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Mar 20, 2017

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Lego Movie Double Decker Couch 70818

(Lower Inset) The version I wish had also been included, but then it probably would have retailed at three times the price.

This set is from the oh so pop culturally dominating Lego movie, which quickly expanded into a franchise of two spin-off films, The Lego Batman Movie and The Lego Ninjago Movie, both with 2017 release dates, a direct sequel and a third spin-off, The Billion Brick Race, scheduled for release in 2019.

Prepare to see Lego climb to heights of insane levels. Though to be truthful, where else can it go?

While we ponder that, perhaps we take a seat. On this oh so nifty and imaginative DOUBLE DECKER COUCH!

I loved this set, it wasn't super difficult even at 197 pieces, but did have some interesting aspects to it's build. It is a bit fragile, so not one for the super young end of the age recommendation. Emmit's car that comes with it is solid though. The best part is all of the minifigures you get in this set.

Price wise, I was glad I picked it up on clearance, as I get it, it is a bit of a larger medium scale set, and it is cool, but for that price I would have loved it if they had also included the bricks to make the version that Emmit had originally imagined all made out of clear blue bricks. But I've gotten a bit better at finding these at my local TRUS when clearances are hitting.

Of course if you're wanting a set to get caught up on the minifigures from the Lego movie, this is a good one to get, and they all have different expressions from the Minifig blind bag releases.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Lego Movie Double Decker Couch Set70818
Made by Lego
Rarity Common.
Classification Retired product.
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us
Worth $25 to $35
Investment $15 (on clearance)
Build Time 22 minutes.
Trivia & Fun Facts The Ghost version of Vitruvius is exclusive to this set and includes new faces for all of the characters except for Ghost Vitruvius, which for the minifig collectors is a huge reason to pick up this set.

Mario, the Artisan Rogue


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