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Court of the Dead

Sep 13, 2012

"Ate like a pig" by Davemarkart

Made for a benefit show in Italy. This is a 4 inch Piggy Qee custom by Dave Webb.

Follow Davemarkart here:

Exclusive sneek peaks Vinyl Thoughts 3!

All these guys are artists from Dallas (hometown of this event), exclusive sneek peeks. Enjoy!

Ren & Stimpy by Brad Albright

Zombie Mickey by Motorbot

ARTOBOT138's Etch-A-Doom

Plaseebo 9-inch "Misfits"

The first Misfit release "The Night Gamer"

Introducing a new sculpt by Bob Conge and Ultra Limited series of customs from Plaseebo, "The Misfits".  "The Night Gamer Misfit" will debut at his one man show this month at the Phillips Gallery in Rochester N Y.

Plaseebo plans to release six of the 9 inch one of a kind Misfit customs over the next 12 months. Each Misfit custom will be based on the new body sculpt in hand cast resin but will have a different head and hand paint.

The body chamber is filled with a magical mix of slowly moving gel colors and shapes illuminated from the back by a switched color changing LED unit that also lights the interior of the head.  

Here's the backstory:

                                                     The Misfits
                                                                                           © Bob Conge 2012

A familiar face at the Avon flea market every Sunday since the 60's, Walter would spend the cooler mornings in search of the maimed and abandoned toys of children no longer. He rarely paid more than ten or fifteen cents a piece for the ravaged figures as most were missing limbs or heads. The collection being assembled was not about condition, resale or profit. 

These were much more than idols made of plastic and vinyl, for Walter could feel the spirits and hear the distant laughter of the many children who had once worshiped these love-worn toys. To him, these toys were markers in lives unfolding, indelibly printed with the character of those who had played with them so many years ago. Holding each one in his now aging hand, he would listen to its story and wonder what had become of the child later in life.

Walter enjoyed many comfortable evenings with the collection in the old farm house nestled in the rolling hills of upstate New York. He had retired here after a lifetime of inventing and designing useful things for various companies and then spent the next twenty some years assembling the collection that now filled not only all three floors of the house, but his barn as well. 

This past winter Walter began working on his Geppetto project. He hoped to design a system to capture the psychic energy he felt being released from the old toys and use it to power the robot toy he was building. 

It was now late fall and the the robot body, complete with arms and legs, sat on the work bench awaiting its head and power source. It was one of those unusually warm and sun filled days that are so rare this time of year, perhaps the last one before the snow would again cocoon Walter with his collection for another winter. Drawn by the cunning day, he found himself walking through the Naples yellow fields beyond the barn. Feeling the liability of his eighty plus years, he sat down beneath the comfort of the large and singular Maple in the middle of the fields warmth and fell asleep.

Walter was awakened by the voices of children to find he was covered by what looked like a soft blanket of diamonds glistening in the moonlight. He stood up wondering why he did not feel the cold of this night. The answer came as he looked down to his snow covered body still lying beneath the tree. 

Long before this ground became tillable it was the now long forgotten cemetery for the Crowhaven orphanage, who's stone foundations still shown through the grass here and there at the edge of the woods. The field has been home these many years to those unknown children for whom no one came, save the reaper. Moving like curious cats, the children slowly floated over to Walter wherein he invited them to come to the house to see his toys.

As they entered the house, there on the workbench sat the headless robot with its power source window glowing in an array of changing colors like a miniature aurora borealis. The rest of that winter and many since found Walter building other robot bodies and the children selecting various heads from the collection to sit atop them. Misfits one and all.   

And some possible Misfits for the future:

Kid Barnacle by Sekure D

This stunning custom Mascot  (7 inch)  is made for New York Comic Con (October 11-14, 2012). Have to say that I like this new ocean and pattern style from Sekure D. 

Follow Sekure D here:

Breakthru Akashi by Dave Bondi for TAG Anniversary show

 Dave Bondi just sent us pics of his SICK "Breakthru Akashi" custom figure he made for TAG's Anniversary show this Saturday 9/15/12... more pics on Dave's site here. This piece glows in the dark and features a BUILT-IN BLACKLIGHT! How sick is that?

How did Dave make this piece? Watch the video below:

If you dig Dave's work, hang on tight! He's got more pieces in our upcoking Resin is King Series 2 blind box series! More info will be released on our blog within the next week. 
Series 2 drops in October!

Bone Head from Ume Toys


Brand new from Ume toys, come these hand casted and hand painted resin keychain skulls. Now you can carry a piece of UME with you wherever you go. They are individually packaged and come with a UME skull sticker. Each piece measures 4 cm in length and is unique to itself. Pick one up today for only £5.50 at the UME store now. You can also follow them at their Rubber Rodeo blog. More pictures after the jump.

Art Cards + early entry available at Vinyl Thoughts 3 tonight

Trading Cards that get you in early to Vinyl Thoughts 3 show
Scott Kinnebrew is on his way to Vinyl Thoughts 3, which opens tonight! He shot us this email to let us know what's going on:

"September the 13th, for one night only, the Vinyl Thoughts Nation is getting back together for VT3 - Drawn Together in Dallas, TX.  This time out Scott Kinnebrew A.K.A. The Forces of Dorkness will be dropping some brand new customs created specifically for this show.  Not only will attendees get a chance to see these new works in person, but Scott will be in attendance at the show as well.

Instead of the standard blurry photos or extreme close-ups of specific sections as not to give away the entire piece, Kinnebrew has put together a quick video montage that hints to every piece he's dropping in Dallas next week.  There's still a few days left which means there may be some late additions, but as of now all the pieces (which have made in the last 30 days) are directly referenced in the video.

Sit back, relax and take a trip back as you get a glimpse into what will be debuting tonight.

In addition, if you are wanting to get in an hour earlier than the public, with the ability to purchase customs before anyone else, and drink the free beer and wine without lines; jump over to and pick up a pack of the sketch cards.  Kinnebrew will have 4 hand drawn cards randomly inserted in the packs as well (only 35 packs are available).  Previews were released earlier this week on Kinnebrew's twitter feed @forceodorkness "

RESTOCKED: The Vinyl Frontier documentary by Daniel Zana

Restocked after WAY too long being sold out: Daniel Zana's The Vinyl Frontier DVD, a documentary about the vinyl toy collecting phenomenon. Featuring interviews with artists and features detailing the process of designing and creating the art toys, this DVD is a must-see.

Click here to buy it! Below is the trailer:

Sep 12, 2012

Skinner Bigfoot Forest Warlord OOAK!


Skinner just put up this one-off custom Bigfoot "Forest Warlord" in his online store.  Excellent palette choice and tight paint apps.  This is a great take on a solid (but normally somewhat plain) figure.  Are you AWESOME enough to own it?

- Ahren

7 Deadly Sins Dunny Dragon custom series by Blazon Brikhaus

 I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Liz Sanquiche (aka Blazon Brikhaus) at the Zukie vs the World party at Toy Tokyo Underground... Liz made this insane set-up with 2 Zukies in the form of monsters. It was epic. You might have seen it in my video here.

[Oh shit, 36 views? OK you prolly didn't see it but I did make a ton of videos at that show! HAHA YoiTube FAIL! Go watch the videos!]

Liz's most recent release is the 7 Deadly Sins Dunny Series- these are the Sins in the form of Dunny Dragons. Bad ass sculpting there. Go see them all and buy them in her shop. Also follow her on Facebook and Flickr where she is posting WIP shots.

Vote for OMFG Series 3 figures during September

October Toys has been producing these awesome tiny figure reminiscent of the M.U.S.C.L.E. Men we all grew up with... the mini figures by October Toys are called OMFG (Outlandish Mini Figure Guys) and you can see Series 1 (the top row) and the soon-to-be-released Series 2 (bottom row) in the image above which I stole from an excellent toy blog called Man-e-Toys.

Series 1 was hella popular; Series 2 promises to be just as popular. We opted for an exclusive colorway of the Series 2 figures, choosing white so that our customizing customers can pick up a set from us and get customizing! We'll be getting 200 sets of white OMFG Series 2 at the end of the year.

October Toys is not slowing down, however, while Series 2 is in production... the toy collecting community (that means YOU!) is now voting on the 5 figures to be included in Series 3!

 Click here to see all 144 entries put in by artists, and click here to sign into the October Toys Forum and cast your vote! Voting is open until September 29th. I just voted!

Sep 10, 2012

Serenity Dunny by Squink!

This custom 3 inch Dunny is made for a private collector. Squink! certainly made a piece of art with this one!

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Customs from JFury for Vinyl Thoughts 3

Here are some of the customs from JFury for Vinyl Thoughts 3. This guy has some amazing skills!

Violator, 8 inch Munny

Spider Stitch

Follow JFury here:

     - Don P 

Hellboy and Abe Sapien set by Fuller

Fuller rocks the earth with this amazing 3 inch Dunny set. The Dunnys are amazingly well-crafted and his box art is top notch. Quality works from Fuller!

Follow Fuller here:

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book