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Court of the Dead

Dec 17, 2010

Introducing NUGG LIFE by Ian Ziobrowski

Introducing: NUGGLIFE! by Ian Ziobrowski
The way of the hustling American. Where growing, cultivating, packaging and pushin has become a part of our society.
These characters are specially trained in what they do. NUGGS supplies, THUGGZ provides, and CROOK ED the Cop keeps everyone clean. BUT there's always a set of eyes watching these guys. At almost 3 inches tall, they proceed to try and live the American Dream:
 Buy Nuggs here.
 Buy Hydrodunny here.
 Buy DEA with K9 here.
 Buy Crook Ed the Cop here.
Buy Thuggz here.

Dec 16, 2010

Tenacious Toys donated dozens of plushes to Toys for Tots

Click the link above to read in our local paper about our donation to Toys for Tots, the holiday toy drive which happens all over the US every December.
The toys are donated to the US Marines, and given to underprivileged children.
Just so happens we had a few dozen Somewhere City plushes left over from NYCC:

Here's the article in the physical paper:

Dec 15, 2010

Chauskoskis "Miqee Rat" Skelanimal Qee - Artist Proof 1-50

"Miqee Rat" Skelanimal Qee - Artist Proof 1-50

Purchase from the Chauskoskis store here.

Chauskoskis is now offering his Skelanimal Qee AP's.
They are just 50 of them.
You may ask for a specific number if you'd like- you can Tweet him @chauskoskis to see what numbers he has left.
Chauskoskis is making 50 paintings in watercolor (each one hand painted and numbered) exclusively for the "Miqee Rat" fans!

In your AP Qee pack you will receive:
• 1 Qee (numbered of /50 and signed)
• 1 Exclusive 7.5" Watercolor painting signed and numbered (not copies)
• 1 Chauskoskis logo sticker
• 1 Miqee Rat Qee sticker

Ship price will be different for every country. Chaus will get you best ship price he can.

Dec 14, 2010

Joe Ledbetter Chinese Zodiac mini figures

Joe Ledbetter just released images of his upcoming vinyl mini figure series, coming in 2011 from PlayImaginative: the Chinese Zodiac figures! 
12 figures, corresponding with the 12 different animals in the Chinese calendar. I'm assuming that these will be blind-boxed (don't hold me to that) and that they'll be about 3 or 3.5 inches high (don't hold me to that either). Joe says they'll be released 2011, and aside from that we have no other info. But these figures look like an INCREDIBLE follow-up to JLED's fun Finders Keepers series released a while back by Kidrobot. I think we've all been waiting for some more JLED mini figures, haven't we? 
Email us if you're interested in these; please write JLED ZODIAC in the subject line and tell us how many figures you want, or if you want a sealed case. (We might also do open-box sales once we have them in stock)
We sell first to those of you who contact us in advance.

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