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Court of the Dead

Feb 12, 2013

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Sekure D's Resin Blobs

Sekure D goes resin...

I have learn't a lot of new skills in the last few weeks and I have wanted to start attacking resin for a long time before I jump into other forms of self production. This is my first attempt at a figure, upon reflection I probably should have done something a little simpler but what the heck, I love the deep end......... Don't make that dirty lol. Other than the Bent World hands they are original figures and stand approximately 3.5inches tall. Thank's to some awesome feedback on my Instagram (Sekure_D) I will be selling the 3 of these I will make (4 if I have enough resin) for only $50 shipped which being in Australia I think is fairly reasonable. They are by all means not perfect but being blobs thats ok right?.... RIGHT! These are my learning curve and as such I know there is some collectors of my stuff out there that would want these and I am much happier knowing they are in a good home then having them on my shelves! - Sekure D

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