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Court of the Dead

Oct 25, 2016

TOY OF THE DAY: NYCC 2016 Exclusive Fear the Dead Custom Munny by SoKo Cat

  • in stock
  • 4" tall vinyl toy
  • hand painted by SoKo Cat
    edition of 5

Oct 24, 2016

The Artpin Collection: 2nd Pin by Nathan Hamill Teased

The enamel pin trend of the recent months seems to not have skipped any of the established art-toy producers, and we collectors get to enjoy new and affordable shiny designed items by our favorite artists. Our appreciation is even greater for indie productions, by collectors for collectors, such as The Artpin Collection. This project, curated and produced by Tel Aviv-based pin collector and toy artist Avri Rozen-Zvi, aims at releasing unique pins for all you avid art-toy collectors.

The teaser revealed here is for the second pin in the series, the Octopup by Nathan Hamill, to be available soon at Rotofugi and possibly other vendors.  The design already makes us imagine an ocean-green sofubi colorway of the famous toy. Limited to 125 pieces, at a size of 1.25'', these will go for $12 a pop. 

While waiting for the release, a first pin in the project, Swanicorn & Panda, a unique combination of artwork by Daniel Fleres and Podgy Panda dropped earlier this year exclusively via Rotofugi, is already available for purchase here.  

Spooky Brew for Halloween x Lunartik


A highly spirited Tea which emits an eerie glow! (It’s Glow in the Dark!) 100 Signed & Numbered Mini Teas have been released by Matt Jones in October 2015 for the “Year of Tea” Mini-Tea Series

Only 30 Mini-Teas remain. Grab one now.



Celebrate HELLoWEEN with Devils Headquarters with a pair of awesome new releases from on October 31st. Join in the HELLoWEEN fun by picking something up. Both will go on sale in their webshop at a random time on October 31st. HAHAHAHAHA...BOO!

He lives! Joe from Splurrt and Toby from DHP did it again. A spooky, fun and freaky Halloween treat for your eyeballs. Digglers are cast in red vinyl and the Alavaka masks are GID/red marbled vinyl. Half painted by Joe and the other half by Toby. Sold at random so you get what you get and there may be a few chase figs mixed in there too. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $75 each.
NOTE: Limit one per customer on this release. Any orders of 2 or more will be refunded so don't be greedy. Leave some candy for the other kids!

UNPAINTED WHITE ALAVAKA BODHISATTVA (aka if you can't beat 'em, join 'em)
After much thought we have come to the decision..."if you can't beat 'em...join 'e!m" In an effort to make a customizable version of the Alavaka Bodhisattva sculpt we have created an open edition of blank white pieces. This will hopefully stop the stripping of painted editions and widen the possibilities for those people so inclined to customize toys. This unpainted white version will include both heads (the Bodhisattva head has never been released in white before) and will be priced much cheaper than a standard release. There is no limit on the number you can purchase. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old. $30 each.

Boston Tabletop Gamers: Back This Kickstarter and Get Yourself a New Alpha Omega Dedicated Gaming Space

Alpha Omega Hobby intends to fund a new space in the Boston area for tabletop gaming, which is focused on building out a large specially designed, themed gaming space designed by set designers! This promises to be the ULTIMATE gaming destination, and they intend to host national-level gaming events, as well as offer snacks, gaming supplies and community for gamers. Sounds fucking awesome.

Go back the Kickstarter now, it's live.

With pledge levels from $10 to $10,000, you can help out and get some awesome swag like apparel, dice, gaming supplies, collectibles, artwork and more...