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Court of the Dead

Aug 23, 2013

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Minus Mouse and a Great Russian Bear by BALD

Good to see BALD back at the customizers front. Love this Tequila and his own resin figure looks epic!
The Great Russian Bear

Ivan Ivanoff aka The Great Russian Bear was a famous wrestler that got in deep with the mob, eventually leading to his ban from wrestling. Now Ivan is a mindless enforcer for the mob, he continues to wear his costume refusing to wash it or take it off and uses to intimidate those unlucky enough to cross his path.

My first original resin toy, Minus Mouse! He stands 4" x 3" tall, comes bagged with header card and custom sketch. Limited Edition of only 7 hand painted originals.

Back story: Minus Mouse is the reluctant and somewhat disturbed defender of Cheeseville where he fights against crime and mouse traps!

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