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Court of the Dead

May 29, 2013

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Rusty the Jackalope Keeper by Bash

The base of this custom is a resin figure called Jackalope Keeper by Matt Frost. Bash painted it in his typically style.

Rusty was a little troll that loved the forrest and all the creatures in it. One day he was walking around when he found a little Green Jackalope and his pink bird friend snooping around in the garden of the witch, stealing her famous pink berries. He tried to stop them but he was to late...  The witch already spotted them. Rusty didn't think for one second and jumped between the witch and the Jackalope... he was turned to wood in an instant! Rusty doesn't regret saving the Jackalope's live. He's now part of the forrest he loved... and the Jackalope and his bird stay with him forever. Rusty the Jackalope Keeper is a limited edition of 2 sets. The first set went to De Ce Collins to go in his private collection but the second set is still available!

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