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Oct 30, 2015

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Autumn Goodies from Taylored Curiosities

Taylored Curiosities has just released three new products for the Autumn season. The first release are these adorable resin tea bunnies. These Tea Bunnies are of the pumpkin chai variety (do not eat them, they are not food) and are often known as the least 'bunny-like' bunnies of the world, due to their smaller ears and lack of fluffy tail. But they have great personalities and don't forget their freckly noses and cute little bums!

The single bunnies measure 1.5" tall and each are signed and dated and available for £10.00. Each one nestles inside it's own, hand sewn tea bag (completed with a pumpkin chai tea tag). They are then placed in clear gift bags and then brown gift bags, topped off with a tea bunny sticker. The perfect gift wrap, ready to give to the tea bunny in your life.

The Matryoshka sets measure includes three different sized tea bunnies, the big one (1.5" tall), the medium (2.5 cm tall) and the small (1.5 cm tall) and is available for £16.00. Each are signed and dated and nestle together in their tea bag as a famliy.

The second release from Taylored Curiosities are these tea bunnies notebooks.

These are A6 notebooks made from recycled paper with the Halloween Tea Bunnies illustrated pattern and either squared, lined, dotted or plain pages inside. Each note/sketchbook is accompanied by a matching 45mm Halloween Tea Bunny sticker. On the inside cover you have a place to write your name and a list of things you could fill your book with (I thought it would be fun to offer some suggestions). These are available for £4.00 a piece or £12.00 for a set of all four on the Taylored Curiosities website.

The last item are these Tea Bunny Halloween sets with a small run of very special Tea Bunnies. Each set has a hand sculpted, cast and painted pumpkin (you'll notice how very Taylored it looks) and on top of these sits a teeny, hand painted, Pumpkin Chai Tea Bunny (which is compatible with construction brands like Lego).

The set also includes an A6 Halloween Tea Bunny notebook (with plain pages) and a Halloween Tea Bunny sticker. These are limited to only 5 sets (signed, dated and numbered). The pumpkins measure 1.5" and the teeny bunnies are 0.75" tall and are packed in a clear bag and stripy gift bag, with the Tea Bunny in a teeny organza bag too. These are available for £20.00 a set on the Taylored Curiosities website. 


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