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Court of the Dead

Jul 11, 2015

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Buy a Pack of Renone's Fucked Up Kids Series 4 Trading Cards and Get a Chance to Win a OOAK Gold Fat Jason


Renone has a limited number of his Fucked Up Kids (FUK) Series 4 trading card packs left in stock. To spice things up a little as they sell, he has set up a drawing:

ALL buyers of FUK Series 4 packs have their name entered into a drawing to win one of his AWESOME Fat Jason figures which I personally absolutely love. (I think Comic Book Guy is one of my favorite Simpsons characters!)

Once the packs sell out, Renone will pick a winner. Winner will receive a ONE OF A KIND Gold Fat Jason. No, it's not real gold, you dipshit. It's painted gold. But there's only one.

Dafuq are these FUK cards? Glad you asked:

This is a twisted concept from Renone, our favorite mad sticker printer and underground artist. This is the 4th trading card series in the Fucked Up Kids series, featuring 20 fucked-up characters and artwork from the sick minds of:
and GPK Dave on Facebook

*artist list subject to change
Packs may contain: original sketches, autographed artist cards, and Series 4 sees the return of the
wax pack! Two golden tickets are randomly inserted into packs that allow your name to be made into a Fucked Up Kid character to be inserted into Series 5. EVERY $20 pack contains a complete set of 20 cards- a pretty fucking good buy if you ask me.

Gold Fat Jason in the middle, above.

These are some of the other Fat Jason colorways.


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