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Court of the Dead

Aug 19, 2013

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New Andy's Threads x Deth Becomes You Tshirt Release

Andy's Threads teams up with malevolent monster maker Deth Becomes You for a ghoulish release- Steam Punk Andy Tshirts! The Tshirts are up for Pre-Order here, for 25$ea.
Deth's design comes from a custom Android piece he created by the same name. This looks like it hurt a little; 
The custom inspired an inked lineart piece. While primarily a 3D Artist, Deth's lineart effectively renders the skeletal and mechanical undertones of the original custom.
Place your pre-order for Steam Punk Andy tshirt here before August 26, when these shirts crawl back to the crypts from whence they came! For more from DBY you can check out his website here or follow his Twitter @dethbecomesyou


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