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Court of the Dead

Jul 5, 2018


Red White and Blue Rhoolbird Resin figures by ValleyDweller

Jeremy writes:
I’m opening a preorder for a set of Independence Day inspired custom painted resin #Rhoolbird pieces. 

It started with the #patrioticodactyl, which is a smattering of red-white-and-blue. When I posted a teaser for it, a friend inquired about getting a “set of all 3”, so I made some prototypes of individual colorways for cardinal, dove, and bluejay-inspired motifs.

The preorder will run for five hours or until I hit a panic point that it’s too many (like 50+total pieces) for me to turn around in a couple weeks.

Yes, that means they probably won’t be in-hand on July 4 (unless you’re hyper-local SF Bay Area and we meet up somewhere central for a bit). 


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