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Court of the Dead

Jun 25, 2022

Manta Rusted Devil Silver Edition 6-inch vinyl figure by Manta Toys Available Now ! ! !


Jun 23, 2022

Shudog Cement figure by Superplastic PREORDER

Vendor: Superplastic Type: Toys Price: 95.00 PREORDER SHIPS SOON SHUDOG "CEMENT"- Inspired by the most iconic kicks in the game & tougher than coffin nails forged by Lucifer's left hand. SHUDOG is 8-inches of crispy-clean, never creased vinyl. Comes with a horrible attitude and a tag of authenticity. Buy it here: Buy it here:

Jun 22, 2022

Unpainted Shaggy Little Unicorn micro sofubi 3-pack by Rampage Toys

Vendor: Rampage Toys Type: Sofubi Price: 35.00 Drops Oct 30 * Shaggies are micro sofubi (about 2.25" tall) * this 3-pack contains (1) of each of the following: Milky, Pink Flocked & Clear Pink * sculpted and produced by Rampage Toys * 18 sets available * bagged Buy it here: Buy it here:

Oozy After Pardee Edition SuperGuggi 8 inch figure by Alex Pardee x Superplastic

Vendor: Superplastic Type: Vinyl Art Toy Price: 95.00 WE OUTSIDE W/ ALEX PARDEE'S OOZY "AFTER PARDEE"! EVER WITNESSED A FIGHT AT A PARTY? Now U can be center of it or the sh*t stirrer, whatever fits the mold. 8-INCHES of sleek all black vinyl with an alter EAR-GO that reminds you of all of the bad decisions you never got to act on a blue and yellow eyeball, and multicolored razor-sharp grill smiling back at you when u get the courage to be the bad a$$ you've been hiding. Everything dark comes to light with "AFTER PARDEE" on ur side. Buy it here: Buy it here:

Jun 21, 2022

Jade Sket One UberKranky 15-inch vinyl figure by ADD FUEL x Superplastic

Vendor: Superplastic Type: Vinyl Art Toy Price: 195.00 Legendary Portugese street artist ADD FUEL took 15” of Superplastic canvas and created one of the sickest UberKranky’s we have EVER seen 😍 UBERKRANKY JADE 😍 Have your passport handy cuz this HIGH GLOSS will bounce light and bring you straight to the streets of Portugal 💚 Removable lid, real rattle, n only 888 made 🤯 Better be ready to cop…  Kranky is designed by Sket One. Buy it here: Buy it here:
BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book