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Court of the Dead

Dec 27, 2016

Tim Burton x Michael Lau Kickstarter Introduces Two New Vinyl Figures

This is a rockstar collaborative project.

Michael Lau (widely regarded as the godfather of designer toys) reinterprets 2 Tim Burton characters as vinyl art toys.

The two new figures include a 12” action figure and a 6” vinyl figure. While the former is based on Tim Burton’s iconic Balloon Boy and reinterpreted with Michael Lau’s unique design elements, the latter is a remake of Maxx and his pet BB, Lau’s signature Gardener character duo, into classic Burton style. Production is limited to 500 each and 400 of each can be ordered from KickStarter.


Looks like the set of 2 figures (one 6" and one 12") will set you back $477.

Watch the video below:

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