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Dec 8, 2017

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Introducing Guardian Saga: Aquanoids 3-inch PVC Action Figure Line by StarLight Attic

Aquanoids Action Figures by StarLight Attic

A little while back we were contacted by Chris, whose Singapore-based company StarLight Attic has just released their first PVC toy line: the Aquanoids.

Chris sent over some samples for us to unbox and check out:

Very cool little figures. I dig the articulation- for 3" figures these have a lot of articulation. I think I count over a dozen points of articulation. The figures have a nautical / sea theme and they are brightly colored, which is a big plus for me. On a personal level, the black and gray toys sort of get lost in the shadows on the toy shelf, so I prefer bright colors.

Chris sent me a Nauticus (the guy with the Cthulhu tendrils) and a Takonoid. Packaging is tight, each comes in a blister tray with a couple accessories and an ID card. The website says that these figures are the "maiden wave of Go!Bud Figurines ~ Battle-ready Buddies that follow you on the Go!" so I guess there may be more lines in a similar layout/platform coming soon.

Also included in my care package was a sweet full color comic book that lays out the backstory:

All in all, a very well-thought-out and well put together toy line release. Looking forward to seeing what StarLight Attic comes up with next! Check their site for these figures, apparently the Nauticus colorway they sent me is almost sold out. These figures run about USD$15 each at the current exchange rate.

These would make great platforms for customizing as well!

Here's the copy provided by Chris:

Guardian Saga: Aquanoids

Introducing a new line of 3” PVC articulated figures by indie toy studio StarLight Attic.
Each figure is intricately sculpted, painted, accessorized with weapons, all ready for

Guardian Saga: Aquanoids draws its inspirations from various 80s & 90s toy-toon lines,
powered with an aquatic flavor. With an army of characters waiting to be unleashed ~
from crustacean monsters to bio-suits ~ come join us in the saga!

Who says good toys need to be big? We Deliver good experiences in little packages.
Currently available in very limited quantities at
Choose your Aquanoid, and go set the world alight!

- Benny Kline


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