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Court of the Dead

Oct 18, 2013

October 19, 2013 at Kidrobot San Francisco: Big C's Bay Area Artist Series to Benefit Pit Bulls

TOMORROW OCTOBER 19th at Kidrobot SF: a custom toy event to benefit Bad Rap, a pit bull rescue organization.

So this started one day when a fellow artist and I had lunch together. He said there was an LA series and that we should have a Bay Area series. There were a ton of reasons that we decided to make it a charity thing... Bad Rap was the natural choice. They are big enough that they make a difference, yet small enough that a small amount of money will make a big impact. If you don't know about Bad Rap, you should check them out

After we got this all together and started recruiting artists, the KRSF manager (Korena), said she wanted to have the show at their shop. Originally we were going to do a blind box series and sell them online, but a show sounded like fun and a lot more exposure. We decided that silent auction would be more fun for the event then blind boxes, so that was that. 

This event, for me, went from being exposure driven to being all about the dogs. So much so that when a SoCal artist asked if he could be a part of it, I was all for it. So I guess it should be called the Bay Area Artist Series and 2bitHack. Haha. 

It's been a lot of work, and I wasn't able to advertise nearly enough, but it's gonna be a ton of fun. I'm starting the auctions at a WAY cheap price $20 and there will be BINs of $150, in case any ones sees a piece(s) that they can not live without. And each auction win comes with a raffle ticket for the 8" Golden Ticket dunny by artist Salamander. This event is sponsored by Jarritos. There will also be food on hand. 

I'm hoping to sell out the pieces, possibly get some more monetary donations and maybe even place some dogs in good homes. I think that's the entire story.

- Colin aka Big C

PolyopticsLABS Vulpes Exploration Rover Alpha 1

Vulpes Exploration Rover Alpha 1.

Price: $135

polyopticsLABs presents the worlds first self aware exploration rover.

The V.e.r.a.1 is designed to excel in dynamic scenarios by rapidly adapting to unknown environments.
Instinctual behavior blended with artificial intelligence, controlled by our on board systems, translates into a truly interactive operating experience.

When initialized and adequately powered, the V.e.r.a.1 will process information in the environment and intelligently respond to stimuli.
In that state it will directly experience perceptions, sensations, and thoughts.

Scale Model Features:
- More than 30 assembled parts.
- Working lights in the eyes and main radar body.
- On/Off switch and replaceable battery.
- Authentic hand painted weathered color scheme.
- Removable head access panel to display inner workings.

All V.e.r.a.1 models are made by hand from scratch part by part, one unit at a time.
This results in a unique look to each model which means you can expect subtle differences from what is show here.
Including weathering patterns in paint application and forehead identification number decals.

Due to the intense amount of creation time, quantity will remain extremely limited with pre-orders in groups of 20. Orders will be filled as soon as possible, with an ESTIMATED maximum wait time of 120 days.

These are truly unique art pieces and will be fragile. Enjoy and handle with care!

Pre-orders can be purchased at:

More information can be found at:

Cameron Tiede to Launch Wood Candy Workshop

It seems that Cameron Tiede is launching a new line of wooden art toys! He wrote in saying the following:

"I’ve been laying low the past few years to refine some new skills and I am happy to announce my new adventure  “Wood Candy Workshop”. My first figure “Chester” will be released the last week of October.

To learn more visit please sign up there to subscribe to the new email list as I will no longer be using the old list.

Those who sign up before the release date of Chester will be emailed a free shipping code.

Bones & Witches' Stew by Crummy Gummy and Manny X


Crummy Gummy announces two styles available today at 12PM PST (3PM EST).  First is Bones.  Dark resin filled with HUMAN BONES!  Ok, not real human bones but you get the idea.  I told you these Gummys were not to be trusted.  Second is the green and black Witches' Stew, filled with all manner of creepy-crawly horrors.

Both Gummys will be available for order until Saturday at Midnight (PST), then they're gone forever!  You can the full 3" figure for $30 or the mini 1.75" figure for $17. (Witches' Brew is only available in 3").  Head over to Crummy Gummy today and get some before they're gone!

-The Highest Fever

Kickstarter - Angry Cat by Amanda Coronado


Austin based artist Amanda Coronado currently has a Kickstarter up and running to finance her new plush, Angry Cat. Based on a popular illustration that she debuted at Fanime 2012, this furious feline has already been funded and this is your chance to get a beautiful plush 100% guaranteed. 

Like all Kickstarter campaigns, there are various tiers in which you can pay for and the plush starts out at the $25 level. In addition to the plush, there are stickers, wallpapers, postcards, posters, canvas prints, production art and custom portraits available at the various levels. 

There are also five levels of stretch goals that add new items to the packages. Two of these have already been reached and the third is well on it's way. Make sure you stop by here Kickstarter page today and get in on what has to be one of the most adorable if not angry plushes of the year.

Dudebox inventory in stock in our US warehouse & ready to ship

We have a ton of different Dudebox vinyl figures in stock in our NYC warehouse, ready to ship! 7.5-inch figures in several shapes, the 6-inch Pete Fowler & Friends figures, and several different 3-inch figures including signed Bob figures designed by a local art student named Loren!

Oct 17, 2013

Rampage Toys Interviews Nama Niku

Rampage: What Makes you Psyched on all this stuff?

NN: “The thing that’s exciting about this scene (collecting and all) is that it is never ending.  There is so much cool stuff out there and (now) so many people creating great new stuff.  Also, the number of janky bootleg figures and the sudden appearance of new and cool old stuff… It’s a constant experience of ‘discovery,’ and finding something new and awesome always keeps me going.”

For the rest of the interview, click here:
RAMPAGE TOYS and ART: NNWA RECAP and "Nama Niku Talks Shop"

Furry Feline Creatives handmade plushes back in stock

We now have a bunch of the Furry Feline Creatives plushes back in stock, ready to ship! A few more will be added and these will be kept in stock permanently due to our strong relationship with Alvin & Cheri of FFC. $25 each, handmade. They make excellent gifts! Super huggable and much less common than some other brands we shall not mention... Support a mom & pop operation!

FYI our exclusive FFC plush Bogie will go up for sale here at noon EST on October 18th. 
We have 5 left at $40 each.

TMNT Dark Leo Magnets by Menace Inc Studios for CBCC

Here is the next reveal for Menace Inc's CBCC Exclusives. These are Resin cast Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Magnets "Dark Leo" Edition based on the story line City Fall going on in the comics right now, where Leonardo has switched over to Shredder's side. This is Leo Blue and Black swirled resin to represent Leo's switch to the bad side!! These will be limited to just 4 pieces at $15.00 each at Jeff's Booth R30!! They will come packaged bagged and boarded.

Comic Book City Con begins Oct 26th in Greensboro, NC.

Jeff Beck
Menace Inc. Studios
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book