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Court of the Dead

Jul 1, 2016

SDCC Firmly in the Toilet with Zombie Poop Plush by Furry Feline

This is the Zombie Poop, a real life horror crawling out of the toilet. Die-arrhea Outbreak has started and yes this is our "Number #2" exclusive. Handmade by Cheri Ong.  Available for preorder online and at SDCC booth 5149.

Link for preorder:

Limited Edition Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny Series by Josh Mayhem


Kidrobot & Josh Mayhem present the remaining Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny series.  Just in time for Independence Day, the Blown Away "Save America" Custom Dunny series features 3-inch, 8-inch and 20-inch blink boxed resin and acrylic painted vinyl Dunnys with a handful of special variants.  This is the fifth Blown Away series and is exclusive to  Each piece is signed and numbered.
Based in Los Angeles, Josh Mayhem's lifelong habit of collecting children's playthings fueled his passion to transform said toys into objects d'art. Embracing both order and chaos as separate inspiration points, Mayhem's mixed media 'art toys' tend to be created in two contrasting styles, from his intricate and detailed assemblages, using parts from the likes of Japanese model kits, to his more free flowing and expressionist sculptures. Mayhem's works have been commissioned by private collectors and have been exhibited in a variety of contemporary art galleries as well as pop culture events.
Patriot Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 3/6
  • 3" - 47/60
Inverted Patriot Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 5/60
Army Camo Variant:
  • 20" - 1/3
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 5/60
Sparkler Variant:
  • 8" - 1/6
  • 3" - 2/60
Bernie's Blowin Up Variant:
  • 3" - 1/60

The Miner figure by Jon-Paul Kaiser


Continuing with his Workers Project series, Jon-Paul Kaiser has released the next figure: The Miner. Following the previously released Woodsman and Blacksmith figure, The Miner is a 4" resin figure hand painted and originally created by Jon-Paul, while castings are being done by Evan Morgan. The Miner figure will only be available during the 24 hour pre-order, which is open as of this posting. Running until 12pm BST(GMT+1) Saturday, July 2nd, interested collectors should head on over to Jon-Paul's store and make a purchase. Priced at £150 each, Jon-Paul has also made it a little easier on the wallet by spacing out the total payment with a deposit option of £50, with the remaining due when the figures are ready to ship. Price also includes worldwide shipping. Head on over to Jon-Paul's store and pick up a Miner before it's too late.

UVD Weekly Wrap-Up Ep 7: Bored To Death - Scribe, SDCC, Kidrobot, Josh Mayhem, Mondo & more

In this episode Ben returns to talk about 7Sketchs Tshirts, Scribe releases at SDCC, Kidrobot and Josh Mayhem Dunnys, Mondo's new figure, 'Purple Rain' Iron Monsters, JFury creates some Sushi, a Mr. EwokOne #TBT Toy discussion, Rotofugi's July shows and so much more!

If you want to keep up with their latest videos make sure to subscribe to their YouTube channel HERE.

Go Figure News Gets a Facelift

Our friends at GOFN (Go Figure News) have given their site a facelift! Go check it out! We love their video reviews of our products... just sent them a couple Horrible Adorables to review.

Gotta give props to our fellow bloggers, these types of sites are pretty much the "daily newspapers" for us toy nerds, so they're really important to support. I especially like that all of us cover different toys and topics so for the most part, surfing to all the different blogs in one day will offer you a full spectrum coverage of the current toy/collectible offerings!

Jun 30, 2016

Coming Soon: Nugglife Apparel and Streetwear Line

Very proud of my buddies at Nugglife - I know they've been grinding behind the scenes for a long time, developing a full line of apparel like hoodies, shirts, caps, beanies, and all kinds of other gear. Ian recently posted a pic online of the SWEET new Nugglife hoodie (looks like a zip-up, which is my favorite kind) featuring their signature "Nuggcheck" green flannel pattern. Yeah that's right, Nugglife has CUSTOM made fabric exclusive to their lineup! Some of you might be like, eh so what? But those of us who are behind the scenes in manufacturing know how difficult it is to source your own custom made materials and fabrics. This is going to be TOP quality, thoughtfully-designed apparel. Super excited to see what else they are rolling out... here's your sneak peek...

Glow-In-The-Dark sofubi Bite Size figure release coming 7/1!


Bite Size!
The moon's rays renew his radiation-soaked corpse with the mystic magic of the occult, causing him to glow bright deep into the night!"

It's been a little while since we've had a new sofubi Radioactive Rumblers release, so let's start catching up for lost time!

This coming Friday (7/1) at 8pm EST there will a mini run of glow-in-the-dark sofubi Bite Size figures up for sale in the Radioactive Uppercut web shop.
This run is cast in a milky white Japanese vinyl and glows CRAZY bright in the dark!

The run is small and there are currently no plans for more glow-in-the-dark Bite Size figures cast in this milky white vinyl.
So, be sure to keep your eyes open, fixed upward towards the moon this coming Friday night and be sure to jump on in before these figures disappear for good!

Bite Size will come polybagged with header card and cost $50.

Don't forget to follow Radioactive Uppercut on Instagram for the latest news and views on upcoming toy releases!

Jun 28, 2016

Furry Feline Creatives SDCC Exclusive


Two of Furry Feline Creatives iconic brands on a cross over. "Purridge & Friends" and "I Heart Poop Culture" comes our SDCC Exclusive.  Our favorite cat Purridge is sitting down on the litterbox leaving something behind.  This is something every cat owner must have!   Measures 10 x 9 x 9.   100%  Handmade by Cheri Ong"

Preorder now available online for $45.

"Night Shade" the Night King x Rob (ink_visuals) Ramirez


Rob Ramirezy's art work is a representation of dia de los Muertos but not in the traditional sense, being color blindish (certain colors) he uses the paint as light hence the black background.

His latest custom "night shade the night king" is a sweet little bat who doesn't like to attack but instead is the life of the party. He's also a protector of the Spirit Realm, so be sure to stay on his good side or you'll so figure out why.

This is a one of s kind piece releasing today at 5 pm PST for $250 in Rob's online shop.

Jun 27, 2016

Funko POP UFC Series In Stock Now


We have some heavy-hitting Pop! figures on the way!
Our UFC series features the best fighters from around the world!

We picked out 4 of our favorite fighters to add to our shop: Conor McGregor, Ronda Rousey, Jose Aldo & Anderson Silva. In stock now!

Funko POP Animation Dragonball Z Figures In Stock Now


The latest Pop! figures from Dragon Ball and Dragon Ball Z include
some of the franchise's most revered characters!
The untapped powerhouse Gohan, Trunks the time-traveling human-Saiyan
hybrid, and Krillin the Z Fighter are fan favorites! Collect them all
to bring down the playful supervillain, Majin Buu!

This series also pays homage to the original Dragon Ball story with
Bulma the scientist and Goku on his Flying Nimbus!

Funko POP Animation Sailor Moon Figures In Stock Now


I am the Pretty Guardian who fights for love and for justice. I am Sailor Moon!
In the name of the Moon, I’ll punish you!
Sailor Moon and Luna are coming
to Pop! Anime and they’re bringing their friends!

They’re joined by the intelligent Sailor Mercury, the passionate Sailor Mars,
courageous Sailor Jupiter, and beautiful Sailor Venus with her companion, Artemis!
No set is complete without the mysterious Tuxedo Mask!

TOY OF THE DAY: Kidrobot Horrible Adorables Shrewdipede 4in vinyl figure


  • in stock now
  • 4" tall vinyl figure
  • designed by Jordan Elise and Christopher Lees
  • produced by Kidrobot
  • developed by Bigshot Toyworks
  • window boxed
  • limited to 1000 pieces of each character
About Horrible Adorables
Horrible Adorables are the creations of Jordan Elise Perme and Christopher Lees; a wife and husband team from Cleveland, Ohio.  They met at the Cleveland Institute of Art where Jordan graduated with her BFA in Fiber & Material Studies, and Chris was pursuing training in fine arts after completing his BS in Mechanical Engineering.
Jordan and Chris bring their soft sculptures to life by meticulously arranging patterns of felt scales onto hand carved forms.  The resulting characters have qualities that are both cartoonish and eerily realistic at the same time.  Horrible Adorables are strange hybrid creatures from a fantastical world.  Their facial expressions and postures reveal recognizably human emotions.

3A Action Portable Wave 2 Up for Preorder NOW

The next series of awesome 1:12-scale Action Portable figures from 3A are up for preorder now HERE.


These are Fully Articulated, 1/12-scale figures by 3A, which measure approx 6" high (or long, in the case of the Horse).

NOTE: Free shipping for US customers starting at $75!

UK CUSTOMERS: We love you. We still offer cheap shipping to the UK for these items. Our "Cheapest / Economy" shipping option is UPS Priority Mail Innovations which will save you a lot of money, but will take approx 3 weeks in transit from the date your package is mailed. USPS First Class is a little more expensive, and takes less time.

BB-8 Star Wars Premium Format(TM) Figure
Court of the Dead The Chronicle of the Underworld Court of the Dead Book