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Court of the Dead

May 4, 2012

Limited-edition GID Ezra pins by Evilos

After having met and displayed Evilos' Vinylmation mascot Ezra, we are proud to share Evilos' EZRA Pins. They're $10 Shipped, limited to 100 pieces:

Alarment custom Androids- sold out but worth sharing

Allan Armenta (Alarment) sent us info about his sweet Android customs... obviously these sold immediately, so this post is a bit of a tease if you're interested in his Android customs... but definitely go to Alarment's store to see what else is available. There are customs on many various platforms available, or you can commission your own.

Stormies Kickstarter by Jon Walsh with resin by Matt A

Now THIS is a Kickstarter I can definitely get behind (in fact, I pledged before I started writing this blog post!)

We've posted a few teasers this week, but here's what Jon Walsh has to say about the project:

Starting today, May the 4th, I am launching a Kickstarter project to help raise funding to have my Stormie figure resin cast by the uber amazing Matt*A ( A Stormie is a 2.5" mashup/original sculpt of everyone's favorite ever-present imperial character, the Stormtrooper. As part of the project a large range of rewards are available to supports, ranging from $1 to $150. These include exclusive Kickstarter pieces and colorways, prints and even some custom one-offs by some of your favorite artists such as NikeJerk, Fuller, Ian Ziobrowski, UNCLE, JFury, Halfbad, Shez, Trust Pigs, 2bitHACK, F1shcustoms myself.

I'm super stoked for this. The project is already overfunded but there are still rewards left so click through and pledge to get yourself a Stormie! I'm down with any project that supports my artist friends and associates. 

To pledge, go to and check out the project to see what is going on in a galaxy not too far, far away.

MeSmithy Taun Taun & Wampa Munnys

May the 4th be with you! To celebrate, MeSmithy dropped a Taun Taun and Wampa in her store:
They are both based on 7in munnys and are super soft and cuddly!

WIP: Beautifully Ugly Ghost Girl custom by Cyberphunkk

beautifully ugly, originally uploaded by cyberphunkk.

Emmanuel White Eagle shares with us a new custom called "Beautifully Ugly" on a Ghost Girl platform. He writes that he has been planning to do it for a few months, and he finally had time to work on it. Above is the illustration that the figure is based on. This character will also be a series of paintings, illustrations, and customs, and maybe an original if he can get funds yet for producing it.

Below is a WIP photo of the custom. The back end of the Ghost Girl will be brought out from the sketch into 3D so it will be a 360-degree all around sculpted custom.

May 3, 2012

May the Fourth be With You Card Set by Manly Art

Jason Chalker of Manly Art is releasing a limited-edition trading card set:

These cards will only be available online on May 4th, from 12:00am to 11:59pm central time. Any sets left over will only be available from Jason at conventions at which he's exhibiting.

What you get:
1 Cover Card
16 cards featuring Star Wars characters Jason has painted
1 Artist Card

The edition size is limited to 250 sets.
The back of the cover card will be signed and numbered.
These are printed on trading card stock. These look and feel similar to vintage Star Wars trading cards. Each set is $12 and they can be purchased on May 4th here.

Cash Cannon Sal Munny and FunkoPOP Tinkerbell customs

Cash Cannon shares with us two more customs: a 4-inch Mini Munny (above) and a FunkoPOP Tinkerbell custom he made as a commission piece (below). For the 4 inch Munny, which he named "Sal", Cash used sculpey and painted it with a variety of spray paints as well as brushable paint. It's coated in 2 different clearcoats. The Tinkerbell FunkoPOP figure below features a purse made of sculpey and a real ribbon in her hair.

Jawa Dunny custom by JFury

JFury made this custom 3" Jawa Dunny, and he says it led to a few more customers asking for more Jawas! Seems like the only things that are certain in this life are death, taxes and the continued popularity of Star Wars. Here are JFury's links so you can follow along:

Sam Fisher and Solid Snake as Oxen Dunny customs by Fuller

Fuller shares with us these very cool customs based on 3" Dunnys: he says the customer "wanted his two favorite characters transformed into Oxen. He has quite the nice Ox custom collection." You can visit Fuller's shop here.

May 2, 2012

Portly Batman Dunny custom by Cash Cannon

Cash Cannon writes:  
This 3 inch Dunny I customized.  It's a mashup: I used a Dunny head & a body from another vinyl figure. I used sculpey and hand painted with acrylics.   It  comes with a custom ice-cream cone hand painted with acrylic paint and sprayed with UV clear matte to give it that wet look.

NUGGlife Candy Shop by Ian Ziobrowski for the Candy-Coated Custom Show

 When you invite Ian Ziobrowski to be in a custom toy show, you know he's not ever going to go the easy route with a simple paint job. Ian spends hours and days chopping up and reconfiguring toys, creating miniatures and painting pieces so tiny, I can't believe he's not blind already.

Ian follows up on his epic Nuggy Growstation 10" MadL custom with this 9" Artoyz Elements figure he's turned into Mama Nugg's Nugglife Candy Shop. With working lights, minute detailing and a removable back wall, this piece shows off Ian's vast array of artistic skills. Here's the backstory:

Welcome to the Nugglife candy shop, the home for best sweets in town. It's location remains confidential, but if you ask the right person, you just might be able to enjoy it yourself. With a fine selection of spaced out sweets, getting home might be the most difficult part. Standing about 9 inches tall this Element custom was created for the Candy Coated Show in NYC.
 The Nugglife Candy Shop is available for purchase here. Needless to say, this piece is one-of-a-kind. If you're interested, don't sleep. Ian has many serious collectors and this one won't be available for long.

DIY Zukies drop May 25th


Miss Zukie announces her first DIY Designer Toy Release. Release Date is May 25th .........DIY Zukies are made of white Vinyl and come in a custom box where you can color it as well. Size : 4" tall price: 9.95$ + shipping.

DIY Zukies are going to be sold in TOY TOKYO in Manhattan and In Yukifish in Germany so if you're near please stop by and check out the stores.

Facebook Fan Page:

May 1, 2012

Shinbone Creative turns your 2D art into 3D toys

"Instagram Mascot" designed by JC Rivera
 Designers who want to make a little something and don't know where to start should check out Shinbone at

Do you have a loose napkin sketch? A rough clay sculpture? A 3d speed model bashed together in ZBrush? Shinbone is reaching out to artists and designers to help get new projects off the ground. If you're a hard-core customizer and you're ready to take the next step, these are the guys who can get you rolling.

What does Shinbone do? They design and produce toys for toy companies. They license designs from artists and produce original art. They manufacture runs of toys for independent designers.

What does Shinbone do? Shinbone turns great art into great toys.
"Moonman" designed by Scott Wetterschneider

"Sad Uke Dog" designed by Matheus Muniz

OK NOW I see where Jon Walsh is going

I gotta say, Matt Anderson is good at keeping a secret. He's a friend of mine and I talk to him on the phone at least once a week. He's never mentioned this project! Looks like Jon Walsh has enlisted Matt's help... I bet you Matt is pouring resin figures for Jon to be customized by the bad-ass artists listed in this flyer. Now I'm really stoked!

Apr 30, 2012

Samara from The Ring Munny custom by Fuller

Fuller sends us these images of his sick 4-inch Mini Munny custom: Samara is the creepy character that crawls out of the well, and the TV, in the horror flick The Ring. Definitely one of my favorite scary movies! You can buy Samara from Fuller's web store here. This 4-inch custom is painted with airbrush paints and acrylics.

The Camo Project: TYO Toys The Camo Project Book & Matchbox Van

Pairing wildlife illustrations with camouflage patterns, NYC illustrator Victor "Vickipages" Roman creates The Camo Project: a self-published book series that is inspiring a fashion and artistic movement in New York City and gaining support among his urban art world friends and like-minded fans. The recently released volume 2 focuses on bird species, providing field-guide information for each feathered illustration and insight on the creature's use of natural disguise,  as well as the history of its man-made camouflage backdrop.

The limited edition TYO x The Camo Project Van commemorates the book series and artistic following with the 1:64 scale diecast Matchbox van. 

While supplies last, each van comes with 1 of 3 buttons. If you find the silver button, you win a  'Camo Project x TYO Print' signed by Vicki Pages. 

TYO stands for "Tag Your Own". TYO Toys sells a number of different blank white vehicles in a variety of sizes that you can buy and tag up without getting arrested. Cool idea.

Android X custom Android by Don P

 Don P is busy executing commissions. Here's one of his most recent: Android X, based on the 3 inch tall Android platform. You can follow Don P here: 

New customs by Dave Webb: Minion, Batman, Robin, Pinhead and more

Recently artist Dave "Davemarkart" Webb transitioned from creating tentacled, toothy monsters to doing TV/movie characters. This one is Minion from the movie "Despicable Me". Above is a WIP shot of a piece by Dave which is, frankly, from several weeks ago. Still, as I play catch-up after our custom show, I wanted to post about the stuff that my artists friends have been working on. A while back Dave bought a truckload of Androids from us and this is the type of piece he has been working on lately. Cool stuff! Check out his Facebook page for images of a Batman and Robin set, Pinhead, and some sick, toothy Munkos.

NINO 3-inch resin toy by Andrea Mancuso

Not much info available on this one but here's what I have: NINO is made of resin and measures 3.1 inches tall. This figure is made by Andrea Mancuso who is from Genoa, Italy. More pics on Andrea's Behance page. I always love seeing new resin pieces. Apparently this one will be available at toy shops soon.