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Court of the Dead

Aug 26, 2017

Fully Loaded Custom by Nasty Neil for the MikeFX Who-R-U Custom Show at Mothership Gallery

SWAG! This dope Who-R-U custom by Nasty Neil will be a part of the upcoming MikeFX "Who-R-U? Custom Toy Show at Mothership Art Gallery in Philadelphia Aug 26th. The show opens TODAY! Neil's piece is titled "Fully Loaded".

Follow Nasty Neil here:


Aug 25, 2017

We Become Monsters Releases 4-inch The Hell Resin Figures


We Become Monsters have created The Heck – a 4 inch sized version of their 7 inch figure, The Hell. They've been working hard in their labs to reduce The Hell to a more pocketable size! This was done mostly to save on feeding costs – goats are expensive! So now a mere half dozen pygmy goats per day will suffice – a huge savings in goat purchasing fees.

We Become Monsters are  always thinking of ways to reduce these types of ongoing costs for our customers!

Choose from Orangejerk (presidential diarrhea color), Bloat (rotten purple) or DewtheDoo (Green) colorways. $50 each.  Each colorway is an edition of 2.

Every The Heck figure also includes an additional head – The Cypher - These have fewer eyes, but can detect wavelengths of goat screams the standard Heck cannot see.

Collectible item. Not for kids. Goats not included.

Hand made in Las Vegas. 

Hand cast, hand painted, articulated resin art toy / mixed media. 
Articulated neck. Polybagged with Header card.

Available online at We Become Monster's website, Monday, 8/28 at 5pm Eastern time.

The lone remaining 7 inch The Hell is also available right now – and also features a (different) bonus head.

All orders also get stickers and buttons.

Aug 22, 2017

Coarse Omen Help 7inch and 3.5inch Retail Exclusive DIY Figures at Tenacious Toys September 1

NEW from coarse toys: retail exclusive DIY white omen help! in the 7" and 3.5" sizes!

Will be available September 1st (11:59am EST) here: 

After flying too close to the sun, this newest set of omens has returned to their forest missing the features they loved most about themselves. With milky white bodies and minimalist faces, these omens will add a playful touch to your collections and are the perfect DIY platform for creating a one-of-a-kind family of omens. Give your collectors the opportunity to expand their omen collections and make their omen families complete.

omen help! will be available in a 7-inch size at $80 each, and in a 3.5-inch size at $16 each.

Each size will be available in 4 styles at Tenacious Toys:
  • scowl (no face)
  • stare (eyes closed)
  • squint (eyes open)
  • smile (beak only) 
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Images of the 7-inch omen help! below:

Images of the 3.5-inch omen help! below:

The Atomic 12 Custom Dunny Series by Cat Atomic and Corner12 Drops Today at 12:12 PST

Today Corner12 is releasing a custom Dunny series by Cat Atomic (Felix Martinez). "The Atomic 12" series drops August 22, 2017 at 12:12 PM PST at this link:

Felix tells us that he considers these to be his best customs so far. Each piece features different designs on the ears and chest. Some of the designs are unlike anything Felix has done on any of his previous Dunnys. This looks to be a series of twelve 3-inch-tall one of a kind Dunnys. Set a reminder for noon and start F5ing!

"I'm gonna burst" new colorway - YELLOW BASTARD x Emilio Subirá

This is an edition of 6 units, signed, numbered, dated and certified, made of polyurethane resin.
This guys are available now at Emilio Subirá's online store.

Do not let the rain of confetti keep you from seeing the sun.


Name: "I´m gonna burst"

Edition: Yellow bastard
serie: 6 / 6 each edition.
Price: $69
material: Poliurethane resin
size:11cms tal

Artist: Emilio Subirá
Released date:  13st August  
available: 21th August  
Numbered, dated and signed

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
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