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Court of the Dead

Sep 23, 2016

Plaseebo x PapaLemon Blood Majin From Outer Space Available Sep 27 on

Plaseebo writes:
In collaboration with PapaLemon of PLT, we are pleased to offer the one of a kind custom "Blood Majin From Outer Space”. 

 This is a mash-up of the Blood Majin vinyl body with a hand cast resin Alien head from Plaseebo with inset red glass eyes. The figure stands a lofty 11 1/2 inches tall and has an internal remote controlled 3-LED multicolor mini lamp unit mounted in the head that comes with a with a 21 key multi-function remote controller with 13 selectable colors and 2 different modes: jump / fade. You can paint the figure with light the by pushing a button or two. Replaceable batteries. The figure is hand painted with Monster Kolor paints. Signed.

The The Blood Majin From Outer Space will be available on Tuesday, September 27th from the Plaseebo web shop:

Indie Toys Ar Exhibition Opens Today in Buenos Aires, Argentina

Indie Toys Ar is a joint exhibition of Argentinian artists and designers who altogether share the same passion to make their own signature toys. A world of vinyl, resin, wood and fabric waiting for those out there who as kids couldn’t get enough of toys! 
Artist Roster:
Bombermat - Caro de acá a la China - Cerrito - Circo - Dgph - Greenbag Toys - Hydra Toys - Kalaka Toys - Legion Toys - Luli Bunny - Patricio Oliver - Posibles Objetos - Trucho Toys 

Espacio Cabrera
Cabrera 3641, Buenos Aires 

Pooplet Plush Set by Furry Feline Creatives

NEW from Furry Feline: the Pooplet Plush Set! Fluffy & squishy, the Pooplet plush set of 2 includes the classic brown & the golden poop (rub it for good luck). Each measures at 5" length x 5.5" height x 3.75" depth. Pick up the set here!

Sep 22, 2016

Shlap Rolls Out Artist Sticker Sets for Use in iOS 10 iMessage - Shawnimals, Lunartik, Triclops Studio & More

Milk Bar Studios is proud to present Shlap, an iOS 10 App that lets the user share exclusively designed sticker packs with their friends using iMessage.

Shlap has been produced to coincide with the release of iOS 10 and in particular the new iMessage stickers feature. We have teamed up with artists such as Matt Jones aka Lunartik, Shawn ‘Shawnimal’ Smith, Phil Corbett and Miss Wah to produce exclusive sticker packs.

Released worldwide Tuesday September 13th 2016 - available NOW!

Shlap contains exclusive sticker packs from artists all over the world and presents them in one convenient place. The user can browse Popular, New and Free sticker packs before using an in-app purchase to download their favourites to their device. The sticker packs then appear in the iMessage stickers’ extension ready to use in iMessage conversations with their friends. Shlap has been localised into fourteen languages including French, Spanish, German, Italian, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Japanese and Korean. New artists are constantly signing up meaning new content is added frequently.

Shlap is free to download from the Apple AppStore, with each artist sticker pack costing £0.79 (UK) & $0.99 (US) as an in-app purchase. (There are some free sticker sets you can use, like the one I downloaded and used below to bother Rob Lumino...)

More information about Shlap can be found on their website –  and you can download Shlap from the AppStore –  


Sep 21, 2016

TobyArt Baby Javan Rhino Resin Figure Release to Benefit Rhinos Charity


The Javan Rhino is the rarest of the rhino species with a mere 60-63 animals surviving only in Indonesia.

This adorable calf is a hand-made original resin sculpture. She's hand sculpted, cast and painted, standing 4 inches tall and 4 inches wide ear to ear.

30% of proceeds will go directly to the International Rhino Foundation's @rhinosIRF Javan Rhino Conservation Program.
Available Sept 20th Limited Run available only at:
For more info on this critically endangered species, visit



Fer MG and The Black Spot have joined forces in the first The Black Spot artist series.

This first series bring us twelve Kidrobot customs by Fer MG inspired on Pixar characters, an exclusive collection of 8 dunnys, 2 munnys, 1 raffy and 1 labbit. You can find familiar faces as Mr. Potato, Slinky, Hamm, Space aliens (Toy Story), Sulley, Wazowsky, Squishy, Reggie (Monsters Inc), Sadness, Anger (Inside Out), Edna Mode and Jack Jack (The Incredibles).

Don´t miss it! These one of a kind pieces priced at €35/£27/$39 will be available tomorrow Thursday 22 September (2:00 PM/BST) at the Black Spot online shop

Fer MG social media:
-  Commisions
-  Facebook
-  Instagram
-  Twitter

Hit the jump for more photos.

Sep 19, 2016

Tenacious.Ninja Blog Is a Finalist in the Designer Toy Awards - VOTE NOW

In what seems to be a horrible mistake on the part of the clearly overworked people at Clutter, this blog (yeah, like the one you are reading) has made the finals of this year's Designer Toy Awards. We snuck into the Best Blog Category through underhanded dealings and suspect vote-riggin... I mean, THROUGH HARD FUCKING WORK and dedicated blogging! (I'd like to thank our dedicated team of Ninjas for blogging like champs for years with style and grace. This is a community blog, YOU can blog here too. Just email me. Maybe we will all win!)

HAHA! I always try to maintain a healthy dose of big-picture thinking when it comes to the DTAs. I feel like the whole shebang is good for designer toys or whatever the fuck we are calling them. I don't really care who wins, I just like spending time with my friends and seeing everyone. Cool the see people get all choked up on stage. All the artists work so damn hard for so little, a tiny smidge of recognition feels so good for everyone... even if they won't admit it.

So go click here and cast your vote for all the public-voted categories... voting closes on MONDAY September 26, so really, go now. Don't put it off. Maybe we will win this year so we can rub the big ass trophy in Gary's face...

The Snap, Crackle and Pop Crew Gobi Customs by Alex Vaughan

We're taking a break from our regularly scheduled pre-NYCC programming to serve you up this healthy breakfast care of UK artist Alex Vaughan (@alexvaughan4 on IG) - a balanced way to start your day with custom Muttpop Gobi figures! This set of 3 customs titled The Snap, Crackle Pop Crew is $80 and is in stock and ready to ship now! Click here to pick up this set.

Sep 18, 2016

Resin is King Series 3 Reveal: Angry Artist


With 3 weeks until our big release, we wanted to continue revealing the resin figures in Resin is King Series 3. These resin figures were sculpted and cast by Angry Artist. The main colorway is the snow white one, and there will be a couple of bronze color chases, plus one clear chase with a light-up LED inside.

There will be 10 of these Angry Artist figures in the series of 100 pieces, so your chances of pulling one are 1/10. Find the blind boxed Resin is King Series 3 at the Tenacious Toys Booth 309 at NYCC on October 6-9. Each RIKS3 blind box will be $30.

More reveals soon!

Resin is King Series 3 Artist Roster: