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Court of the Dead

Jul 11, 2015

Buy a Pack of Renone's Fucked Up Kids Series 4 Trading Cards and Get a Chance to Win a OOAK Gold Fat Jason


Renone has a limited number of his Fucked Up Kids (FUK) Series 4 trading card packs left in stock. To spice things up a little as they sell, he has set up a drawing:

ALL buyers of FUK Series 4 packs have their name entered into a drawing to win one of his AWESOME Fat Jason figures which I personally absolutely love. (I think Comic Book Guy is one of my favorite Simpsons characters!)

Once the packs sell out, Renone will pick a winner. Winner will receive a ONE OF A KIND Gold Fat Jason. No, it's not real gold, you dipshit. It's painted gold. But there's only one.

Dafuq are these FUK cards? Glad you asked:

This is a twisted concept from Renone, our favorite mad sticker printer and underground artist. This is the 4th trading card series in the Fucked Up Kids series, featuring 20 fucked-up characters and artwork from the sick minds of:
and GPK Dave on Facebook

*artist list subject to change
Packs may contain: original sketches, autographed artist cards, and Series 4 sees the return of the
wax pack! Two golden tickets are randomly inserted into packs that allow your name to be made into a Fucked Up Kid character to be inserted into Series 5. EVERY $20 pack contains a complete set of 20 cards- a pretty fucking good buy if you ask me.

Gold Fat Jason in the middle, above.

These are some of the other Fat Jason colorways.

Jul 10, 2015

New Gorgoloid release: Mushroom People GID


Gorgoloid presents the Glow in the Dark blank version of the Attack of the Mushroom People figure. Each figure is hand cast and generously dyed with glow in the dark resin dye from MonsterKolor. 3 inches tall, 20 grams resin, bagged with header card, limited edition. $32.00+shipping.

Attack of the Mushroom people figures will be available Sunday, July 12th at 6pm pacific time in the shop.



Uglydoll is at San Diego Comic Con this weekend with some exclusive plush figures. In addition to two exclusive takes on their own Uglydolls, there are also two Star Trek plush figures available this weekend. Check them out at Booth 3245 and pick these up.

SDCC 2015 - Day 1 Coverage

Admittedly there is a ton of stuff at SDCC every year. So, there will be a ton of coverage from many sources. Here is a photo dump of my day walking around SDCC 2015, Day 1.

God Complex had some amazing figures on display.

Jul 9, 2015

SDCC 2015 Preview Night Coverage

Here are a few pics taken at SDCC 2015 Preview Night. Every year, SDCC seems to be growing in size and attendance, with this year being no exception. With preview night already showing booths having poor line management, the overall mood was kind of mellow. It was definitely not too crowded in most of the exhibit floor, with big money booths always having a decent sized crowd and lines. Check out the small photo dump of pics. The crap will be filtered out later.

Jul 7, 2015

Voodoo Gnaw-X 6 by Plaseebo

Plaseebo's latest one of a kind custom vinyl piece is Voodoo Gnax-X 6. Featuring a Plaseebo "Gnaw" head on a Skull Head Butt "X" Body, the vinyl piece has been given orange inset eyes, as well as a number of nails in the chest. Sporting a darker paint job, fading to red on the extremities, this 8" piece comes signed and dated 2015. Priced at $350, it will be available from the Plaseebo web store on Wednesday, July 8th.

Jon-Paul Kaiser Customs at SDCC 2015 Munky King Booth

This year, Munky King has asked a number of artists to customize Munky King produced pieces, to be on display and for sale at SDCC 2015. Jon-Paul Kaiser customized a number of pieces that will be a part of the display. Here is the line-up that Jon-Paul Kaiser was able to complete for Munky King:
  • Screaming for the Sunrise - "This Is My Sunrise"
  • Koibito - "The Forgotten River"
  • Pink Elephants - "Civil Disobedience"
  • Uprisings - "Great Wave"
Each one of these pieces features Jon-Paul's common black and white paint scheme, while also adding some color, when necessary, to make the pieces pop even more. For those attending SDCC 2015, these pieces, as well as all the other artist customs, will be on display and for sale during the convention. Be sure to follow Munky King on social media because if by chance any of the pieces don't sell out, they may be put up for sale after the con is over. All the provided photos of completed pieces were taken by the excellent photographer, Justin Allfree. Hopefully, Jon-Paul Kaiser will be able to make it over to the US for a future convention (like DCON).

Play.Create.Collect - The Art Of Toys: A Left Coast Retrospective of Designer Toys | MOAH | Lancaster, CA


MOAH is showcasing The Art of Toys: A Left Coast Retrospective of Designer Toys, guest curated by Julie B. from Pretty in Plastic and Heidi Johnson of Hijinx Artist Management & PR. This exhibition will feature the top artists and brands that have come to define this art movement over the past twenty years and will spotlight the influential history of Art Toys. More than 80 artists, stores, and manufacturers will be included in this exhibition.

Artists include: Gary Baseman, Luke Chueh, Tristan Eaton, Frank Kozik, Joe Ledbetter, Buff Monster, Kathie Olivas, Brandt Peters, Mark Ryden, Greg (CRAOLA) Simkins, and more.

Stores/brands include: Circus Posterus/Stranger Factory, DKE Toys, Giant Robot, Meltdown, Munky King, Necessary Toy Foundation, Pretty In Plastic, Silent Stage Gallery, Soap Super 7, 3D Retro, and Toy Art Gallery. In conjunction, MOAH will be transforming the first floor Vault Gallery into Collect: Art Toys and Prints, a specialized store offering limited edition collectables.

Click here for more info:
Play.Create.Collect - The Art Of Toys: A Left Coast Retrospective of Designer Toys | MOAH | Lancaster, CA

Pacific & Northwest at Daniel Rolnik Gallery - Bwana Spoon and Tripper Dungan


"Pacific & Northwest" is an art show showcasing the happy, fun, and colorful paintings of Bwana Spoons and Tripper Dungan. 

Bwana's pieces will primarily be focused around dinosaurs (having been inspired by his trip across the country stopping at dinosaur track museums - the strange American road-stop attractions frequently found in the middle of nowhere). 

Tripper's work will be focused on the culture of the West Coast - from big trees to hot dogs. All done on scavenged pieces of wood and made with as eco-friendly a process as possible. 

Both artists are creating hand-shaped and painted skateboards as well as a variety of installation items that will make you freak out and get super stoked. 3D glasses will be provided to all guests so they can experience the art and gallery in a vibrant new way.

About the artists

Bwana Spoon is a painter, toy maker, and half-jack of other trades. He loves trees, moss, and monsters. He currently resides in Portland, OR, where he has recently begun a collaboration with Kid Robot toys and is reopening the world famous Grass Hut inside of a comic shop.

Tripper Dungan was born in Santa Barbara, California. At the early age of 4 he got in trouble for coloring in his brothers He-Man coloring book. He hasn’t stopped making art since.​ He currently resides in Portland, OR where he recently completed a tiny house art installation named Lookie House - successfully funded via a kickstarter campaign.

"Pacific & Northwest" opens on July 18th at the world's only Daniel Rolnik Gallery
1431 Ocean Ave, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Free parking is available in the public lots on 2nd street (cross-street of Santa Monica Blvd) - located only a few blocks from the gallery.

Super Limited KALANOA Figures by Touma: Knucklebear, Pico Mao & Pico Hitch

 The next installment of custom painted, limited-edition Touma figures are up for preorder on our site right now! This is the third color variation that Touma has released to us retailers, the first was Night Sky (deep, beautiful blue) and the second was Photon (metallic turquoise fading to purple). These Knucklebears are the 6" vinyl figures ($55), and Pico Mao and Pico Hitch are both 1.5" tall ($15 each). Click here to see all of these figures- we currently have a few Night Sky and Photon figures in stock and ready to ship, plus the Kanaloa figures up for preorder.

Coralites: Snakelock edition x Taylored Curiosities


Coralites are incorrectly named due to the biologist who discovered this species back in the 1800's.  He wrongly identified these teeny creatures as being coral dwellers.  We now know them to in fact live symbiotic lives with anemones.  They have even evolved matching frongs to completely camouflage themselves.  A very clever hiding species (which would explain why none of you divers have seen one before).

This piece has been hand painted to look like a Snakelock anemone and the two Corlaites match.  They have a little pod with some shimmery eggs inside.  All safely nestled inside the anemone; out of the way of sea predators.

Coralite sets are cast from my original sculpt and hand painted.  Each piece is unique and will carry slight differences due to the handmade nature.  

This set includes:

An anemone measureing 2" tall and 2.5" wide.
Two Coralites stand at just under 1" tall.
And a little nest with eggs.

All items are hand sculpted, cast and painted with lots of accents to give them an organic feel.  Sets are signed and dated.

These will be available on the Taylored Curiosities online store tonight at 5pm GMT.

NEW FIGURE: Salary Man from tokidoki up for preorder

Honestly, I have no info on this one. But it's up for preorder on our site right now for $29.95. Supposed to arrive soon! I'd guess they are releasing it at SDCC but who knows... they might make me take it down but they did offer it to me, so... here he is, in all his formal glory.



A mysterious email made it in our inboxes this morning, no information past a teasing image, but our interest is piqued.