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Court of the Dead

Jun 3, 2017

First 4 Figures Presents: The Making of Sonic the Hedgehog - 25th Anniversary Documentary Video

This video is over an hour long. I will buy you a beer if you watch the whole thing. Cool diorama figure tho...

... seriously though, here's all the info from F4F:

Welcome to our third product launch for our Sonic the Hedgehog Diorama line, Sonic The Hedgehog - 25th Anniversary.

Arriving next week will be our latest First 4 Figures' line of Sonic The Hedgehog Diorama with Sonic The Hedgehog - 25th Anniversary! Pre-orders will be opening on Tuesday June 6th, so keep the date free. 

This is the third statue in First 4 Figures' Sonic the Hedgehog Diorama line. Come along and join us on that day as we LIVE BROADCAST the event leading upto the Preorder Launch!!!

Make sure to subscribe to Facebook to be notified of this epic event!
There will be tons of activities throughout the event such as Live Q&A and something special known as DAY ONE Edition! This is a treasure you do not want to miss out on!

6th June - 7am (California), 10am (New York),
6th June - 3pm (London), 4pm (Germany), 10pm (Hong Kong)

and the
PREORDER LAUNCH starts 1 Hour later at 11pm (Hong Kong)

Did you know we have an official F4F community hangout spot? Join us on Facebook in the F4F Official Collector's Club for daily chats with our friendly F4F staff plus meet and greet with fellow F4F collectors!

Jun 2, 2017

Teddy Troops by Flying Fortress are BACK, thanks to Artoyz

Just got word from Artoyz that they have brought the super popular Teddy Troops back to life! Teddy Troops 2.0 series is a set of ten 3-inch-tall figures. These figures will arrive later this month in the Artoyz shop.

Artoyz writes:
We have collaborated with Flying Fortress, father of the Teddy Troops, to bring them back to life, but we have done more than that! We have improved and slightly modified the shape of the Teddy Troops to make it 2.0. Yes we did it! 

Pictured is the C pack that includes the classic versions limited to 320 pieces and the variant versions limited to 160 pieces of the Basic Trooper, Skunk Trooper, Spray Trooper, Ladri di Biciclette and Flying Fortress Trooper. This pack contains the whole series 01!

(Note: This is apparently the first wave (series 01) of Teddy Troops 2.0. That's confusing but just roll with it, K?)

The Basic Trooper comes with two lightning bolts referring to Flying Fortress logo, the Skunk Trooper comes with a removable gas mask and the Flying Fortress Trooper comes with two wings and a removable B36 window.

Jun 1, 2017

Joe Ledbetter Ice-Cat In Stock Now

  •  Produced and designed by Joe Ledbetter
  • Stands almost 11-inches tall
  • Limited edition of only 200
  • Newly sculpted “ice flame” encircles Ice-Cat
  • Unique facial expression
  • 5 points of articulation
  • Metallic spray on ice flame
  • Window-boxed
Legend of the Ice-Cats:
Wandering nomads of frozen wastelands, Ice-Cats spend most of their life stalking prey. Fearless predators but solitary creatures, they sustain themselves on a daily diet of polar bear, walrus or narwhal. Friend of the penguin, killer of killer whales, they are audacious and elusive, bold and sly. Not unlike the yeti or the abominable snowman, these beasts are rarely seen. These days they are thought to only exist in stories, legends and tall tales. However some amateur cryptozoologists claim 200 still exist in the wild.

Joe writes about creating the Ice-Cat:
When I began designing vinyl figures, Ice-Cat was one of my very first creations. Back in 2005 it was developed together with my original Fire-Cat figure simply because they were obvious doppelgängers. Ice-Cat, along with my original Snow Bunny figure are what began my tradition of  “ice version” colorways. I’ve done my best since then to include an ice version of every vinyl figure I’ve created, each corresponding to the same Pantone palette. Although I’ve missed a few along the way (like Unicornasaurus and Teeter), by now there is a pretty solid collection that I can say I’m proud of.

The creation process for these latest Fire-Cat/Fire-Catzilla/Ice-Cat figures has been such a blast. Mostly because it’s been a chance to revisit older characters. Having the opportunity to update, improve, embellish and remix these figures was so much fun for me. One of the most important goals of this project was to have a different “flame” inside each of the mouths. I also gave each a slightly different facial expression with intention of making these as interesting and diverse as possible. Making them independent characters in their own right. In the case of the Ice-Cat, I challenged myself by adding more dimension to the character: wrapping an icy flame around the head and body 180 degrees. Using the flowing mane of my old Unicornasaurus figure as a design starting point, I was able to give Ice-Cat’s flame a unique twist (pun intended). In any case, I really hope you enjoy Ice-Cat, it’s a truly exciting and important project for us. We had a great time shooting all these snowscape photos too! - Joe

May 30, 2017

Custom Luna by Will Rimel for Rotofugi Luna Show - Turglar: The Anomalous Apportioner

So, this gorgeous custom Luna figure has been SOLD, but we thought it's cool enough to still run across your eyeballs. The piece is by Will Rimel, and here's how you can learn more about him:
Instagram - @w._a._r
More about this piece: "I have hand sculpted a new body, using the original head as a base for the new one and used the original antlers, it was then hand painted by me as well.  She is now called 'Turglar: The Anomalous Apportioner.' There's also a surprise painting on the bottom, it's sort of a reward for those who are curious."


Death is Punk - new release from Marcos Lorenzo


Marcos Lorenzo has just released his  Obskure DEATH IS PUNK Limited Edition, a new version based on the Obskure platform but this time with no flesh, and that means no tattoos. 
It’s a limited series of 25 units, homemade handcrafted casted resin toys, 1/10 170mm 6.7 inches high, painted with acrylics,  zipper and various attached rivets (plastic / metal) studs and spikes, and the diabolic-anarkist-whatever logo printed on her leather jacket. Skull and ribs are 3D printed, so ribs are hollowed. 

The purpose of this work was to create a strong contrast between the sexy shape visible from behind and the vacuous eyes of TheDeath when looking her face to face. She may look attractive and mysterious and maybe she wants to play with you a little ... It's exciting and you'll probably like it ... until she bites your heart..  deeply.

This sculpture was presented like the recent releases the past Sunday 30th April during the ToyCon UK and now it’s world wide released and available from now at the SomeStrangeThings Store at the price of 100€.

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