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Aug 11, 2014

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Mini Tooth Decay - Creo Design

Chris Alexander (Creo Design) has been fiddling away at sculpting an accurate half scale Tooth Decay - Mini Tooth Decay.

Standing at 3.5'' and made from Creo Designs unique solid resin system, this is a beautiful desktop replica of the original 7'' Tooth Decay.

Creo will be release 3 different versions for customers to select from and all 3 will be available to order on the 8th September 9pm GMT via

Options available

Signature Enamel - These will be handmade mini series by Creo Design - Produced in limited numbers these will be unique art multiples made by Creo Design. These will come in a unique metal tin, label and signed by Creo. 

Custom Enamel - These will be as per the original where customers can select from over 250 colours for the main body and over 40 colours for the tooth. Also choose to have a gloss or matt finish - so you can have your tooth decay the way you want it! These will come in a standard cardboard box.

Bare Enamel - This is a cast straight out the mould, unclean, unfinished and unpainted. As raw a cast as you can get - this will allow you to clean it up and customise it anyway you want. These come in a standard cardboard box

Prices are extremely low on all options 

Signature Enamel - £45 (£5 UK shipping £10 worldwide)

Custom Enamel - £40 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

Bare Enamel - £20 (£5 UK Shipping £10 worldwide)

(shipping Discounts are given on multiple orders)


If you own a retail or online shop, blog, review site or just want your own limited mini tooth decay series in a colourway/finish of your choice Creo is offering a competitive package especially for you! Please email with your details and request. Please visit to see previous commissioned projects.


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