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Court of the Dead

Oct 18, 2013

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October 19, 2013 at Kidrobot San Francisco: Big C's Bay Area Artist Series to Benefit Pit Bulls

TOMORROW OCTOBER 19th at Kidrobot SF: a custom toy event to benefit Bad Rap, a pit bull rescue organization.

So this started one day when a fellow artist and I had lunch together. He said there was an LA series and that we should have a Bay Area series. There were a ton of reasons that we decided to make it a charity thing... Bad Rap was the natural choice. They are big enough that they make a difference, yet small enough that a small amount of money will make a big impact. If you don't know about Bad Rap, you should check them out

After we got this all together and started recruiting artists, the KRSF manager (Korena), said she wanted to have the show at their shop. Originally we were going to do a blind box series and sell them online, but a show sounded like fun and a lot more exposure. We decided that silent auction would be more fun for the event then blind boxes, so that was that. 

This event, for me, went from being exposure driven to being all about the dogs. So much so that when a SoCal artist asked if he could be a part of it, I was all for it. So I guess it should be called the Bay Area Artist Series and 2bitHack. Haha. 

It's been a lot of work, and I wasn't able to advertise nearly enough, but it's gonna be a ton of fun. I'm starting the auctions at a WAY cheap price $20 and there will be BINs of $150, in case any ones sees a piece(s) that they can not live without. And each auction win comes with a raffle ticket for the 8" Golden Ticket dunny by artist Salamander. This event is sponsored by Jarritos. There will also be food on hand. 

I'm hoping to sell out the pieces, possibly get some more monetary donations and maybe even place some dogs in good homes. I think that's the entire story.

- Colin aka Big C


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