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Court of the Dead

Jan 31, 2017

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Bricktober Toys R Us mini build set 40144

(Top) Completed build. (Bottom Left) Two of the other sets in the series. (Bottom Right) Box contents include: instructions, 2 loose plates, sticker sheet, and three polybags.
I finally am getting around to some of these Bricktober mini sets that LEGO has been releasing over the years. It's not procrastination, it's finally being able to pull the vast majority of my sets out of storage and built for review on here to enlighten and entertain the masses!

My local Toys R Us is just a five minute drive for me, and that means I spend far too much time when I can, wandering the aisles like an attention deficient 5 year old mesmerized by selections. It's where I can go to get my LEGO fix. (When I worked at Hallmark, I literally was upstairs from the LegoLand store... it's like I was born to review these things or something...).

These builds are great in that, they can be gotten free during the promotional time, (free meaning you drop cash on some other larger sets to get these), or if you are lucky, your local store will have them out for retail purchase for around $10 each. I got mine that way.

I had gotten some feedback on my reviews, and one of the requests I got was to possibly include box scans of the packaging. So when possible, I'll include a flat scan of the entire box. As someone who did design for a long time, it's odd that I often overlook the package design for the most part, past the initial marketing point of getting a consumer's attention. Like one thing I noticed was on the left side, it denotes what set number this particular minibuild was for that year. Actually didn't see that until I flattened the box.
It shows this was the 4th release for the 2015 Bricktober series.
Below, you'll find a time lapse of the 23 minute build time I took to put this together. For younger fans, it would be a challenge, as it's got a lot of small parts (and a lot of spare ones for the inevitable ones you will lose). For older collectors, these sets make for cool desk and home display because you can get them all connected together and make a mini town street view.

Stats Rating/Information
Items Bricktober Toys R Us mini build set 40144
Made by Lego
Rarity Only available at Toys R Us locations for a limited sale time from Oct to Nov.
Classification Out of Production
Condition New
Procured Toys R Us
Worth $10 - $30
Investment $8
Build Time 20 minutes.
Trivia & Fun Facts A self promotional set that was part of the ongoing series of Bricktober builds that showcase a series of fantastic miniature scale buildings ranging from a city hall, to a pizzeria, to a hotel.

Mario, the Artisan Rogue


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