The Wish Come True blind-boxed mini figures are designed by FriendsWithYou.
They are under $8 apiece and vary in height, but they're all around 3" tall. They have weighted bottoms and jingly bells inside, making them a real tactile, sensual set of toys! Best part is they're safe for kids 18 months and up.

The 8" tall Somewhere City plushes were designed by artist Goran Lelas for a collaboration with the Museum of Modern Art. They are made from soft terrycloth and they are suitable for all ages. A great gift for hip tots!
And despite the SRP of around $20, we got a deal on these because we bought in bulk direct from the manufacturer, so we are offering them at $7.95 each! On top is Memo Wee, and below is Oink Le Rouge. Find out more about them by clicking through to our website.

Dec 14, 2009



The Poster Cause Project has released it's first super-limited-edition poster, the Super Bronco Battle Poster!
The concept is that each month, The Poster Cause Project will release a new limited-edition poster by another artist, with half of the proceeds from each sale going to the charity of the artist's choice!
So besides getting a rare poster from a well-known artist for only $25, you'll be supporting a charity!

How cool is that? I happen to know that there are a TON more talented artists lined up for future releases!

This month's sweet Eboy poster can be purchased here.

About the Print
- 11 × 17 Poster printed in full color on high quality 100# stock.
- Limited to 25 prints with 50% of profits to benefit Amnesty International

About the Charity
Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of people who campaign for internationally recognized human rights for all. Supporters are outraged by human rights abuses but inspired by hope for a better world – AI works to improve human rights through campaigning and international solidarity.

About the Artist
EbOY is Kai Vermehr, Steffen Sauerteig and Svend Smital. They create re-usable pixel objects and take them to build complex and extensible artwork. Also known for their superb design work on the Peecol toys available from KidRobot.

Dec 2, 2009

ThreeA WWRP Bertie MK2 6.5" figures coming January

We are very excited to announce a further expansion of our lineup of ThreeA Ashley Wood figures with the pending arrival of the MK2 Bertie 6.5" figures. Initially, Bertie was released as a gigantic $300 figure. While extremely cool, this fell outside the price range of most collectors, inclucing myself.
Thankfully, ThreeA developed a smaller 6.5 inch, $45 version dubbed the MK2, and Ashley Wood came up with at least 6 different variants which we will be receiving in January of 2010.
Each Bertie Mk2 will come boxed with a matching 2" Square figure, a tiny version of yet another extremely popular full-size Ashley Wood figure. (Paint is not yet finalized on the 2" Squares so I have not included the two images of the mini Squares that ThreeA sent over to me.)
Initially we ordered one case and the preorders sold out within 1 day, once word got out.
So I just tripled our order and today all Bertie MK2 figures are available again!
Preorders for these six awesome WWRP robot figures are available on Tenacious Toys right now!
Arriving around the same time will be the 12" Tomorrow King Heavy figures and the NOM Commanders 2-pc set.

Dec 5 UPDATE: Bertie preorders sold out! THANKS everyone!
Dec 8 UPDATE: Ordered 2 more cartons, preorder while we still have em!

Dec 1, 2009

NEW FROM COARSE TOYS: False Friends- Life of Lies Set


false friends – life of lies
coarse double art figure release

coarse unveils their long anticipated 'false friends' series, a set of two original vinyl statues. The release incorporates key coarse characters 'paw!', a monkey cross rabbit, and 'noop', a human like being, as they portray another episode in the ongoing coarse story. This time the dissimilar pair aspire to become companions - even at the price of their own identities. Demonstrating the underlying complexity of the brand, this series delivers yet another dimension to the world of coarse.

The German artist duo behind coarse, once again showcase their distinctive aesthetic. Their forms are dominated by smooth curves, hard lines and sharp edges, combined to point of a unity. In past years, coarse has become renowned for its definitive style, its meticulous attention to detail and the vivid dreamscapes painted by its story line. Recent coarse releases have almost always sold out instantaneously, and the scope of the latest offering proves why the brand has such an increasing worldwide presence amongst art toy and fine arts collectors.

In this chapter of the coarse narrative, the young noop begins to mimic the appearance of his natural enemy, paw!, a tactic to secure his own survival. However, after being acknowledged as a paw!, the noop becomes trapped behind this mask forever. A dangerous and fragile friendship takes its course.

This rare edition includes 'the colossal paw! and a freshly hatched noop, robed in his heavenly soft paw! suit.' The 13'' vinyl pair comes in glowing spring colors, put to sleep between two cotton pillows, every one embroidered with the individual running number. Safely packed in a hand crafted wooden box with a monkey rabbit nose handle and enclosed with a rubberband.

Limited to 200 pieces.
HK$ 4388 (around US$520)
Price includes global shipping

Available January 7, 2010.
Available only at coarsehkg and selected stores (tba). Possibly Tenacious Toys? Let us know if you want us to get some of these.

Limited Christmas presale at coarsehkg online store, December 10, 2009
[presale will be open for 24 hours – shipping January 4].

Bring home your new friends and never be alone again.

about the artists

Works for the coarse world began in 2003, when German artists Mark Landwehr and Sven Waschk started a distinct style of sculpting that looked almost as if they had chiseled and exposed the figures from three dimensional stone.

The streamlined sculptures are hand crafted and finished at the coarse workshops in Hamburg and Hong Kong. The artists focus primarily on statues, that range from small to life size, made from resin and/or fiberglass. Their work also includes photography, prints and objects, combining all aspects to create holistic pieces of art. Pieces that convey an alternate reality. A fiction brand.

By using traditional toy production techniques, the original art objects, 'coarse originals', are transformed into vinyl figures under the 'coarsetoys' imprint.

Living in two separate cultures, the artists blend eastern and western aesthetics, a possible explanation for the brand's popularity worldwide. coarse figures are currently available in art toy stores and galleries across 18 countries worldwide.

After several successful solo exhibitions in recent years, coarse goes on to display new and original works in Paris and Chicago in 2010.

For more information visit

Nov 25, 2009

Kuso Celsius OG, ThreeA WWRP Brambles, Bossy Bear Mimobots in stock now

Comes in beautiful packaging and lots of cool guns, as well as wings!
ThreeA x Ashley Wood Bramble WWRP Merc 6.5" figure. Imported from Hong Kong.
All other Brambles sold out! Only 2 left of this one.
David Horvath Bossy Bear Mimobot USB drives. 2GB, 4GB & 8GB capacities available.

All purchases made this Friday November 27th will receive a FREE Kozik Monger Filter King open-box figure! No minimum order size. Our gift to you!

Nov 21, 2009

Suckadelic Mary Papers figure x BeerLao tasting

So in my efforts to bring you some of the roads less traveled in the NYC designer toy scene, this evening I ventured down to East Houston street to the Whole Foods beer store. The Sucklord was lending his star appeal to the Beerlao tasting by selling his new Mary Papers figure, and indeed Mary showed up in person!
Mary Papers, the Sucklord in the back & the BeerLao dude.
The Sucklord workin the crowd...

Really, I do think this may be the first time Whole Foods has hosted a designer toy release... good for you man!
I'm gonna release our next Tenacious exclusive in the cheese department.

After the tasting was over we all headed back to the Sucklair.
Below is King Abnon, the Sucklord's apprentice, showing me his workstation:

If you can believe it, couple of German tourists with thing for designer toys read about the BeerLao tasting/Mary Papers release, and they stopped in & got invited back to the Suckshop! See how much more fun it can be when you do a little research before traveling to a new city? This couple got free beer and a backstage tour of NYC's most notorious toy workshop!

Here's Mary Papers, complete with officially bootlegged BeerLao packaging!
You'll be able to purchase one of these super-limited figures in the Suckadelic toy section or in the SuckStore:

And, not so coincidentally, I am right now listening to the funkiest hot mess of spaced-out breakbeats I've ever heard, care of Suckadelic Rekids' Star Wars Breakbeats album.

Produced by that intergalactic space genius, the Sucklord himself! It's actually a really chill, funked-out album, full of Star Wars samples and sound effects. Any SW freak would love it, it's fun to try to name the character or scene that the sample is taken from!
Track 3, Trials of a Jedi, is pretty badass, with a 70s funk backbeat and some sweet Skywalker & Vader samples...

Thanks to Sucklord for inviting me back to the Suckshop, it was really cool to see where the magick happens!

Nov 20, 2009

ThreeA N.O.M. Commanders Set


This incredible 2-figure boxed set will be released Jan 2010 by ThreeA.
Retail will be $250 for the set.
Both 12-inch figures (Thrice Naut & Post Fire) come boxed in one box.
Please contact us if you are interested, if we're getting these we gotta put in our order soon!

Nov 19, 2009

Wizard sculpt for WST by NEMO


NEMO's latest project, an 8" sculpt of the Wizard for WST, making its debut at DesignerCon this weekend!
Sculpt by Mike Mendez (NEMO), design & concept by Paul Beresniewcs of Thunderdog Studios.
Will be cast in resin for a limited run before going vinyl.

Nov 17, 2009

Nathan J ScaryGirl Swamp Folk, Gloomy Muzzle, TADO dunny, Boris


Just received a shipment tonight from Kidrobot, plus more earlier this week:


Nathan Jurevicius ScaryGirl Swamp Folk mini figures

TADO 3" Kunk-a-Claus holiday Dunny

Gloomy Bear Muzzle Harness edition 5" figure

Hello Kitty 2.5-in vinyl toy sets

Hello Kitty 6-in Cosplay plushes only $9.50 each!

Nathan Hamill Boris 2.5-in figure

Emon Burton 8-in Qee Bear by Ian Christy


ThreeA WWRP Brambles (in transit from Hong Kong now)

Kuso Celsius figures (figures at customs in CA now)

Another batch of the new styles of tokidoki pillowcases (we keep selling out of them!)


Star Wars Series 4 Darth Vader Unmasked Mimobot USB drives


ThreeA Tomorrow King Heavy Retailer Exclusive edition

Frank Kozik Toyer Z and Toyer Enemy 11-inch figures by Toy2R (both in transit now)

MINDstyle x Disney
D23 Chernabog 12-inch figure from Fantasia

MINDstyle x Disney D23 VINCENT 10-inch figure from The Black Hole

MINDstyle x Disney Bloc28 Mickey Tenga figure

Ron English Popaganda mini figures by MINDstyle, window-boxed. Also available in full sealed cases of 12


ROLLIES CUSTOMS: Click here this evening to see 40+ Rollies customs for sale in our store.

Tenacious Toys GIFT CERTIFICATES to make holiday shopping super easy.