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Court of the Dead

Oct 22, 2016

Funko Hikari Game of Thrones Night King and Spectrum Harley Quinn

Coming soon: new 9" Funko Hikari vinyl figures! Game of Thrones Night King ($79.95, limited to 700 pieces made) coming December, and Spectrum Harley Quinn ($79.95, limited to 250 pieces) coming in November! Preorder your limited-edition Hikari figures now, and check out this page for our full Hikari selection!

Exclusive GUUMON Daigomi and Bangagon Available Now

Still available: a few pieces of the Rainbow Sparkle Daigomi that GUUMON painted up for our NYCC booth, as well as a few left of the Dragonfire Bangagon. Grab yours here, these are limited edition colorways which won't be reproduced! Both ship free within the US. Each limited to 5 pieces.
As an aside, we still have another Daigomi left in stock: the one-off Emerald Daigomi that GUUMON painted for a show we had a while back:

Oct 21, 2016

TOY OF THE DAY: Jason Freeny Brick Baby by Mighty Jaxx


  • world debut was at our NYCC booth!
  • 20 pieces will be available here after NYCC
  • birthed by Jason Freeny
  • produced by Mighty Jaxx
  • FREE SHIPPING for all US customers, or people with US shipping addresses
  • (1) per customer please, let's share the joy as far as possible!
  • scheduled to ship to customers in late December
  • NO discounts or coupons will apply to this item. Not enough margin. Sorry! Orders placed for this item which include use of coupons or discounts will be cancelled.

Oct 20, 2016

Jason Freeny Brick Baby by MightyJaxx Review and Unboxing Video by Nick Curtis

Big ups to my man Nick Curtis for the sweet video review of the Jason Freeny Brick Baby sculpture which we debuted for MightyJaxx at NYCC 2016! Check full video below.

We managed to score a second batch which are available as preorders on our website here. This second and final batch will ship to customers in late December. Don't miss out, people were absolutely scrambling for this piece at the show. A handful of preorders left.

Oct 19, 2016

Credenda Studios Announces Second Run of Dengar Leatherface and Bossk Lives


Credenda Studios is back once again to bring you the long awaited second runs of the sold out Denar Leatherface and Bossk Lives figures! These are the second and third installments in the StarKiller series by Beau Greener of Credenda Studios. The first figure mashes up the likes of the Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Dengar, with the iconic Leatherface from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre Movies. the second figure available this friday is a blend of the infamous Star Wars Bounty Hunter, Bossk, with the Crystal Lake Killer, Jason Vorhees from the popular horror franchise, Friday the 13th.

These are smaller second runs, so don’t snooze on these ones and give that Freddy Fett a couple like-minded companions. The figures will be available this Friday the 21st at 6pm PST online at Be sure to follow Credenda Studios on instagram ( @CredendaStudios ) to stay up to date on all of the fun new projects he’s working on.

Oct 18, 2016

Toma by NervisWrek - Available now

 Monsters and creatures love candy just as much as dressed up little kids. Toma, by NervisWrek, is a Halloween inspired piece which shows the hesitation of a dressed up child, offering candy to another creature.This whole piece was sculpted using Magisculpt, Super Sculpy, acrylic paint and a lot of patience by NervisWrek. There are a lot of little sculpted details in this piece which have to be seen, even if in pictures, to be appreciated. For anyone interested in this piece or maybe a commissioned piece, be sure to contact NervisWrek via email at NervisWrek [at] yahoo.

Say Chess! ToyArt Project concept art


This is the Toy Art project "Say Chess!" from Pala Palleiro, its a collection of cute characters that together form a complete chess game set.

They can be collected separately or together. The collection its not in production yet, but will be available to buy soon.

Zombie Tacos by TobyArt

Just in time for Halloween are the recently released Zombie Taco resin figures from TobyArt. Offered in two different versions, the Taco Supreme and Ghost Taco, each Zombie taco stands at a cute 1.5". Priced at only $15 a taco, each hand cast taco is also hand painted and ready to eat some brains. Here is the Zombie Taco product description:
Run for your lives!
This guy is nacho usual taco.
In queso you wondered, he wants brains.
Taco ‘bout a tasty terror. You’ve bean warned...

~1.5 inch resin toy.

Angry Artist 3-inch Scarecrow Dunny Figures Just in Time for Halloween

It's that time of the year again! Spookify your house with the newest creation out of the Anger Lair: the 3-inch Scarecrow Dunny figures by Angry Artist! $70 for the painted version (above) and $60 for the unpainted DIY (below). Both versions come with scarecrow accessory.  Click here to pick this limited edition piece up!

Oct 17, 2016

Jason Freeny Brick Baby Up for Preorder Now

Following our rapid birthing process of the MightyJaxx x Jason Freeny Brick Babies at our NYCC booth, we have just sent in our payment for the next round (probably the final round) of Brick Babies. Click here to preorder yours; these will ship to us via DHL so will be fairly fast to arrive at our warehouse once shipped. We opted to pay more for faster service instead of saving money with slow sea shipping, as we know you're all anxious for the birth day!

Here's the link to adopt the Brick Baby:

Our price is $160 shipped within the US, or $160 + shipping to other countries.

One per parent please, and no discounts or coupons will be honored for this baby.

Monsieur Meliés x Pocketwatch Toys


''The idea for this toy is heavily inspired by French filmmaker Georges Méliès’s 1902 film ”A Trip To The Moon”. The figure was sculpted in Monster Clay, hand cast in polyurethane resin, and painted in standard high quality acrylics.''

The figure is priced at £25, and is an edition if 50 pieces, and available now from Pocketwatch Toys.

NYCC Leftovers from Reactor88 Available now through My Plastic Heart

Reactor88 customized a few of Kidrobot's new 5" Dunnys for NYCC 2016. My Plastic Heart had these and a lot of other pieces from other artists for sale during NYCC. Reactor88 created a total of 4 different pieces in his signature style, Maori, Zulu, Spade and Totem. Three of the remaining customs are available now through My Plastic Heart's online store. Priced at $180 each, these are customs are clean and would make a great addition to any collection. As seen in Reactor88's customs, the new 5" Dunny is turning out to be a great platform for it's size, allowing more detail than a 3" while having a lower price point then an 8" Dunny.

Teaser: More Sock Rocks from Kevin Gosselin


In 2015, Kevin Gosselin released the set of Sock Rocks, an initial trio of Christmas Coal. These resin little guys were cast and hand painted by Kevin and right now, the newest additions to the Sock Rock family are being created. The new characters are likely going to be completed in time to be available for the approaching holiday season. For those who don't already have the initial trio of Sock Rocks(Victor, Thaddeus, Winston), they can be purchased through Kevin's online store right now. Also, be sure to check out Kevin's other available pieces.
Sock Rocks Christmas Coal by Kevin Gosselin
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book