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Court of the Dead

Aug 16, 2014

Jason Freeny GID Radioactive Skull Bomb at Mighty Jaxx

 Radioactive Skull Bomb.
  • 100% Glow in the dark goodness
  • 7.5" polystone art figure
  • Blister packed in custom box
  • Limited Edition of 50pcs
  • $79 ea
An original sculpt by popular artist Jason Freeny, the new edition is now available at our website. Limited to only 50pcs worldwide, this designer figure emits a bright green glow when you charge it with light. In daylight, the body is off-white with a red stripe. Click the link below:
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Aug 15, 2014

Ardabus Rubber 25hr 25% Off Sale


So this happens once in a blue moon- we actually have more frequent instances of SuperMoons than we see big sales in Ardabus Rubber's webshop.

Starting at 4pm PST(7pm EST) today, use the code AR25 for 25% off everything. No exclusions in fine print.

"I hate everyone... but I love you" Tshirts

Silkscreened Tshirts in 2 styles will be available, as well as an assortment of limited and fine art prints, and original artwork.

Browse Ardabus' shop here, and apply your code AR25 after 4pm PST for 25% off your favourite pieces.

Pennyworth with Pimp Cape Custom by Kris Dulfer


Kris Dulfer of KiD iNK iNDUSTRiES ordered every last drop of shiny paint from Monster Kolor to create this custom MAD Modern Hero vinyl bank. Topped off with a giant penny and the pimpiest of pimp capes, you can find this custom at the PIQ Custom Toy Show tomorrow at the Grand Central Terminal at 3pm along with lots of other great pieces.

The Highest Fever

August October Toys OTMFG Drop


It's that time of the month again!  The 15th is always exciting for us OTMFG collectors and this month is no exception.  August brings us Lemon Zombie Pheyden  and Creamsicle Brocotal. Mmm , delicious summer flavored Minifgures!  Head to October toys at 3pm EST to  grab your set.
The Highest Fever

Nenne Soft Vinyl Figures by Cherri Polly


Nenne soft vinyl toys, produced by (Instagram user) @cherri_polly are adorable. They remind me a little of Negora Kaiju meets Final Fantasy characters. Do want! Cherri has an online shop here and is collecting pre-orders for some hand-painted 10cm Vinyl Nenne figures. 

Some Nenne colourways, including the DIY, are currently sold out- but keep an eye on Cherri's Instagram and eStore for new additions of these delightful figures. They won't last long!

Aug 14, 2014

The Minion Tank by Plaseebo


Plaseebo mashed up a Max Toy vinyl tank and one of those lovable Minions from Despicable Me into a rolling machine of adorable destruction. Hand painted, signed and dated, it's the only one of its kind.  Head over to Placebo's site and add it to your shelves.

The Highest Fever

Well-known sneaker artist Matt “Sekure D” Fabris debuts at STGCC with Woes and Tolleson

Sekure D
  • Well-known sneaker artist Matt “Sekure D” Fabris debuts at STGCC
  • Toy designers Scott Tolleson and Angry Woebots join the designers galore
  • Asian pop culture stars with works of international fame
  • Hot Toys celebrates the winning of Star Wars license at STGCC
Singapore, 14 August 2014 – With just three weeks before Singapore becomes a mecca for all things pop culture, the Singapore Toy, Game and Comic Convention (STGCC) unveils eight more pop culture personalities, starring designer Matt “Sekure D” Fabris whose customised sneaker art has been an international sensation.

Joining him at this year’s Walk of Fame line-up at the annual convention are popular toy designers Scott Tolleson and Angry Woebots, as well as kakkoi (cool) cosplayer Lenneth XVII and kawaii (cute) cosplayer Aliga, who will bring distinctly different cosplay styles to the table.

So get ready to be star struck by STGCC’s galaxy of stars for one electrifying weekend on 6 and 7 September at the Sands Expo and Convention Centre in Marina Bay Sands!

Angry Woebots

Scott Tolleson, looking quite dapper

Aug 13, 2014

Alien Chestburster Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser

For those who've watched Alien (1979), one of the most iconic scenes is the Chestburster (or Chestbuster) scene, when the implanted alien in Kane, played by John Hurt, decides to make an appearance during dinner. The dramatic scene of the alien bursting through Kane's chest is one that's been recreated and even re-imagined over the years. Jon-Paul Kaiser recreated the iconic scene using a 5 inch mini Munny for Kane and what looks to be the ear of a Dunny for the Chestburster. Jon-Paul states: "I wanted to capture that moment when everything is in a state of flux; Kane is on the cusp of death, he alien is at last born but not yet fled and the crew have yet to face it once it grows...". The Munny arms have been repositioned to present Kane splayed out on the table, with the Alien bursting out of the chest(using what looks to be like a Dunny ear). Red "blood" is expertly painted to provide some great contrast to the black and white of the figure and table. Another great custom by Jon-Paul Kaiser
Alien Chestburster Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Photo by Justin Allfree

Alien Chestburster Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Photo by Justin Allfree
Alien Chestburster Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Photo by Justin Allfree
Alien Chestburster Custom Munny by Jon-Paul Kaiser, Photo by Justin Allfree
For those who are interested, Jon-Paul Kaiser may still have his commission list open and waiting. Contact Jon-Paul Kaiser through his website for more info.

Aug 11, 2014

Mini Tooth Decay - Creo Design


Chris Alexander (Creo Design) has been fiddling away at sculpting an accurate half scale Tooth Decay - Mini Tooth Decay.

Standing at 3.5'' and made from Creo Designs unique solid resin system, this is a beautiful desktop replica of the original 7'' Tooth Decay.

Creo will be release 3 different versions for customers to select from and all 3 will be available to order on the 8th September 9pm GMT via

Options available

Signature Enamel - These will be handmade mini series by Creo Design - Produced in limited numbers these will be unique art multiples made by Creo Design. These will come in a unique metal tin, label and signed by Creo. 

Custom Enamel - These will be as per the original where customers can select from over 250 colours for the main body and over 40 colours for the tooth. Also choose to have a gloss or matt finish - so you can have your tooth decay the way you want it! These will come in a standard cardboard box.

Bare Enamel - This is a cast straight out the mould, unclean, unfinished and unpainted. As raw a cast as you can get - this will allow you to clean it up and customise it anyway you want. These come in a standard cardboard box

Prices are extremely low on all options 

Signature Enamel - £45 (£5 UK shipping £10 worldwide)

Custom Enamel - £40 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

Bare Enamel - £20 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

(shipping Discounts are given on multiple orders)


If you own a retail or online shop, blog, review site or just want your own limited mini tooth decay series in a colourway/finish of your choice Creo is offering a competitive package especially for you! Please email with your details and request. Please visit to see previous commissioned projects.

ALAVAKA blueblindbags


With SDCC just finishing up and NYCC on the horizon ALAVAKA wanted to do something for those who couldn’t make it out (and for those who did go and want more)! blind bags! What lurks inside…? Who knows, that’s the point! So try you luck and see what happens. Sold at random for $50 each via the DHP webshop. Made in Japan. Not intended for children under 14 years old.