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Court of the Dead

Jun 1, 2017

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Joe Ledbetter Ice-Cat In Stock Now

Limited edition vinyl Ice-Cats by Joe Ledbetter available now

  •  Produced and designed by Joe Ledbetter
  • Stands almost 11-inches tall
  • Limited edition of only 200
  • Newly sculpted “ice flame” encircles Ice-Cat
  • Unique facial expression
  • 5 points of articulation
  • Metallic spray on ice flame
  • Window-boxed
Legend of the Ice-Cats:
Wandering nomads of frozen wastelands, Ice-Cats spend most of their life stalking prey. Fearless predators but solitary creatures, they sustain themselves on a daily diet of polar bear, walrus or narwhal. Friend of the penguin, killer of killer whales, they are audacious and elusive, bold and sly. Not unlike the yeti or the abominable snowman, these beasts are rarely seen. These days they are thought to only exist in stories, legends and tall tales. However some amateur cryptozoologists claim 200 still exist in the wild.

Joe writes about creating the Ice-Cat:
When I began designing vinyl figures, Ice-Cat was one of my very first creations. Back in 2005 it was developed together with my original Fire-Cat figure simply because they were obvious doppelgängers. Ice-Cat, along with my original Snow Bunny figure are what began my tradition of  “ice version” colorways. I’ve done my best since then to include an ice version of every vinyl figure I’ve created, each corresponding to the same Pantone palette. Although I’ve missed a few along the way (like Unicornasaurus and Teeter), by now there is a pretty solid collection that I can say I’m proud of.

The creation process for these latest Fire-Cat/Fire-Catzilla/Ice-Cat figures has been such a blast. Mostly because it’s been a chance to revisit older characters. Having the opportunity to update, improve, embellish and remix these figures was so much fun for me. One of the most important goals of this project was to have a different “flame” inside each of the mouths. I also gave each a slightly different facial expression with intention of making these as interesting and diverse as possible. Making them independent characters in their own right. In the case of the Ice-Cat, I challenged myself by adding more dimension to the character: wrapping an icy flame around the head and body 180 degrees. Using the flowing mane of my old Unicornasaurus figure as a design starting point, I was able to give Ice-Cat’s flame a unique twist (pun intended). In any case, I really hope you enjoy Ice-Cat, it’s a truly exciting and important project for us. We had a great time shooting all these snowscape photos too! - Joe


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