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Aug 23, 2013

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"Luke is Street Art" - Custom Luke Chueh Target by Bashprojects

Artist Bas Petter(aka Bash), of Bashprojects, recently put up for sale a custom Luke Chueh Target, titled "Luke is Street Art". Overall, the piece represents Bash's work very well. Using both the wall and figure to create a Koi mural is very creative. Most custom Targets treat the wall as a background and the figure itself as a separate character. Bash decided to combined the two separate pieces into one, with his design based around the story he created to go with the custom:
Luke wanted to know what Street Art was all about. So he asked Bash to take him with him on the street to teach him.

"Street Art isn't something that can be taught! You are the art..."

Bash took Luke to a wall and asked him to stand really quiet and close his eyes so that Bash could explain what he meant with "you are the art".

After standing there with his eyes closed for a hour he received a paintbrush with black ink...

"Now you can finish the outline for me."

Luke opened his eyes and finally understood... he IS the art!
Luke is Street Art

Even with the small bit of added sculpt, the design is a little on the simple side for the price point. For reference, an available piece that is much more involved sculpting and paint-wise: Bert the Beaver and his Wooden Labbit Home is selling for 250 Euros plus shipping. Keep in mind that the Bert the Beaver custom involves 2 figures, a 10" labbit and micro Munny, both of which are painted and sculpted pretty well.
Bert the Beaver and his Wooden Labbit Home
"Luke is Street Art" is priced at 300 Euros plus shipping, depending on location. With Bash being based in the Netherlands, shipping to US will run collectors 26 extra Euros, for a total of roughly $436 USD. Factoring in the price of the initial figure, pricing for this piece should have been somewhere around $300 USD plus shipping. That conversion rate will bite any US collector trying to purchase a piece from an overseas artist. Bash does have many other pieces available as well, including several smaller Dunnys.


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