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Court of the Dead

Jul 7, 2015

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Coralites: Snakelock edition x Taylored Curiosities

Coralites are incorrectly named due to the biologist who discovered this species back in the 1800's.  He wrongly identified these teeny creatures as being coral dwellers.  We now know them to in fact live symbiotic lives with anemones.  They have even evolved matching frongs to completely camouflage themselves.  A very clever hiding species (which would explain why none of you divers have seen one before).

This piece has been hand painted to look like a Snakelock anemone and the two Corlaites match.  They have a little pod with some shimmery eggs inside.  All safely nestled inside the anemone; out of the way of sea predators.

Coralite sets are cast from my original sculpt and hand painted.  Each piece is unique and will carry slight differences due to the handmade nature.  

This set includes:

An anemone measureing 2" tall and 2.5" wide.
Two Coralites stand at just under 1" tall.
And a little nest with eggs.

All items are hand sculpted, cast and painted with lots of accents to give them an organic feel.  Sets are signed and dated.

These will be available on the Taylored Curiosities online store tonight at 5pm GMT.


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