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Court of the Dead

Feb 16, 2013

FREE GIVEAWAY Contest: Toy Fair Exclusive Maisto 1949 Mercury

Toy Fair is always a good time, and the fun doesn't end when I leave the convention center... at night you get to see which of my fellow retailers have pillaged the vendors' freebies and are flipping them on eBay! Case in point: for the 2013 Toy Fair, the fine folks at Maisto made these exclusive 1:64 scale 1949 Mercurys in their awesome Muscle Machines line. This is basically a repaint of the purple 1949 Mercury that Maisto released in 2012.

If you check eBay, you can see these being flipped- successfully- for up to $60 each! That's a whole lot to pay for a 1:64-scale vehicle that should retail for $5.

At Tenacious Toys, we do not take advantage of the collectors like that. Instead, we're GIVING THESE AWAY. I'm keeping one (hey, I collect too), but I've set aside 3 to give away, for free, to members of our shops email list.

Here's the details of this giveaway: All members of our email list are entered to win. If you are not on the Tenacious Toys email list, click here to sign up. I promise not to spam you or give anyone your email. I email maybe once a week, if that.

The contest will end one week from today: February 23, 2013. On Sunday the 24th I will compile the list of newsletter subscribers and use to pick 3 winners.

Winners will be notified by email, where I will ask for your shipping address. That's it!

Extra added bonus: everyone who signs up for our email list gets a 10% off coupon code towards their next order.

Good luck! Click here to enter and please SHARE THIS POST on the Freebie message boards & websites!

VENENOR & 1SHOT TOYS Naspoth Phanost Glyos Resin

Fellow Glyos collectors and customizers take note, today at 12 EST - VENENOR & 1SHOT TOYS will be dropping their Battle Damaged Naspoth Phanost head! This Glyos compatible hunk of resin is modeled after the transformation of the traveler Phanost in one of the latest Glyos comic books by Ralph Niese.

The cost is $10 and it will be available in translucent neon pink and a solid plum purple that will closely match the official Onell Designs colors from that same wave.

Here are some shots of the original kitbash from VENENOR, which shows off the details and how the finished product can be painted to allow for a light piping effect.

Available at the 1SHOT TOYS STORE - 2/16 @ 12:00 EST

Der Hai by Don P

Made some changes on this it is done for me. It is a 3 inch Dunny, went a bit away with the sculpt lol.

Der Hai.................a German killer shark!

Feb 15, 2013

Splurrt Purple Cadaver Kid & Blood Sacrifice Usir Lottery on 2/16


Splurrt has shared the details for the drops of the new Usir and Cadaver Kids, coming tomorrow.

"The Cadaver Kids will be going live in store at 1PM (ET) on Saturday, the 16th, they will be limited to one per customer, and will cost $50.

The Usirs are a little more limited, so I've decided to make those available via lottery. I will be accepting lotto entries at 12 PM (ET) on Saturday through 12 AM (ET) Sunday. That's noon -  midnight, a 12 hour window.

The Usirs will be $66.60 plus $7 for domestic shipping. International customers, USPS rates have sky rocketed so I will calculate your postage and add it on.

Durring the entry window, please send your entry to with the following information:

Subject "Blood Sacrifice Usir lottery"
Your Name
Your Address
Your paypal e-mail, if different from your entry e-mail address.
Your Skullbrain user name if you're on Skullbrain. 

Winners will be sent a paypal invoice within 24 hours of lottery closing, you will have 48 hours to pay, or your invoice will be cancelled and I'll draw another in your place.

Thank you all and good luck."

Spy Monkey Remix Series & President's Day Sale

"President's Day is just around the corner and we think it's time to exercise the Right to Bear Arms. Or as we like to call it the Right to Monkey Arms!
Spy Monkey Creations Armories and Close Combat Armories that is.

So to kick off our 2013 we decided to start with a sale.
Beginning President's Day, Monday, February 18th at 12pm PST we'll be having a sale on all Spy Monkey Armory and Close Combat Armory sets.
Normally Original Armories are $15.00 each and Close Combat sets are $5.00

While supplies last prices on all Armories will drop.
Each Original Armory set will be $12.00.
Except Solid State White which will be only $10.00.
All Close Combat Armory sets will be just $3.00 each.

To sweeten the deal we are also offering limited quantities of our new Re-Mix Series.
Re-Mix Series Original Armory sets will be new color mash ups of our existing colorways. There will be 7 Re-Mixes in all. Some echoing back to combos used in our popular resin weapons of days gone by." - Spy Monkey Creations

Scott Kinnebrew's Buddha Stroll resin for Spanky Stokes

Blind bag release from SpankyStokes and Scott Kinnebrew (a.k.a. The Forces of Dorkness)

Details: 15 pieces in this initial release, all unique colorways. This could the the only release, or they could do more. Each piece is blind bagged with a custom header card for this series, and signed and numbered by Scott. I'm not sure when these are dropping (soon? today?) but you can follow Spanky's blog or check his shop for availability.

Color Breakdown:
  • 5 x Candied (Previously seen in Both Buddha Fetts and Bantha Buddies)
  • 5 x Splattered (Previously seen in Both Buddha Fetts and Bantha Buddies)
  • 5 x Pearlized  (New Finish from The Forces of Dorkness)
Scott writes:
Release is based on the Print Spanky and I released earlier this year, and definitely a nod to my Buddha Fett that has had so much success.

Micro munny series2 - POLYZENOA

SquareFrogDesigns is making every month a series of 10 Micro Munny's, this is the one from this month. These guys go fast grab them, this guy is stunning!

Finally all done. Email me at if interested, only 5 left...

Follow SquareFrogDesigns here:
      - Don P 

Feb 14, 2013

L'Amour Supreme x Suckadelic Black Hulk Release

L'Amour Supreme and Sucklord

 After the last embers of Toy Fair 2013 were stamped out, I hopped on the F train to Chinatown to check out the L'amour Supreme Black Hulk release at the Suckadelic pop up store and eat some cheap, awesome Chinese in the basement of the East Broadway Mall.

Limited is the name of the game and even though I was in line before the stars of the evening made their grand entrance (with some classy ass security) everything from the evening's release was already SOLD OUT.  I did manage to grab some pictures so for everyone who couldn't make it, here's what you missed.

"Mundam Wing" by Josh Mayhem

Another 7 inch Munny for the Art Without Borders Show, this one includes 47 points of articulation including the head and both arms. Enjoy!

Follow Josh Mayhem here:
     - Don P 

1 True Love print now $7; Yippee Kiyay Motherfu&#%rs! print drops tomorrow

Since Valentine's day is upon us, Hoodley's Stash Spot is going to spread the love on its 1 True Love print's last day of availability and drop the price of the print down to $7 until the next print is released and takes its place. Click here to buy the 1 True Love print for $7!

The release of the second print in the Big Payoff Print series being released Friday Feb.15 will pay homage to the Die Hard franchise…so Yippee Kiyay Motherfu&#%rs!

Valentine's Day "Love Muscle" H.U.S.T.L.E. keshi release


Following the sell-out general release of H.U.S.T.L.E last week, Tru:Tek of Man-E-Toys is proud to present the latest ultra-limited H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 1 colourway... the Valentine's themed "Love Muscle" edition!

Featuring a closed selection of the original 10 M.U.S.C.L.E-inspired designs, the various kit-bashes, customs and original figures have been cast in a flexible keshi-style rubber, this time around with a marbled neon pink/red finish.

Priced at $15 (including mini stat card, insert and button badge), the "Love Muscle" H.U.S.T.L.E will be hitting the Man-E-Toys store this Valentine's Day (February 14th) at 9pm GMT (London time).
Specific details-
  • H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 1 "Love Muscle" edition
  • When- February 14th, 9pm GMT
  • Where-
  • Colourway- Marbled neon pink/red
  • Edition size- Undisclosed
  • Price- $15 each plus shipping

Passive / Aggressive Mini Munny custom by Bryan Collins the Color Chemist

 "Passive Aggressive"
Acrylic and resin on vinyl 4" Mini-Munny

Bryan writes:
This good-vs-evil custom mini-Munny is a commissioned piece I'm calling "Passive Aggressive". This is one of only three custom pieces I've done any type of sculpting on so far, but I plan on integrating more sculpting on current and future customs.

Ian Ziobrowski's finished commissions: Bowser and Franky Fett

Bowser from Super Mario 3, on a 3-inch Dunny platform
Bubba Fett? 3 inch Dunny.

This is called Franky- I guess that's the name of the guy Ian did this one for!

Sad Mecha Tiger by JPK

This one has the WOW!

"I Think & Feel Much As You Do". From a Kurt Vonnegut quote.This tiger slowly reveals his true self - his brain already exposed and is in the process of peeling off his public persona. - Jon-Paul Kaiser

Follow Jon-Paul Kaiser here:

Our latest newsletter: DuBose Art Species 246, Domo Neon, Argyle shirts, Dudebox & Squbes


DuBose Art Species 246, Domo Neon, Argyle shirts, Dudebox & Squbes

Click the link above to see the newsletter republished online. To subscribe to the Tenacious Toys Newsletter, sign up here. The newsletter has different content than this blog: in the newsletter we only cover new and upcoming toys and preorders available at When you sign up, you get a code for 10% off your first order!

Feb 13, 2013

"Otto" by Lickyourelbow

You will not believe this.....hell yeah another one for the Art Without Borders Show, a 7 inch Munny by Lickyourelbow. Love that Tiki there on his leg.

Follow Lickyourelbow here:
      - Don P
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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