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Court of the Dead

Apr 27, 2013

Opius and Zeluna by Squarefrog Designs

Just look at these two amazing guys. Squarefrog Designs is currently open for more customwork. Make sure you hit him up fast since I heard he will be extremely busy!

More info:

7 inch Mascot

3 inch Bot
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      - Don P 

Apr 26, 2013

Featured Product - April 26,2013

nati513 Ghost Android blind box

Featured today are these 3" custom androids made by Bengi aka nati513. Each one is blind boxed so there is a chance to get the classic, pinky or zombie edition. Each is one of a kind and hand painted. You can pick one up today for $55 at the Tenacious Toys online store.

Coming this Sunday: Nerdasaurus by Halo Seraphim

This Sunday, April 28th, Tenacious Toys will be dropping the Nerdasaurus Blind Box Series #00 created by the “Nerd Queen” herself, Halo Seraphim from Shonuff! Studio.

Each of the 25 unique Nerdasaurus blind-boxed sets is priced at $40. Each Nerdasaurus resin figure has unique accessories and paint. Nerdasaurus drops on the Super Series Sundays page at 10AM EST on Sunday April 28th.

Scott Kinnebrew (Forces of Dorkness) performed the resin casting for this series. This is Kinnebrew’s first time to do the “resin-slinging” for someone else.


Shonuff! Studio & Austin-based band Danger*Cakes have teamed up to create a prize pack which will be given away on Sunday. Winner will be announced when the Nerdasaurus go on sale. The Prize Pack includes: A unique, 5-piece Nerdasarus Vintage Vanity set, Collectible card & 2 signed Danger*Cakes CDs.

To enter the contest: Share/Like Shonuff! Studio and Tenacious Toys on FB & Repost the contest ad.

Apr 25, 2013

Squink! vs Dynamite Rex

Totally in love with this future production piece...

This was my painted up sample from original vector artwork, production is the next step.

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Featured Product - April 25, 2013

Jason Freeny Gummi Bear Anatomy 20 inch print with tube
Armed with a youthful, overactive imagination, Jason Freeny creates smart, intricate works that tickle the deviant intellect through a mix of hard graphics, detailed anatomy, pop iconography and wit. Jason went full time as a working artist in 2010 and can now be found hunched over his work table developing works of candy colored madness, one of which he has chosen to feature here for his first RUN with Anatomie.

"This piece came about when I thought 'What if gummi bears were real, tiny living creatures?'" - Jason Freeny.

Measuring 20"x20" and printed by 1xRun for sale at our NYCC booth, this print is limited to 100 pieces and printed 330gsm fine art paper. Each print comes signed and numbered with a Certificate of Authenticity. Pick one up today for only $75 at the Tenacious Toys online store.

Apr 24, 2013


We've been having some serious problems with the UK postal service of late (our C2E2 exclusives ending up in Australia last week being the most recent example!), so to celebrate our hate of the Royal Mail we'll be offering up the new ROYAL FAIL: LETTERS 'AVE IT! mini figure for 40% off!

Created by Matt 'Lunartik' JOnes in conjunction with Tru:Tek's upcoming H.U.S.T.L.E Artist Series: Wave 2, this edition, originally created for ToyCon UK earlier in the month, has been cast in a metallic plum coloured rubber with red/gold chase. Limited to just 25 pieces, each 2" M.U.S.C.L.E style figure comes signed and numbered, packaged in a beautiful custom-made mini postal box with exclusive H.U.S.T.L.E stamp and signing card. Originally on sale at the con for £25 ($38), we will be listing the figure on the Man-E-Toys store at $23 for the foreseeable future...

Featured Product - April 24, 2013

  Forceolicism 2: The Passion of the Wookiee blind-boxed resin figure by Forces of Dorkness

The second release in the Forces of Dorkness Forceolicism series is The Passion of the Wookiee. This is a run of 20 blind-boxed resin figures in unique colorways. Scott is drop-shipping so we have no control over who gets what color. This is a mashup of a Chewbacca figure, a crucifix and Scott's sculpting handiwork. Scott uniquely illustrated each box by hand!

Each piece is 6 inches tall, 4 inches wide and made of resin. Every piece is uniquely colored due to different colors of resin used during casting but all colors incorporate some blue. The pieces were all sculpted, molded and cast by Scott Kinnebrew and includes an attached wall mount on the back.

These are available now for only $50 a piece on the Tenacious Toys online store.

Fellow Robotipus by One-Eyed Girl

I love this Lego guy extremely. Great details and concept!

Meet Fellow Robotipus!  Fellow Robotipus is the sweetest little old man robot.  A customized Lego Torch Flashlight, he stand about 8" tall.  Fellow Robotpus is a content and happy little gentleman just looking for his sweetheart fembot to shower with love and gifts!  I jumped out of my comfort zone for this one, robots aren't really my thing.  I tried to just stick with my style rather than focusing on how to make him too robotic.  I like him. My cute little old man will be on display at "Designing Outside The Lines", a lego-inspired show curated by James Brown at 1AM Gallery in San Francisco.

 "Most of us played with Legos as children, but some of us never stopped. The artists in “Designing Outside The Lines” are some of the most prominent Lego and toy designers around the world, spanning from the US to the Netherlands. Whether they are using record breaking amounts of Lego pieces, introducing new materials to Lego customization, combining simple minifigs with complex machinery, or anonymously installing ginormous Lego men on public beaches- they are definitely some of the most imaginative artists out there."
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Space Munny by Jansen Lefrancois

Latest work from Jansen Lefrancois, looking great!

I've just completed another space munny, this time on the 7" version! It's done in acrylic paints and sealed in a gloss finish. It will also be for sale at the "Time to Kick Some Ass" gallery at Sub-Urban Vinyl on May 11th. 

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Apr 23, 2013

Nuclear BUD by MannyX

Awesome new work from Manny X...
Here is my newest custom release Nuclear BUD. Figure stands about 3.75" comes with match and packaged in a custom box. They are $45+shipping limited to 10 and they go on sale this Saturday the 27th at 9am PST.
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"4/20 NUGGS" by Ian Ziobrowski

Stunning piece!

Never do you see NUGGS sit back a roast one down. But NUGGLIFE is shut down this year during 4/20, with that said this piece was up for grabs on sat at 4:20 pm eastern. To bad he sold in one second.

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      - Don P Carson Catlin

Oooohhhhhh this would be insane to have in my living room!

Created for the Designing Outside The Lines show a 1am in San Francisco. Meh is a revisit to some of my earlier customs where I used led's to illuminate the interior and give it kind of a night like appearance. He will retail for $250.00. Show opens opening April 26th!
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      - Don P 

Featured Product - April 23, 2013

Resin is King Series 2 blind box
Including 16 artists producing 10 figures a piece, Resin is King series 2 is bigger and badder than its predecessor. Each piece is blind boxed and around 3" tall. Included in the series, somewhere, is a golden ticket which is good for 8" Tuttz from Argonaut Resin. 

Artists for this series include:
   1. Brian Ahlbeck (Dead Hand Toys)   
   2. Dave Bondi   
   3. Rich Page (UME Toys)   
   4. NEMO & OsirisOrion (Bad Applez Inc.)   
   5. Jay222   
   6. Motorbot   
   7. Matt A*   
   8. Eric Nocella Diaz (Argonaut Resins)   
   9. Selina Briggs (The Jelly Empire)   
   10. Kilroy III   
   11. Kris Dulfer (KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES)   
   12. JC Rivera   
   13. Christopher Moore (We Become Monsters)   
   14. Vanessa Ramirez   
   15. Scott Kinnebrew (Forces of Dorkness)   
   16. Tim Stephson

As a bonus any order of more than one blind box is guaranteed to be from different artists. Pick up one or sixteen now for only $25 a piece in the Tenacious Toys online store.

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